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Resubbed- looking for a strategy guide(website)

bluberryhazebluberryhaze brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,702Member

 hello, i was a founding member and left after a short month when it launched. 

i recently resubbed after trying out the trial. this game is vast and fun.

a lot of exploration can be done. which brings me to my desire for some sort of strategy guide or website with the updated content to help me through my journies. 

i am a level 16 monk on seradon.

thanks in advance for your replies.

-I will subtlety invade your psyche-


  • RaavRaav Chicago, ILPosts: 120Member
  • ethionethion Clearwater, FlPosts: 2,887Member Uncommon

    some good links at the following web page


    And this is a new one that looks like it will be good.



  • popinjaypopinjay Northeast, PAPosts: 6,539Member

    As a Founding member of Vanguard, dont forget to type /claim while ingame.Youre gonna get some nice rewards after the 2 yrs youve been away.   :)

  • bcrankshawbcrankshaw JohannesburgPosts: 547Member

    Hi Blue

    Welcome ...what happened to AOC ?You always loved it ?

    A pity you are not on Halgar ,the European server .Enjoy your adventures  in Telon :)

    "after the time of dice came the day of mice "

  • etwynnetwynn Los Angeles, CAPosts: 219Member



  • bob_sandwichbob_sandwich Merica, MAPosts: 45Member

    my characters are on sartok seriously thinking about coming back but I just don't want to invest time in a game that has no future population wise.


    I love vanguard, seriously... and ive played during the worst of times-- bugs, hacks, botters, exploiters, and server moves.  it's still better than any mmorpg out there right now.  I guess the only complaint is the character models are garbage.

    Im playing warhammer online right now, what a piece of shit lol  anyone want to talk me into playing vanguard again?

  • ArdnutArdnut LondonPosts: 188Member

    bob, you sen the changes to the player chars since gu6? lot of improvment.

    i look this wrecked because i've got GIST.
    Whats your excuse?

  • morpinmorpin wilmington, MIPosts: 360Member

    My favorite link is Slyde Rule's which contains links to just about all of the Vanguard Sites:


  • boojiboyboojiboy Hudson, WIPosts: 1,546Member Uncommon

    The populations have been on a steady increase and then took a nice job up with IoD.  I logged in yesterday and saw Seradon at Medium for population and that was at 2pm in the afternoon.  Halgar was also at Medium but 2pm CST  is 7pm GMT and prime time for them. 

    But overall, the populatioin increase as been noticeable.

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