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Hero's Journey makes a top 10 list for 2008!

CemmCemm Houston, TXPosts: 64Member

Is the saying 'I don't care what talking about me, just as long as they're still talking about me' hold true for Hero's Journey?

8. Hero's Journey

Duke Nukem had better watch his back. This graphical MMOG — made by Simutronics, the people behind cult fave MUDs like Gemstone IV and DragonRealms -- has been in the works for almost a decade. Hero's Journey's promise of an open game world that responds to player decisions earned raves at the gaming trade show E3. That is, it earned raves at E3 2005. The official FAQ claims that the game is "actively in production and does not have a set release date."

The hold-up seems to be that development focus has shifted from the game itself to its engine, HeroEngine, which Simutronics has licensed out. Bioware is using it to power its upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As reader Kuro suggests, "If Old Republic gets released before Hero's Journey, that will probably be the final nail in the game's vaporware coffin."



  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,932Member Epic

    There is a lot of contract agreements that go into liscensing,so maybe as you said,they are too busy keeping up with their engine.They have to properly support their engine ,if they do not,they could actually be sued back and lose money,so i am sure they are not about to jeopordize their company and further developement.  here is an example of a giant like EPIC games and the UE3 engine vs Silicon Knights.Epic is a huge firm,so trying to win a lawsuit over them would be hard,but for this HERO engine,they would have to resort all of their manpower to keeping their customers happy.

    So i would not say this game is 100% dead,they are perhaps just leaving a window open in case their HEROENGINE is a bust.I think if they succeed with their engine,then the game will be no more.




    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • KenorvKenorv Richmond, VAPosts: 112Member

    The game certainly looked promising in 2005. But Simu got in over their head and had to spend all of their time focusing on the game engine just to make money and even now they still don't have the money or resources to work on the game. Even if the game ever does come out, will it be as innovative as it looked in 2005 or will there be a lot of other games that have already implemented HJ's concepts?

  • eburneburn Winchester, VAPosts: 740Member

     I don't even think BIoWare is using their platform any more to develop the game. 2005 was a great year to be excited for HJ.

    If it does come out, I hope they don't plan to charge anyone. The next-gen claim is dead.

    I kill other players because they're smarter than AI, sometimes.

  • ValendrosValendros las vegas, NVPosts: 123Member

     You can easily tell that Bioware IS using Hero Engine for their Star Wars game. A) It's easy to tell, it has a very noticible look to it, and B) they've said over and over again that they are.

  • DraqDraq Podunk, IAPosts: 297Member

    What a load.

    The old republic WILL be released before HJ. This is inevitable with Bioware working on TOR and Simu putting off HJ by working on finishing HeroEngine. But where is this coffin, and how in the hell is a STAR WARS MMO going to be the final nail in it, when HJ is a high fantasy MMO? The two just don't compete with eachother.

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