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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Basics of Crafting and Gathering

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common WAR correspondent Joshua Peters writes this very basic overiveiw of crafting and gathering in Mythic's Warhammer Online.

As we get a little deeper into Warhammer, you have probably looted many items that say something about crafting or gathering. Most of you may have even dabbled a bit in the different crafting and gathering skills and I am sure some of you have no idea what I am talking about. I have personally tried every craft there is, as well as all the gathering methods. This is meant to help get you started and to help those who have tried and failed get a little more of the basics.

There are currently two crafting skills available Apothecary and Talisman Making. I have them simply broken down for you.

Read the Basics of Crafting and Gathering

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • GhistGhist Muskoka, ONPosts: 275Member

    There is as much meat to this review as there is to the crafting system in WAR.  Meaning not much.  Even Mythic admits that the crafting system needs reworking.

    Waiting for the next thing

  • caemsgcaemsg aucklandPosts: 105Member

    note that its not a review but a guide on the basics of crafting and because there is not much crafting there can not be much in the guide

  • ZahzulZahzul Campbellsville, KYPosts: 69Member


    er, sorry.

    I had too

  • PyukPyuk Eugene, ORPosts: 715Member Uncommon

    I found the only use for crafting in WAR is to scavenge off the dead corpses and sell the crap to the nearest merchant. It's had no impact on my character except to bring in a few more loose coins. Crafting is pointless in WAR. Just get back to killing the enemy. That's the meat of the game.

    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

  • X-PorterX-Porter New Westminster, BCPosts: 229Member

    No offense meant to the staff ( who do a great job, btw), but crafting in WAR requires a guide about as much as folding socks does.


  • TonarazTonaraz new albany, OHPosts: 55Member
    Originally posted by X-Porter

    No offense meant to the staff ( who do a great job, btw), but crafting in WAR requires a guide about as much as folding socks does.


    haha same thing i was thinking

  • WardropWardrop Plymouth, MIPosts: 462Member

    Dont Blink...

  • GuddigGuddig Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 8Member

    There really isn't a whole lot to crafting, but I've found it to be mostly painless, in the apothecary set anyway.  You can make some decent potions for buffs, and resists that help a decent amount.  Thankfully it doesn't take too much time anyway.


    Guddig IB Badlands
    Gud BO Wasteland

  • SinentSinent Florida, FLPosts: 137Member

    well personally i feel there crafting for there game is just right , i mean cmon folks the people who play warhammer dont play it for the rp or the crafting aspect .

    i have been playing it a short while and honestly i cant really blame mythic for anything when it comes to there lack of immersiveness i blame the players, this game attracts the some of the worst bottom feeders of society as does most other pvp games, you know the folks who deep down inside wanna stick it to the other guy for a change  and enjoy reaping instant gratification  on others misery.yes i know not everyone there is that way but take for example if these players were there for a fair fight then why do so many look for the chance to gank and go 3 to one with unfair odds .

    Chaos is a zergfest  and order expects everyone else to win there battles for them while they run around like helpless lemmings being picked off one by one as they run back into the slaughter .

    yes those type of folks usually dont craft and the folks who are here to enjoy a rp expeirence need probebly to move on to elsewhere.

    mythic knew the player base and designed the game for such folks.

    people can say what they like about planetside but at least they didint try to be anything more then they weren't. :)

    flame on  if you like but if you are a pvp person, at heart ask yourself why you enjoy it .I love pvp but it feels all the more rewarding when i take a guy down in a fair fight.

    Some lead and some follow I prefer to stand beside!

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