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Stargate Worlds will be the World of Warcraft for Science Fiction MMORPGs!



  • gorgukgorguk Rolla, MOPosts: 165Member

    i LOVE all things stargate.. but i dunno.. i dont see it doing as well as the OP thinks..

    I will probably try it cuz i love sg1 an want to play a scifi mmo. altho i doubt i will play it long unless i get to have my own ship. going thru the stargate, checking out different worlds, thats awesome! but i dont wanna always be stuck on the ground.. i wanna be in space. Thats what i really want is a scifi mmo where i can have my own ship an fly around the universe. (but NOT EvE, fuckin hate that game) about the only thing i liked about eve was the fact i had my own ship(s).. but i did think most of them looked really really stupid.

    id really like a scifi mmo where i can design my own ship... that way i wont be stuck in some lame PoS the dev thought looked cool or be flying around in the same ship as 1000 other people.

    think spore but with space ships and its a mmo lol that would freakin rock..


  • PheacePheace LeidenPosts: 2,408Member
    Originally posted by gorguk

    think spore but with space ships and its a mmo lol that would freakin rock..


    Spore *was* with space ships...


  • gorgukgorguk Rolla, MOPosts: 165Member
    Originally posted by Pheace

    Originally posted by gorguk

    think spore but with space ships and its a mmo lol that would freakin rock..


    Spore *was* with space ships...


    i mean making your own ships look how you want like you can make your own creatures in spore.

  • DeziTorekDeziTorek Sudbury, ONPosts: 9Member
    Originally posted by Taroko

    I think World of Starcraft would be the WoW of Sci-fi, but until then you might be right.



    I've learned not to get too excited about any MMORPGs since LOTR & AOC (I found them both very disappointing), but I am looking forward to trying this one.


  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    It's nice to see an MMO that will take strategy to win.  YAY no more lame hack n slash.  I hope you can be a Jaffa like Teal'c or Bra'tac.  I want to get my hands on a Goa'uld staff weapon and blast some system lords

  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Crashed Flying SaucerPosts: 621Member Uncommon

    I doubt Stargate Worlds will be the WoW of Sci-FI MMORPGs, Star Wars Old Republic might be when it is released but I don't even think that will reach WoW levels.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,014Member Epic
    Originally posted by burdock2

    I wish forum trolls would stay away - thankfully, the genuine SGW community is nothing like this one. We are one of the best community's around, which goes to making the overall gaming experience better. When you have negative communitys like WoW, AoC and WaR - it really brings a game down, if people dont like the game, for whatever reason, then DONT PLAY IT!
    I accept all well reasoned constructive critisicm from educated guesses at this stage (it hasnt even entered closed beta yet) and no game is perfect, certainly not WoW, SWG, AoC and not even WaR.
    This post is comparing apples and apples, putting this game up against its direct competition, being Tabula Rasa, Anarchy Online and Star Wars Galaxies. And I must say, even in it's pre-closed-beta form, it kicks them all.
    It is not the most highly hyped Sci-fi MMORPG for no reason! Which reminds me, if you havent hyped it yet, it is waiting for you 10 score!
    SGW for the win...
    Oh and the WoW comparison is a metaphorical analogy.

    Fanboi you are.... and your post reaks of it.

    No one trolled you, they just spoke of healthy skepticism to your outlandish claims.

    At this point in time, you know nothing more than anyone else, the game doesn't exist (dare I call it vaporware? Yes, I dare).

    Hey, it might be good, but I prefer to wait until I see what's being delivered.

    Do they pay you guys to do this?



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  • admriker4admriker4 boise, IDPosts: 1,070Member
    Originally posted by burdock2

    I kid you not, from what i have seen and read, this game will leave all other Sci-fi MMORPGS for dead. It will be the last nail in the SOE SWG coffin. It will be what Tabula Rasa should have been and it will set the bar so high that Bioware will have to really work their magic to compete with a possible KOTOR Online.
    This game will appeal across a broad spectrum of players, not the least including:
    Stargate Fans
    MMORPG Fans
    Sci Fi Fans
    FPS Fans
    Role Playing Fans
    It would not suprise me that the subscriptions will  head into the millions and it will take the world by storm, followed by a new show (Stargate Universe) and new movies (Stargate Atlantis).
    Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!
    Chevrons are locked and standing by..


    I havent followed this game much so I cant really dispute its direction. And the industry sure could use a decent hit after the last few years of lousy wow clones.

    Having said that, there is one thing to say....

    no fps or 3rd person shooter MMO has had any success, not even close. That combat style is better served on consoles. Its just not popular with the MMO crowd. Look at Star Wars Galaxies, it plummeted from 225k to less than 75k once they switched to 3rd person shooter.

    Richard Garriot told us all how the combat in Tabula Rasa would revolutionize MMO gaming. It would utilize skill, cover, line of sight, strategy, etc. Sounded good on paper. What it was in reality was another boring shooter game.


    One thing is for certain, if the game doesnt resemble classic rpg combat it likely wont very well. If we need physical quick reflexes, a 3rd hand to manuever and duck and cover, etc it wont do well. The average age of a MMO gamer is 28 for men and 30 for women. That demographic doesnt have the physical skill to play shooter games well.

    RPG's do well for that demographic because they rely on brain power rather than a good wrist and thumb coordination

    Granted it would be nice to see someone do something new that works. AoC tried something different but it still resembled rpg classic with a twist.

  • Agricola1Agricola1 PortsmouthPosts: 4,968Member Uncommon

    Well I'm 33 and thought the one thing TR did better than anyother MMORPG was the combat system, the trouble was that the rest of the game was a steaming turd. NGE didn't bomb because the combat system was 3rd person shooter, it bombed because it alienated everyone (23 profs disappear overnight?) and that new combat system was just the old one speeded up X100.

    As for me not having the reflexes required for a shooter? I do pretty well in BF 2142 and when I go training for boxing my reflexes are pretty good. Sure a fat 12 year old on a sugar rush probably is quicker but to be honest experience and knowledge of the enviroment counts for more than pre-pubescent reaction times in my opinion.

    I'd say that any combat system can be adapted and done well, just those games you mentioned would still suck no matter what you did. I'm waiting on Jumpgat Evoloution, it should be a 3rd or 1st person shooter combat system.

    I agree that most people in thier 30's don't play shooters as much as teenagers. After coming home from work or listening to the wife nag for 12hours about how she's not getting enough attemtion, I wouldn't want to play BF 2142 or any shooter. I would prefer a slower paced MMORPG form of combat, although I dislike most MMO combat since I can't abide the button mashing. SWG had a nice macro system, it made combat alot easier. I'll be playing JG:E with a controller so it'll make it alot more intuative since I like controllers and all the buttons are at my finger tips. I did the same for flying planes in WWIIOL, the controller was great for that just not enough people playing :(

    As for SGW, it looks good but so did AoC, so I'll just wait until I can get a buddy key or free trial now.

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  • ScribbleLay1ScribbleLay1 Mt Pleasant, SCPosts: 177Member

    I hate to say it, but with that last publicity pic they posted of the  premier SG1 team, they have alot of work to do, the quality of those graphics rate right up there with comic book graphics and for all of you that say graphics do not play a big part in the game, well think again and go back to playing Rune Scape.  Rune Scape is a very good game but lack in the graphics quality department.  If I am going to pay $50 for the game and $15-$20 a month subscription it better have some great graphics and what I have seen so far from the few short videos and many so called in-game pics, it just ain't going to happen.

  • mrspock2002mrspock2002 Montour Falls, NYPosts: 8Member
    Originally posted by Caligulug

    With beta shut down and the recession in full swing I bet when the beta is "supposed" to come back online they announce a crash and burn.


    Hi Judge!


    Anyway I think I can say this as I'm a beta tester.  It's awesome!  Buggy as to be expected with Beta, but the final product is going to rock!

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  • sancher36sancher36 housePosts: 458Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mrspock2002

    Originally posted by Caligulug

    With beta shut down and the recession in full swing I bet when the beta is "supposed" to come back online they announce a crash and burn.


    Hi Judge!


    Anyway I think I can say this as I'm a beta tester.  It's awesome!  Buggy as to be expected with Beta, but the final product is going to rock!


    I do think that if CME go bust then someone else out there will take it over, possibly sony who owns 20% of MGM even though I dislike them.

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