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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Surviving your First PvP Scenario

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Warhammer Online Correspondent Kyle Stout writes this quick guide to help players to survive their first forray into WAR's RvR scenarios.

Once upon a time, a great man made an excellent quote. He even wrote into a book, and in fact the message was embossed on the front cover. The man was Douglas Adams, not the famous politician, but the science fiction writer, and his famous words were simple – “Don’t Panic.” Taking this notice to heart, it can provide the most basic of rules for surviving your first foray into Warhammer Online’s robust PvP scenarios.

Warhammer Online Screenshot

Read the article here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • KyrieneKyriene Fort Wayne, INPosts: 3Member

    Great information, also listening to the more experienced players in the RvR Scenario is an idea as well.  There are people who play the scenarios day in and day out and know what needs to be done for a quick win and quick points in any of them.

  • RedmowRedmow Madison, ALPosts: 196Member

     Well, WAR is the first MMORPG I really got into PvP'ing with. SWG I did but that had a different feel to it and I didn't do that too much.

     The first time I was involved in RvR play I did panic and ended up getting stomped even faster. Now, I'm not that good but I don't panic. And I do have a number of kills to my name. I tried PvP in other games, namely WoW and gave up on it...I didn't have the gear to compete.

     WAR makes it fun and I didn't realize how much I've been missing out on. Now I only get impatient to hurry up and get back into the fray....and no more losing my cool.

  • JK-KanosiJK-Kanosi Seaside, CAPosts: 1,357Member

    This is a good article. I wish the majority of WAR players actually read this, but I know most don't bother with forums. Either way, experience will teach them, article or no article.

    MMORPG's w/ Max level characters: DAoC, SWG, & WoW

    Currently Playing: WAR
    Preferred Playstyle: Roleplay/adventurous, in a sandbox game.

  • ManchineManchine Saginaw, MIPosts: 469Member

    Scenerios are some of the FUNNIEST things to do in WAR.  Specially if you get with a group that knows what they are doing.


    I had one guy, in the Phoenix one, run around attacking people when he had the flag instead of running back to the base.  We're sitting there telling him go to the base!  His excuse was they were slowing me so I might as well turn around and fight.  


  • hiphopB-boyhiphopB-boy LA, HIPosts: 2Member

    So WH and WOW will have a fight~

  • AlienovrlordAlienovrlord San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,525Member

    Good article and good advice for people first trying out the Scenarios in WAR.  They are incredibly fun and this article had some good tips, esp. the part about not getting discouraged from losses or deaths.   The times you get stomped will be overshadowed by the times your team pulls a last minute vidtory or your character was the one who helped turn the tide of battle.  (Recapturing the flag at the last minute in Khaine's Embrace or the thankless, bur sometimes amusing, job of Defense in Phoenix Gate)

  • Originally posted by hiphopB-boy

    So WH and WOW will have a fight~


    doubt this WoW pvp is at a point right now that anyone starting will have a brutal time getting anywhere becuase of vetrain players dominating any & all bg's / arenas (dont get me started on arenas) thankfully that will all take a big reset after WOTLK & the new level cap.

    as for WAR pvp / RvR as they call it. these are easy for everyone cause they bump ur level up to match the highest PC playing in the scenario. though u wont get the abilities or gear that you'd most likely have at that level you do get the hit points that you would at that level so it levels the playing field right off the bat. so far i give the WAR pvp a thumbs up as long as they dont go in the direction of WoW current pvp system.

    as for that guide. great for ppl that havent played a mmo-pvp game or even a FPS team game (unreal tournament, halo, counter-strike, etc) alot of games have team tactics. so if there not playing as a team there  either dumb or just ignorant or something else i wont say.

  • GuddigGuddig Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 8Member

    Good points.  Panicing(sp?) happens a lot.  I've seen archmages and runepriests start to get hit by a chosen, and run screaming into the melee and drop instantly.  I've also seen tanks get hit and run screaming from the melee leaving the healers completely unprotected, soon after, everyone is down.

    Sometimes the best thing you can do is stand in there and take your medicine, your tanks won't always be able to stop the witch elf killing you, and your healers won't always be able to keep you up in the middle of the melee, but you've got  a much better chance.



    Guddig IB Badlands
    Gud BO Wasteland

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