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Catch Wardog Studios at DragonCon

MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAPosts: 309Member

Friday, 18 July 2008 17:09


Wardog Studios Presenting at DragonCon


We are excited to announce that Wardog Studios will be participating in this year's DragonCon in Atlanta. Wardog's presentation will take place on Saturday, August 30th at 11:30 am* EST (local time) in the Augusta Room. The presentation will last for one hour and there will be seating for 200 (or 300 standing).

The presentation is currently set to provide insights about creating a MMORPG and to relay our personal experience. We'll provide details about Force of Arms and will show a high resolution video. We plan to have about 15 minutes for questions and answers; and should time run out, we will then just take the discussion elsewhere or go to the hive of scum and villainy bar room.

Current attendees from Wardog Studios are Brian Hoadely and Patrick Hamilton.

* The time may change to 1:00 pm EST. We will keep you posted.



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