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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: A Look at the Black Guard

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Warhammer Online Correspondent Pat Buckley writes this overview of the new Black Guard class recently introduced into the game and provides some helpful tips for playing the class.

The Dark Elf Black Guard is one of the new classes released with the end of the recent Heavy Metal event. He utilizes a "hate" system to fuel many of his abilities as well as increase or decrease the effectiveness of these abilities. Being what would be considered a tank class, the Dark Elf Black Guard has two things he must take into consideration before reaching level ten: sword and shield combination, or pole arm? This choice can be made for you based on one of the three specialized paths for the Black Guard. No matter which path is chosen, remember that as a Black Guard, your place is in the front lines helping to hold sway over the armies of Order.

Take A Look at the Black Guard

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • dcretindcretin Las Cruces, NMPosts: 54Member

    I found it very informative on the various paths available but would of been nice to see like an overview of the class in general, how it plays etc.. also is it just me or did it seem like there were a lot of cut and paste sentances in the article?

  • SamhaelSamhael Huntsville, ALPosts: 869Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dcretin

    also is it just me or did it seem like there were a lot of cut and paste sentances in the article?


    Lots - maybe that would work for someone who was skipping sections (and therefore missed first read at the info) but it doesn't fit well for a beginning-to-end read.

  • xiaoxiaoyixiaoxiaoyi new york, MTPosts: 6Member

    I don't know what you mean,but i still like playing gamemy english is so bad...haha

  • DeathTrippDeathTripp Orlando, FLPosts: 263Member Uncommon

    cut and paste

    Real as Reality Television!!!

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