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how to get to another races RvR Scenarios

how do people of other races get to the different scenarios?  I've been searching around but I am unable to find anything. 


  • ToddrulesToddrules Warhammer Online Correspondent Columbia, MDPosts: 19Member

    travel in to the zones associated with each scenario. They are sorted by starting area.


  • DraconusDraconus Freeworld Admin Eustis, FLPosts: 781Member

    you need to use a Flight Master, witch can be found at the first WarCamp in every races starting zone


  • ElmorenElmoren Warhammer Online Correspondent Denville, NJPosts: 109Member Uncommon

    You need to fly to that race's area.  Elves vs. Dark elves, Greenskins vs. Dwarves, Chaos vs. Empire all have their own scenarios.  Get to your warcamp (located just before the PVP area in the starting zones, and anywhere else) and fly to one of their scenarios.

    Hit the M key in game and check out the entire map (right click to zoom out I believe) to see what I mean and what you can view from the map.  The game's huge, most people just don't realize it.

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