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Questions for the RoM Devs!



  • infrared1infrared1 El Cajon, CAPosts: 440Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by slighter22

    I'm currently trying the game...and for the moment i'm very impressed though i didn't even try crafting, I think that the other game features are very fun and somehow "different" from other mmo's i tried...I only have a request, are you thinking of making the game run also in 16-bit mode?...since im playing on a laptop with vista im having quite poor performances and i can't really enjoy the game, when i played other games as Shaiya or Rohan running the game in 16-bit instead of 32-bit really helped the frame rate go up^^...hope in a positive response.


    I'm glad you are enjoying the game, but it is still in beta. Currently not ment for your entertainment but for us to locate bugs and report problems. Your problem has been addressed before and it has been remarked that lag issues should be reduced at launch and is under constant attention from the dev's. I think ATM everyone is getting lag, and at times can be very bad. Just hang in there and lets get though beta. Hopefully it will run much smoother.

  • TwilightAdyTwilightAdy LiverpoolPosts: 7Member

    May I please ask what your plans for the endgame are ?

    I realise this is a f2p mmorpg, but from what I've read I really like the sound of it.

    I would consider myself quite a hardcore raider from World of Warcraft though, I was wondering if you are designing "difficult" encounters for large groups (I read from your site that "dozens" of people are going to be needed to take down the most difficult monsters).

    How much are you going to cater for people who want difficult endgame raids ? Are there going to be many "unique" encounters that will, say, take a few days of solid raiding to kill.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Twizted6Twizted6 Baton Rouge, LAPosts: 1Member

    I Don't know what happened.....but suddenly I cannot access the official RoM website or the game client? Can anyone help me?

  • jalalmanjalalman nbalusPosts: 4Member

    I just wanna ask u Kernsky ....

    is will be new stuff in the game when it open like weapons and armors ??



    thank you for your time .....this game is big success ^_^(big fan)


  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy earthPosts: 543Member

    will there be battlegrounds implemented? where you can fight against an other team of players?

    that would be fun!^^

    waiting for ... nothing..

  • vodavodavodavoda SingaporePosts: 3Member

    When will lag issue be fixed. Impossible to play with 4 figure ping, sometimes 5 figures

  • DoomsDay01DoomsDay01 Charlotte, NCPosts: 773Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by vodavoda

    When will lag issue be fixed. Impossible to play with 4 figure ping, sometimes 5 figures


    I do not know where these servers are located but my ping from eastern US is anywhere from 125 to 500 and this is on cable. Even at 500 I dont really see much lag at all.

  • rwtonyrwtony Orange, CAPosts: 14Member

    I usually have a ping of 700, but it is still very "playable" to me. Though my fps does drop down quite a bit when I am in the larger cities.

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    @OP: the current PvP options (apart from the dedicated PvP servers) are Arena = 3 vs 3 players, and Guild Wars = it's still a work in progress, but for the moment we've got our guild castles and I've seen some announcements about guilds fighting each other. In the future the devs promised to introduce big player wars, namely Server vs Server wars.

    As for the lag, it depends on your location, your Internet provider, and last, but not least, of how crowded the server is at that moment. Towns tend indeed to be a bit laggy, especially the teleports. But overall it's ok.

  • StormbowStormbow Not in, ALPosts: 192Member Uncommon

    The real question on everyone's mind:

    When is this game actually going to have customer service?

  • Montana_MikeMontana_Mike Kalispell, MTPosts: 20Member
    Originally posted by Stormbow

    The real question on everyone's mind:
    When is this game actually going to have customer service?


    Yes, we are still waiting for adequate customer service.  The GTMs are now using the term "Frogster Soon(tm)," which is just an inside joke meaning anywhere from 6 months to never.

  • TempestryTempestry Baltimore, MDPosts: 1Member

    Are you guys going to fix the exploiting in this game or just let it continue with no consequences to the ones who have been doing it?  Paying customers who don't do this exploiting really want to know if we should start spending our money elsewhere.  Thank god for FFXIV coming soon!

  • amotholenamotholen IzmirPosts: 18Member

    I have one request: i did everything and at the end i got this message : "ur ip is blocked!" . it would be my first try at ROM. Hours of downloading, hours of patching and at the end a stupid block. I dont care about block, it was just waste of time. At least i think you could put the block control before download. thx!

    LF PvP game...for years...

    Current: changing game everyday
    Played: Shaiya, Aion, Perfect World(short time), Aika
    Tried: EQ2, DAOC, LOTR, Atlantica Online...
    Future: Any pvp game..couldnt found yet...

  • JimibJimib chino, CAPosts: 4Member

    I have a question....why is this game ran by ban happy Ahos?

    Dont like that question huh Acarii????  gona ban me here too?

    Look i am neither a gold seller or a scammer....I got banned from RoM forums for simply venting my fustrations with the bugs and many servers crashes!!!!! Unless you kiss the great Lords A$$ their they ban you from level 59 toon doesnt seem to be banned, yet, but after this post (yes I believe they are narcestic enough to want to regulate this forum) probably will be.


    Look the game is decent enough...not bitching great like the GM's here want to brainwash you....but how good is a game that is over-regulated...that when you complain they ban you?

    Ok if just sucking up to GM's is for you, then by all means this is your game, if you want to speak your mind, this game is not for you!!!!!!


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