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How can...

spinach8puffspinach8puff Alexandria, VAMember Posts: 864 Common

I just spent a few hours playing this game and I am wondering how can males play and actually enjoy this game? I mean its advertisement is "The Cutest Game for Cuties."

Not that I am bashing whomever decides to play this game I am just really curious.


  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastMember Posts: 1,871 Uncommon

    It has lots of girls 20+ playing it. That suits me fine :D

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  • norman728norman728 Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 143 Uncommon

    Well with the name change it's not a problem anymore


  • sheetrosheetro ReadingMember Posts: 2

    No but it is a good point. Games like Ragnarok Online were extremely cutesy and I can see why males of any age could feel put off by that tag line.

    But on the other hand it's mainly males who play mmos in the first place. Perhaps this game is just targetted more at a female audience. I for one, being female, looked at the screen shots and read the little reviews on here first instead of going; Like, omg, pink cute fluffy bunny things with candy, like, yay!

    The girl gamer is a rare breed. I reckon they're just trying to get us to play more mmos. Who wouldn't? :D


  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastMember Posts: 1,871 Uncommon

    Girl gamers are the best

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • Starya-chanStarya-chan Cincinnatti, OHMember Posts: 3

    You'd probably think that the guys that play this are really retarted and noobish but I've been playing for 2 months and there are some pretty awesome ones on the game.


    not all guys are afraid or dont' like to play these kind of games. sometimes its a breath of fresh air from the usual ones you see.

    i don't see why gender really matters.

  • sheetrosheetro ReadingMember Posts: 2

    Actually no. I just think each to their own. What, guys aren't allowed to play a cutesy mmo instead of the more gritty ones? I'm glad there are games like this one out there that break from the 'Rage war against your enemies' *cinema trailer voice*

    Gender doesn't matter, glad both sexes can play at ease at last.

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