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DarkSpace 1.508 Released!

DrafellDrafell Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 588Member

We have another important series of updates for DarkSpace to notify you about. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that DarkSpace is entirely free to play (full access) until the 12th January. This is in addition to the normal 14 day trial coupon that new players receive upon creation of an account.

The updates are as follows:

- Serialization optimization which reduces the size of WOB's and transmitted data. This caused a update of most of the WOB files to a new format. Data sent over the network will be dramatically smaller.
- Multi-System Enhancements are now implemented.
- Enhancements are now color coded according to how rare they are.
- Adjusted "common" enhancements to be more balanced. In addition some may have small side effects also.
- Added a manifest to the lobby for Vista.
- Minor adjustments made to Mi ship's and devices
- Platforms are now more robust.
- Fixed issue with prevalent ECCM/ECM pinging on high tier ships - cool-down now scales up with ship class.
- Improved AI spawns.

You can find information on previous updates in the DarkSpace Development Log.

You can download DarkSpace for free here.

Many thanks, and we hope you enjoy the game.

The DarkSpace Development Team.

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