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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Thoughts on the Dwarf Engineer

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Warhammer Online Correspondent Joshua Peters writes this article giving his expreiences playing a Dwarf Engineer in Mythic`s WAR.

With the start of anything, you need a plan. In this case, starting in Warhammer, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to realm, race, and class. In the last two weeks I have tried several types of classes for the Order realm. My favorite and the one that this article is going to talk about, is the Dwarf Engineer. I have chosen my path and with this information you might be able to have a better grasp of what you will do as well.

After playing a bit as an Engineer, I have to say that I am really enjoying it. I didn't see many engineers early on as people were finally figuring out what class they wanted to play as the game got under way.
Dwarf Engineer Screenshot

Check out the Dwarf Engineer.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • SamhaelSamhael Huntsville, ALPosts: 869Member Uncommon

    I'm not that familiar with the class myself but it seems like a tough class to play. I'm glad the article doesn't try to present itself as a guy as the engineer class seems to be more of a late bloomer and the author is admittedly only in the mid-20's. Good stuff though!

  • LilandraFLilandraF Olathe, KSPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    I play a level 22 engineer and I am loving it.  My focus has been on the various grenades and grenade turret.  I can hit the enemy with 3 damage over time skills, lower their corporeal resistance a good chunk, and then spam the double damage on them (the turret and me).  With this setup, I can toe to toe everything but the big tanks in RvR.  If you get mobbed you're still gonna die, but in idividual battles, and sometimes even fighting a couple of enemies it's not a problem.  Put your flak jacket on and chug a resistance potion or two and you are pretty solid.

  • AranStormahAranStormah OsloPosts: 278Member

    Sounds like you've come to approx the same conclusion as I have on my Magus, the mirror class to Engineers.

    Magus, depending on spec, can be a terrific Anti-Caster or a PBAE Bomber :) It's been tremendous fun to play after having reached Tier 3. It'll absolutely rape Bright Wizards with a Havoc Build. I think the common misconception is that the class is a caster like the Sorceress, but like the Engineer it's more of a harasser and anti-dps class.

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