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most/least played class

slowpoke68slowpoke68 Chicago, ILPosts: 468Member Uncommon

Going to reinstall AoC and give it a go.  Wondering if some kind folks could rank the classes as most/least played.  Going to be rolling a fresh toon on my old server Cimmeria.  Will probably do a DT, Guardian or Assassin, but definitely melee.  Thanks.


  • gantonganton laurel, MDPosts: 304Member Uncommon

    I always see groups looking for guardians, that has to be the most needed class. Necros are needed for end game raiding. Dark templars are rare as heck..but for a reason. Assassins are like an easy lay, theyre cheap and fun but everyone's got it.

  • ruslansruslans KievPosts: 62Member

    Well, according to this class popularity is quite evenly distributed.

    I personally enjoyed playing my conqueror. It's not very easy to play, but can be quite rewarding in PvP on upper levels.

  • DaveTTDaveTT GöteborgPosts: 405Member


    You should roll a class you like and think is fun to play.

    And ye , i think DT is the least played class since its the most UP class, but i read that in the next huge uppdate in january they will get buffed a bit.

    The most played classes are probably Guardian and all healer classes.


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  • AznmaskAznmask Malden,, MAPosts: 178Member

    least played class got to be DT.

    Most played class : 

    Melee - Guardian

    Rogue - Sin

    Mage  - HOX

    Priest - Tos

    it so hard to say which is the most played class in AOC since everyone was from a different server, different time zone. But those class is the most i seen in the day i was online.

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