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worth it?

xusheng2xusheng2 pine brook, NJPosts: 109Member

worth the $10 a month?

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  • DiotimystDiotimyst Puddleby, MIPosts: 2Member

    If you're just looking for a bunch of eye-candy and enjoy clicking your mouse until it breaks, don't bother with Clanlord.


    If you like a relaxing game with lots of fun people and a reasonably mature community, please join us!


    I have been playing Clanlord for nearly a decade and there's so many things that alot of the new games just can not deliver.

    - An ever expanding universe. 

    - You'll never have to buy expansion packs.

    - No character level limits

    - Powers are in the character, not in the items.

    - Multi-dimensional world

    - Simulated world with its own time and space. Sun, Moon, Stars that actually affect the world.

    - Doesn't require the lastest and most expensive gaming card or RAM upgrades.

    - Everyone is on one server!

    - Co-operative experience. Puzzles that require the whole community to join in.

    - Characters gain experience while signed off.

    - GM / Player interaction leads to really cool storylines.

    - Musicians in the game with lots of instruments to choose from

    - Tons of class specific and non-specific skills to choose from

    - Character classes support both RPers and Grinders

    - You don't lose all your items when you fall / die.

    - No 9 hour MUD quests to be ruined by a bunch of lamers who log off 3 hours into it.

    - No useless badges to earn.

    - I hardly ever have to deal with snerts, bots or spamming.

    - No client side hacks to ruin the game.

    - You can check email, surf the web and still run other programs while playing the game.

    - Runs on just about any computer (mac or pc) and doesn't eat up your entire hard-drive

    - Easy to play at home, work or school. Easy to hide. :)

    - Costs less than a magazine subscription per year.

    I've tried WoW, SWG, CoH&V, Runescape and still Clanlord keeps drawing me back. I love playing healers and support characters and clanlord has one of the simplest, best user-interfaces around.  Plus, some of the best roleplaying I have ever been a part of.

    Maybe I've just turned into a shill after all these years, but after experiencing some of the things I have been a part of in this game, Clanlord has ruined me from enjoying alot of other games out there.  There will never be another one like it.

    ...but that's just my opinion.

  • rozenblade1rozenblade1 Stockton, CAPosts: 501Member Common

    I don't care about graphics, I care about a good community, a fun game, a good story, a huge world, a lot of options, some cool classes, and some decent crafting.  As long as a game has that, I'm happy.  I also like a game that doesn't force a player to go out and kill all of the time.  I enjoy something casual too.  I like to ba able to craft, hunt, gather, cultivate.

    Does this have that?

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  • DiotimystDiotimyst Puddleby, MIPosts: 2Member

    As far as crafting goes:

    You can make dyes for your cloaks, shirts, skirts and pants.

    There is an armorsmith and metalsmith forge, which any of the classes can learn.

    Mystics can make ethereal items.

    Alchemists can make potions, which can be learned by most classes, but some require specific classes.

    We also have brewers and chefs. Kind of pointless but it adds alot to the roleplaying and parties in the game.

    We don't have farmers per se, but there are plenty of items to gather and some rare stuff that some classes need to make some of the items.

    You don't have to spend weeks on end grinding away like in some of those other games.

    Hunting is a favorite past time in Clanlord, but sometimes it takes more than just one person to get to the really cool places.  Although, if you're crafty you can find yourself far away from home and fearing for your life stuck in some cave wishing you had stayed in town where's its safe. Quite the rush if you ask me.

    You can try the demo, but it doesn't do the game justice. They're talking about maybe creating a demo system where you can earn some expereince and get started on the character, then purchase the character when you decide you want to stay in the game. However, that might not be for a little while.  The download is free and so is the demo ( ). There you can interact with people in town as long as you're not all snerty, people will help show you around and teach you about the game.


  • noivadnoivad San Jose, CAPosts: 3Member

    Delta Tao just dropped the monthly fee. People who want can still pay, but you don't have to. So now it's $14.95 for the game and $9.95  for each additional charater slot.


    This game isn't for people who like to sit back and push a button to fight. it's a little bit more involved than that.


    The graphics are stuck in the 90s but almost everything else rocks. The game is expanding slowly, but the known world is already pretty big. I would call it a Massive MORPG, but it's raher large.

    "The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." -- Noivad

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