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sportzangelsportzangel san antonio, TXMember Posts: 1

 This game is really cool ive really enjoyed playing it. The music is really good to like the  backgrund music and all that! It not to loud and it;'s really nice unlike some where they're really loud oh and the monsters are so cute!!!!!!!!! And others are really cool!!!!!!! and i llike the battle system you can move around and not just stand there so that's really good to and the graphics are really good  and this game is really easy to get started for those who are newbies. I really fallen in love this game!!!

**HEY* *


  • M3taKnightM3taKnight SLO, CAMember Posts: 1

    Hey is this game like Legend of Mana for PS1?

    I'm tempted to try it as I've liked those kinda games.

    It looks very cool, check out the screenies on the webiste.

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