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How is this game Progressing?

JubnkheadJubnkhead Matthews, NCPosts: 5Member

I am a big fanof these games and am excited to hear about something like this coming out.  I was just curios as to how the development is progressing so far?



  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    Thanks for the interest!

    For development, what can I say, it's a grind.  Sometimes I feel that an xp grinding game is more fun, but then realize that if I was to do that, I would be trading my time for someone else's game rather than our own.  Other than that, no time set for a Beta or Launch as of yet.

    Although we are setting up for another corporate promotion for Christmas.  Similar to what we did with Genoma (Genoma Storm).

    Sign off,

  • LeJohnLeJohn Las Cruces, NMPosts: 313Member

    this is a game I am keeping an eye out for also.

    Then again I am also, still,  quitely awating Duke Nukem Forever so what do i know..  (yes I know there was a recent blip on that radar)


  • IronHeadIronHead Toronto, ONPosts: 25Member

    well let me just say that if you can manage to accomplish the goals you've set for yourselves in the descriptions of how all the elements will be done.  and can bring this world of  resources, conquest, finance and war to life, then I for one would be more than happy to contribute 14 dollars a month to play it and I know many others feel the same way

  • darwinatordarwinator Broomfield, COPosts: 37Member

    I for one am really excited about the release of this project.

  • MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAPosts: 309Member

    Thanks all for the excitement...and i hope you stay excited about the project.


    I just updated the social WIP which is the one you can log into via the Mulitverse site to tootle around in. The servers were upgraded to new 1.5.1 code last weekend by myself. This shoudl give us greater stability and performance (fps increases).

    This week am working on some quest stuff and our world builders are working on removing the issue with the plain model (which was a place holder) with some of our new terrain/tools....look for some more content in the very NEAR future.

  • darwinatordarwinator Broomfield, COPosts: 37Member

    I too have been waiting for this game to come out from some f the earliest moments.


    Let me bring down some of those Genoma Dogs!!

    Long live Senka.

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