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Twelfe sky.....any had experience with this game ?



  • imavirus22imavirus22 county, MDPosts: 19Member
    Originally posted by jjdragon60

    ya i agree, this is basiclly a ripoff of 9dragons. same grind, same graphics, same gameplay, same bordem. i quit a long time ago. but,if u like it, fine with me. i played a day till i quit. i would rate it a 6.3/10


    you played 1 day and your judging a game


  • EmeraqEmeraq Medical Lake, WAPosts: 936Member Uncommon

    IMO It shouldn't take more than a day for you to ldecide whether or not you ike a game. I think If you aren't hooked after a day of play then it's fair to say you won't like the game the following day.

  • 2brown4uall2brown4uall brampton, ONPosts: 1Member

    ok for real, 12 sky is one of th ebest game out there THIS GAME HAS  APOINT 2 IT unlike cabal and all that other shyyt u don't no what ur lvling for,


    point 2 12 sky = WAR/pvp

    ok, its war between factions ( warning i can't spell)

    guanyin (good pple) fujin (nurtal) jinong (dark)

    and dude who says it bets boring after llv 30 ur messing it up, its boring TILL lvl 30,


    the first war starts at lvl 30 called ahmag valley, only lvls 30-49 r there, if u want a even match, then go 2 the server vengance,

    next war is called samji (lvl 50-69) u have a move called HS in this war (lvl 60 skill u have 2 break the shield b4 they can't attk ur regular hp) and lvl 60 skills also that look way amazing for all classes

    when u turn lvl 70+ u get the never ending pvp map called YANGGOK valley. WARNING TO ALL PPLE YANGGOK IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE  this is what pushes u 2 get lvl 100+ so u can fite good,


    each class has a different weapon. lets start wid guan

    guan = blade, sword and marble, blade = strong hand 2 hand weapon, sword = weak, fast and good defence skill weapon, marble is ranger and a good 1 hitter killer,

    fujin = katana, double blade, and lute

    katana is very fats and powerful, double blade is xtremly fast and weak, lute is range but its a banjo o.o


    jinong has the sickest weapons, long spear, long blade, and scepter, spear is the best xD


    the skilles that can be learnt

    lvl 1 skills (from npc's) lvl 30 skills ( u buy fomr other players ro find ti) and lvl 60 skills (same tihg as lvl 30)

    there is 1 other skill which is 1 in all 3 servers of finidng which only 2 pple have, called wargod, search it up on youtube its amazing, if u have that skill u r legenary :P


    this game gets addictive at lvl 70+ i am lvl 112


    when u turn master lvl (113+) u look so dized and sick its soo kool.

    starting fomr lvl 100 u get different glows, first ur eyes, then arms, then legs then body, each lvl

    colours change when u get ocmplete glow

    at master lvl (113+) u glow white and change ur fighters stance, guans cross there arms, jinongs cross there arms, and fujins have some gey ass modeling pose that doesn't look as good as guans :P


    i recomend fujin or jinong 2 have fun, or if u wanna restore balance 2 the game, pick guan, this is the game u been searching for ur whole life buddy :P a game WID A POINT ^^ try it i'd give it a 20/10 rating :P

  • retrobeatretrobeat SerembanPosts: 1Member

    one of the best PvP and the fastest lvling ever made.

    just in a week u can reach lvl 100, if u not stuck at the arena :)


    rate it 7.5

  • phanta17phanta17 Sunbright, TNPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    Well I personally love this game. In my opinion it's the best game that aeria has out at the moment, so I'll give you a few of my opinions on why I like it.

    PvP - Yep lots of it too. This game has a very focused pvp aspect on it, and includes three different factions with strengths and weaknesses. The benefit of having three factions to this game is naturally the fact that there isn't really a one sided beating like you would have with two. You can be clashing with one faction and get completely blindsided by the 3rd, it helps strike a balance.

    Leveling - Okay so this is the part most people hate and some people enjoy. Twelve Sky is pretty generous with it's leveling, in fact I'm quite surprised at how fast you can blaze through the levels. To add to that you get more xp for being in groups, up to 50% more with a full team, as well the pvp areas in the game giving 10% xp bonus. This isn't your usual "I need to Item Mall" to get anywhere game.

    Community - Well, the community has good and bad in it, but one thing it does have is population and lots of it. I enjoy that, because in a game so pvp heavy you really need people around to get the most out of it. I've encountered quite a few people who were very friendly and helpful in the game which is nice.

    Money - Well money isn't a vile nuisance in this game which is good, in fact the first 40 levels are very generous in the fact you can get vendor gear as you go. Bottom line, having money isn't really an issue until later on when you start wanting to buy the big stuff, but even then making cash is pretty easy in the game.

    PvE - Well probably not the best game for PvEers, as the quests don't start til level 14 (doesn't take long to get 14, just an hour or two) and come every two levels I believe. For the most part it's a grind to 30 to start getting involved in the pvp areas which will continue in leveled tiers from that point on.

    Summary - Well these are all just my opinions on the game, I love it myself and it's easy to get hooked on and pick up. The forums have a mountain of information for those who can't seem to figure something out. I highly recommend trying it out if you are looking for a pvp game, or just a new mmorpg in general. Also I saw a post somewhere calling the game a 9dragons rip off, this game is alot different from 9dragons and unlike 9d, you don't have ad's running in the game or in load screens (Which ruins it for free users, can only be disabled with premium)

    Hope this info helps!

  • rspaderspade Boston, MAPosts: 3Member

    Yeah whoever said this game was a 9 dragons ripoff obviously hasn't given 12 sky a shot. I agree with phanta17, once you join a good guild or just find some ppl to grind with it's pretty easy to lvl up. The only thing I can think of that 9 dragons has thats better is quests; I wholeheartedly admit the quest system in 12 sky is kinda lame.

  • AethiosAethios Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,527Member

    I remember reading that 12sky had some severe hacker and bot problems.

  • fallencupidfallencupid aptos, CAPosts: 1Member

    I play 12sky's! I enjoy the game !

    I'm on serenity server / Fujin / lvl M2 katana user

    the game is like all others - u have to grind to get higher- leveling is easy til you get higher. if u follow the guides in the forums on the aeria game site - you can stat right and learn the tricks of the game.

    as in all the free mmo's it's not instant(you have to learn how to level) but if you get in a good guild you'll get help! plus the people help if you ask!(most of the time)

    on a scale of 1-10 i give 12sky a 8(IMO) graphics  are cool and at lvl 45 up - you can participate in some fun PVP action

  • daltodalto hudson, FLPosts: 1Member

    m2 fujin here and i like[d] this game when i started playing now ha!!! i want my money back lol this game is a waste of time on the programers part and the players part customer service -10 on a scale of 0 to 10 if you ever have an issue that includes money or anything else for that matter youd have better luck trying to witness the end of the universe

    gameplay 0

    customer service nonexistant

    balanced races...not a chance all in all if you have hours upon hours days months or alot of cash then sure have fun but i believe your time could be much better spent elsewhere or anywhere for that matter.

  • weblinkz2002weblinkz2002 Somewhere, CAPosts: 112Member

    Well we don't have to worry about nonexistant customer service. Aeria games didn't secure the English license for 12 Sky 2. is up and running. I already signed up.

    ~Webby "This MMO needs more dead bird."

  • weblinkz2002weblinkz2002 Somewhere, CAPosts: 112Member

    Wow, They made changes to their site! There are forums now. And the screenshots look nicer than 12sky1. I can't wait till beta!

    ~Webby "This MMO needs more dead bird."

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