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First Impressions: Tantra Online

SeeksterSeekster Arlington, TXPosts: 15Member

So I decided to try out Tantra online after reading about all its features. I go in make my mage character as usual in this case a Garuda. Then I go in follow some instructions and then take my level 1 character outside the city to start setting dogs on fire. About five minutes late I return to the city but now I am at LEVEL 15! I never thought I would say this about a game but Tantra makes it way too easy to level up. I mean seriously before I even realized it I had tons of skill and attribute points to use (the attributes are not explained and the skill explanations are not very clear) and then a guy told me to go find the priest for my first job change. Job Change? I just started playing less than 10 minutes ago and im already supposed to change jobs? Ok I no this sounds odd to be complaining about leveling up too fast but try it, to me it just feels like it was too easy, like I didnt earn it. Maybe it changes and becomes harder later on but the idea is to make the player feel like they earned it when they level up, at least thats my opinion anyway.


Tantra has some other problems too; it looks a bit better than Silkroad but handles worse than it (the awsd controls feel clunky). Almost nothing is explained to you about anything leaving you to guess which attributes raise what and hope that you arent making a mistake that will later cripple your character.


I heard that the community in this game was not very good and from what I saw I have to agree. Its not that they do not talk because they do, its just that no one talks to you. When you try to talk everyone just sort of stares at you until you feel like you are in the village from Wickerman.


What im trying to get at here is that a good MMO should sort of be like a strip tease in the beginning, by which I mean it should show you something that you want but cant have until you get to a higher level which should then make the player want to spend time leveling up in order to get what they want. A really good MMO will pull this trick/trap several times every 10 or so levels to keep a person playing. When an MMO makes it so easy that a player can gain 15 levels without even trying in their first 5 minutes of play it really just feels empty. Combine this with the fact that it really doesnt give me any reason to want to keep playing as I do not see anyone going around with mounts, everyone has pretty much the same looking armor and there are no obvious guild war messages flashing up on the screen, etc.


Maybe I am being too hard on the game, maybe it gets better later on but unless someone replies to set me straight about this game I see no reason to keep playing.



  • ThunD2ThunD2 Rio de JaneiroPosts: 20Member

    Hello :)

    Well long time ago this game used to be(well ,still is, but a lot better) total grind , so they changed rates to 10x or something like that to make things easier to new players .They've added upgrades to droped weapons as well. (by the way you should have done the job change quest at level 20 to gain addicional elemental resistance !)

    And you're right , it becomes REALLY harder later ,it'll start around level 40 if you aren't going to buy prems(those boosts your character a lot) , just kite/set up parties and you should be fine .Your only real problem will be money(again , if you don't buy premmies) , the economy is messed up.Your best bets are 1)manage to get to lvl60~70 and farm high level items 2)farm the "grapa set" and try to upgrade it to my +6(I did this , but well , took me like a month to get everything done , and it's not  guaranteed you'll manage to sell them) 3)sell transport scrolls at level 40 area , Jina(takes a while but works, some high levels just buy it to help you out lol ) 4)find an ashram(a must).

    After you make your first 10m~20m you should be fine , just resell the "rush sales".

    I've nothing to say about the community , it really sucks, just pray to get a nice and active english guild or learn tagalog

  • SeeksterSeekster Arlington, TXPosts: 15Member

    Nah if its like you say then I have no reason to keep playing and will probably uninstall this game to make room for a better MMO but thank you for your swift reply.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

    I had the same problems with this game the OP had.

    Im pretty sure that you hit the wall in terms of grinding lateron when you start getting like 0.01% per kill, like most f2p asian grinders.

    Has potential but a really, really boring community.

  • xhyldazhkxhyldazhk Mexico CityPosts: 1Member

     Hi all... I play the Mexican Tantra Server, I have a lvl 89 deva / abikara there, yes, the experience settings seem to be the same as the philippines server, and in the late levels you have to grind a lot, but there are ways to make it less of a pain. By example: get a party with a Satya, a Vidya and some Abikaras, go to Huge Forge or Mudha, make the Vidya apply all the party buffs, make the Satya attract as many monsters as possible, then make the Vidya cure it constantly, and the Abikaras use area effect spells (specially Lauti Batia, Bartate, Agnimani), then you'll level up really fast, even in last levels...

    The game is very deep indeed even without 'mounts' or such... Maps aren't big enough to really need mounts to move from place to place. Item upgrading is the real hard part of the game, in later level an armor or weapon 'as is' is almost useless, you have to upgrade it to make it more powerful, and you can add evasion or elemental resistance to it.

    About PvP, there aren't specific times to wage war, in Kruma and Anaka Kruma, war is constant, if you conquest 5 Kala Cores of enemy gods at Kruma, you open the portal to the PvP area of Chaturanga, where if you defeat the 24 bosses and get its 'chess pieces', you can open the door to the King's Room, where Raphu, the King of Chaturanga, will await you, and if you defeat it, you can get the ultimate upgrading item: the Crystal, that will make your weapons add up to all your stats... a level 88 Datu (crystal-enhanced) wand can add 10 points to ALLyour chakras!

    So that is all that i can say, as a Tantra player. I hope its useful to you all.

  • zeroqualityzeroquality manilaPosts: 3Member

    first time i played tantra i really got hooked to it.. it got a nice graphics.. and storyline..

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