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A bit about Warhammer

SeanConnerySeanConnery Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 34Member Uncommon

I recently finished downloading warhammer online, and had a chance to feel it out.

What you will notice is that the game plays a lot like world of warcraft, which is not necesarrily a bad thing. If you look around forums people will critize the game for this, pointing out that even the graphics look a lot like world of warcraft.

But what needs to be known is Blizzard actually wanted to buy the warhammer engine, and when they were turned down, they set about creating an engine exactly the same. I've talked to a few people and none seem to be aware of this information, which I feel is incredibly important.

Take it how you want.


  • urbanmechurbanmech Toronto, ONPosts: 183Member Uncommon

    Wow, you're going to have to prove this one. Any links?

  • RedwoodSapRedwoodSap Fenwick Island, DEPosts: 1,235Member

    Even if it were true, but it's not, since WoW released first, Warhammer is the clone.


  • GreenChaosGreenChaos Chicago, ILPosts: 2,268Member

    It's not the engine they wanted to buy it was the IP when they were making the first warcraft. They were turned down and just copied it for the most part.

  • SeanConnerySeanConnery Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    Well that makes sense , a friend of mine told me about all this and he works for a gaming magazine. But engine or not, dates are dates.

    Warcraft 1994


    Warhammer 1983



    Starcraft 1998


    Warhammer 40K 1987



    World of Warcraft 2004

    World of Wahmmer 1998

  • PapaLazarouPapaLazarou gitface, NEPosts: 502Member
    Originally posted by SeanConnery

    Well that makes sense , a friend of mine told me about all this and he works for a gaming magazine. But engine or not, dates are dates.
    Warcraft 1994

    Warhammer 1983
    Starcraft 1998

    Warhammer 40K 1987
    World of Warcraft 2004
    World of Wahmmer 1998


    Starcraft 1998

    Dawn of War 2004

    World of Warcraft 2004

    Warhammer Online 2008

    Even Dawn of War 2 looks like it's taking some ideas from Warcraft 3.

    Warhammer: space Marine 2009/2010?

    Gears of War 2006

    Wolfenstein 3D 1992

    Fire Warrior 2003

    I mean don't complain about originality when Warhammer copies games that set the standard ages before they've done their own take on things. i mean there were table top games before Warhammer too and there were fantasy genres before Warhammer and Warhammer 40k looks like it took alot from Aliens to me.

    Just look at both Warhammer and Warcraft and its clear to see that the lore is totally different and they havn't ripped off anything... sure they might have taken inspiration from Warhammer but Warhammer is hardly original.

  • SeanConnerySeanConnery Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    Games Workshop, who designed the World of Warhammer back in 1983, took many ideas and impression from the work of Tolkien, as well as other European influence. The game Warhammer, while it has a dark under tone, has always had a little sense of humor. The art from the 80s was cartoonish, yet dark.

    Mythic, in keeping with the basic art concept establish by Games Workshop, began to use their model and art that is nearly 25 years old to make the model for the MMOG. While the color texture may appear similar to WoW, the model design of the Dwarf and Orc is within the traditional style of Games Workshop's creation that has been around since 1983. The only similarity of the 2 games is truly that it shares the same level of color texture. The only game Mythic is copying is the work that has been in place by the artist that had worked for Games Workshop.

    It is said that Blizzard tried to license Warhammer from Games Workshop back during the development of the original Warcraft. For whatever reason, the deal fell through. Instead of scratching the project, Blizzard made some modifications to the graphics and art, created their own backstory, and called it Warcraft, their own new IP. Hence, the two look extremely similar because one was actually based off of the other.

  • hitec7hitec7 AthensPosts: 230Member

    Imo Blizzard has the most talented devs in world mmo industry atm so i don't think they need to buy any engine.

    Wow will need a new engine pretty soon if they wanna do a real update to the game but whatever ... we will see.
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  • KrazcoKrazco BergenPosts: 167Member

    and wow is made by the same who made gw. so talented devs isnt everything..

    its all about the budget....  not about the company behind it..

    if you have as mutch money as blizzard, you dont need quality, you can buy yourself to fame. and all the narrow minders will follow

    but war is made for the "hobby gamer" to have fun... and wow is still one of those jobs in the world, where you have to pay for working, instead of getting payed..

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  • pinkspiderxpinkspiderx Warhammer Online Correspondent grand island, FLPosts: 14Member

    interesting, i dont think it truely matters who is the 'clone' but who pulls off a better MMO, truely WoW is older, and has more content but what ive seen of WAR and played it is shaping up nicely, i love the diffrent quests (public, scenario and regular) its diffrent then WoW in a good way.. well im just rambling.

  • grimbojgrimboj ManchesterPosts: 2,102Member

    Warhammer is nothing like WoW.

    Warhammer has a dwarven starter town that resembles ironforge and everyone that starts in this town immediately returns to the forums to make a WoW comparison.

    Warhammer is DAoC2 with a nice IP. The game plays like DAoC2 with a few tid bits that very strongly resemble elements of other games. The 'Tome' is taken from LOTRO (even the icons look the same).

    The Talent trees are original although lacking in skills. 1/4 the skills of WoW or EQ2. The RvR talent tree is more like a matrix lol.

    The combat is smooth, people immediately post that the combat is like WoW - Just because WoW and guild wars are the only 2 other MMO's to have smooth combat does not mean that DAoC2 = Guild Wars.

    The Classes are completely unique with a lot of different xclasses, reminds me of EQ2 in that there are very few pure classes and the hybrids never do exactly what you want, the talent trees are mixed in together so you cant try to pure class them.

    Please post a reference for your comment about the engine. To me the engine is so similar to DAoC that I will need proof.

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

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