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Avoid this game....If you like PvP or PVE

Cool game give it a try. Especially if you are tired of fantasy and sci-fi settings!


  • LugalbandaLugalbanda Santa Barbara, CAPosts: 1Member

    "Wrestle", I've tried working with you, but this rant succinctly represents why others don't want anything to do with you. My reply is more for anyone else who happens to read this thread, as it appears you've given up. For everyone else, please disregard this person's persistence in trying to defame an excellent game.

    Darkwind is in a state of continual development, focused on a single developer, assisted by a "developer support team" of player volunteers (myself among them), and open to the entire community for suggestions and feedback.

    All players have to remember two things: 1) No, it's not perfect, but it's damn good for what resources we have. 2) It's continuously evolving, improving. I've been playing just short of a year and it's wonderful how much the game has grown in that time.

    "PvP in this game is awful. It is not profitible at all both in the sense of "oppurtunity cost" that could be spent farming npcs or better yet NOT playing DarkWind."

    This has been a low priority in the past due to limited interest, but has had much work gone into it over the past couple months, with more work ongoing. Supporting PvP as a legitimate -and viable- playstyle is a concern of ours.

    "The community is a bunch of raging carebears who gang up together and instead of fighting back against players in PvP matches most choose to instead "ostracize" in their own words anyone who engages in any un-consensual pvp. It's annoying beacuse it makes it harder to find more PvP fights not beacuse interacting with said community is fun in anyway."

    I understand you're upset, but again, disrespectful and insulting ranting is not the answer. You seem to view this game only from one perspective: what you think it should be, and hold everyone else at fault for not 'measuring up'. I hope you realize that if you had come to the community expressing your desire to PvP, had met the other players at that table, then you would have found the same enjoyment out of this game the rest of us do.

    There IS room for many playstyles here. Instead you shoved your expectations in other players' faces in distastful and disrespectful means, then acted shocked when you were reproached for it.

    "The game is LARGELY stat based, there are tactics involved between equally "leveled" characters but if there is any significant levle advantage it becomes unfair very quickly. A high level character could hit 90 percent of the time and a low level 40% there is no strategy in that at all."

    It is a MORPG; stat based systems are not exactly new nor exclusive to Darkwind.

    "WEAPON BALANCE IS NON-EXISTANT there is no sense of weapon balance at all beacuse the "community" will not allow it to happen and will manipulate a SINGLE WEAK WILLED DEV ."

    I think most players are pleased with current weapon balance, though certainly we're not done tweaking everything. Again, if you had come to the suggestions/bugs forums with empirical evidence or at least a coherent, logical argument for a change, you probably would have got it implemented. Instead you chose to foam at the mouth and insult everyone, much as you are doing now. And again, you act shocked that it didn't work.

    "On the PvE side the AI are poorly coded(what can you expect with one dev though)- subject to myriad exploits. They all bunch up together and can be taken out by ballistics weapons with no threat (or fun). They have a hard time going "offroad" which makes up 90% of the map. They either charge straight for you or stop and circle."

    Again, this game is exceptional considering there's only one developer. And again, the game - including the AI - has improved considerably in my short time here. And I'm sorry to say that your perceptions are simply not accurate. ANY weapon in this game is lethal in the hands of a skilled operator. Ballistics are just another type of weapon for variety. Sure we can all scout with nothing but heavy machineguns (HMGs), but how dull is that?

    "The rewards for PvE are basically more cars and levels on your characters. To do what with? Thats right level more and get more cars. There is nothing else too it."

    You do know this is a MORPG, right? If you have a better system in mind you are welcome to make appropriate suggestions in the forums.

    "There are a few missions which are basically transport missions or missions that reward you for more PvE grinding with small cash bonuses....for more cars?"

    This is another area that I've seen much progress in. The new RP missions are great.

    "Darkwind: war on wheels is a misnomer in my oppinion it is really more like Darkwind: carebears on (low poly count) wheels"

    Okay, you're venting. Just breath and relax. Close your eyes and think of something pleasant.

    "The games saving grace "deathracing" where vehicle design and player skill would matter takes a backseat in Darkwind. The only type of deathracing participated in are the "league" deathraces which totally take vehicle design and tinkering out of the question by providing stock cars to everyone and not allowing custom designs. The few and far between events that do allow custom designed cars are not widely particpated in (you may see one or two people in some and like 8+ npcs O_o)..... In addition the rewards are pointless, petty amounts of the games currency."

    Again, this just isn't accurate. I play with other players in races and deathraces all the time. Having stock cars enables all players -especially nonsubscribers- a chance to play with little financial investment. The league rewards have had a considerable boost by the addition of rare weapons and chassis.

    To recap, this is -in my opinion- a great game despite having a single developer, and is supported by an excellent community, both of which are open to new people and ideas. It has ongoing development that seeks suggestions and feedback from the players. Anyone can come in with a new idea, respectfully submitted, and can see their own hand in shaping this game (or if nothing else, gain a better understanding of the working of the game).

    The game is open to a VERY wide range of playstyles, but obviously it's not for everyone. For an analogy, think of the game as vacationing at the beach. Sam (the developer) is in the middle, with the vast majority of players scattered around him. Some people want to surf, some swim, some fish, some build sandcastles, others sit in the shade and drink tea. Sam does everything he can to facilitate all of that, and I think he does it well. If this isn't what you want, just walk away, but don't stand there screaming and kicking sand in other peoples' faces.

  • KimeDennoryKimeDennory San Francisco, CAPosts: 1Member

    Shorter wrestle691:

    "I want a game where I can spend all my time pwning n00bs and stealing all their stuff, and driving them out of the game, and this isn't it!  O noes!

    "Also, I know exactly how weapons should balance because I'm a Superior Intellect, but nobody listens to me because every single other person in the game disagrees.  O noes!"

    The irony is, if he weren't being such a ****, people would probably listen to him, because he does have a good idea every once in a while.

    However, when he says that the game is 'largely stat-based', he's just lashing about trying to figure out why anyone with any reasonable amount of experience beats him nine times out of ten.  His inability to recognize strategy is not evidence of its absence.


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