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Did you tried TANTRA GLOBAL?

saeazesaeaze MakatiPosts: 8Member

Guys my friend told me about this game. She told me that this game is on Beta test now. So I tried it then.

I noticed that this game has a good graphics and well serviced by the GM's. But I'm a little bit confused bout the God system there. But I'm willing test this game it has a cool guild war.

I talked to one of the GM's that is currently doing their Help Desk, and I'm amazed the she helped me a lot. Fast reply and willing to help at all cost. Good thing that they can do it all by herself. I salute this GM even that many players asking her, she can answer it all..


Good luck to this TANTRA GLOBAL it has a future in the world of MMORPG. So what do you think guys?




  • megafluxmegamegafluxmega nasa, NYPosts: 138Member

    played a different tantra, they got hacked...the people who hacked them then showed the gm's how they did it..and the gms banned them all AFTER they showed them how to fix it. messed up when cash shop games get hacked, i mean its kinda like a felony..well it is a felony, wirefraud + whatever international theivery laws are broken. hope they do better this time.

    same kind of game as rappelz or perfect world really. i remember those pvp zone quests were TOUGH to solo!

  • saeazesaeaze MakatiPosts: 8Member

    well i hope that this server had a tight gaming security. May I ask you mega, where did you play that has that kind of stuff?..


    same as PW?..same as Rappelz?..kinda.. uhm..but the difference is the way of their guild wars it so cool and full of intense..LMAO!..

  • saeazesaeaze MakatiPosts: 8Member

    guys if you want to experience what I had experience before you can try to log on to

    not it is up to guys...for me, it is a great experience that I played or should I say playing it right now. 

  • zeroqualityzeroquality manilaPosts: 3Member

    yah its a great experience... everyone should try to play tantra..

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