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AgRdAgRd LincolnMember Posts: 1

Hello, im Nav off LGP Online, this game is one of my top favorites for various reasons, first of all, it is fairly quick to level up! some games take a while to level  and it gets quite boring, second, the community is great, everyone talks and people help out, you say good morning, you usually get a reply back. the forums, although not too active yet are still quite active.

grinding on LGP Online is pretty easy, especially if you decide to make an AoE team, each class has different ways to help the lures and kills so everyone can help out!

overall i give this game 8/10 and i reccomend it to all ages and anyone who wants a friendly, fun experience.


  • Ashera1Ashera1 Tulare, CAMember Posts: 1

    Legend of Golden Plume is a very good game.  You can meet new people, team play or if your not in to team playing u can solo.  Golden plume as a world chat that lets you talk to people all around the world! I talk to my mom 3000 miles away. We even play together and team up!

    The game is so easy to understand. Anything you don't understand you can always ask world chat and get the info you need. People are really friendly nd love to help. Really you cant go wrong with this game. If you love RPG games then this is te game for you!

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