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woahhazelwoahhazel Fullerton, CAPosts: 1Member




  • revenilerevenile edmonds, WAPosts: 3Member

    Perfect World International

    Perfect World International (From here on out, PWI) is the USA based servers/translation for the hit Asian free-to-play MMORPG Perfect World II.  Perfect World Entertainment has been kind enough to host this version, and now that Closed Beta is winding down, it's time to reflect how good the game is so far.  Is this world truly perfect, or just a good world?  Due to so many things in the game, I will be breaking it up more than my usual reviews, we'll start with the usual stuff first.


    Imagine a free MMO that not only allows you the freedom of true 3d flight, a huge, expansive world that is totally on one map (no load times to any zones outside or in towns) that has territories that can be owned by guilds, but also full freedom to your character.  Well PWI attempts to do these things and more, and it actually delivers.  The game nicely paced and has many, many features.


    Let's get this out of the way, the graphics in this game are nothing short of spectacular in an MMO, free or otherwise.  The world is vibrant, colorful, and full of sharp textures.  The Armors, weapons and magic effects are crisp, clear and impressive to watch in action, and the water effects are almost exactly the same as the FPS Half-life 2, which is in no way a bad thing since HL2's water is basically only bested by Bioshock.  Character animations are fluid and look nice as well.  The world has many different looking locals, from the snowy North, to the plains around the city of Etherblade, to the forest home of the elves, the places in this game are great to go sight seeing.  Overall this game is a feast to the eyes all around in terms of animation and textures.  Also, you will NEVER run into a twin in the game world, thanks to PWI's deep character creation, which is as deep, if not more so than TES4: Oblivion's character creation.


    The sound in PWI can be broken into two categories, SE and Music, so we will look at each section here in parts.

    Sound Effects: The sound effects in PWI get the job done, they are good by most accounts (things like weapon impacts are not as good as they could be, but magic and creature sounds more than make up for this) and never really get tiring.  Except however the footstep sound, it will eventually fade and you'll ignore it, but it needs a change, in variety mainly so it sounds different on different terrain types, this is NOT a game killer though, as the rest of the sound takes up the slack for this minor fault.  The ambient sounds, while a little quiet are immersive and really bring the game to life.

    Music: A musical feast for the ears lie in this game's sound track.  The log-in screen tunes set a relaxing theme, as do the exploration songs, the songs for things like bosses and Territory Wars are tense and keep the adrenaline rushing.  For what's there, the Chinese sounding music is beautiful and really sets a great tone to the game.


    The game is simple to pick up and play, and works with the two main MMO control types, WASD, and Mouse control.  The game gives you a nice help system for those who need a little help learning the game and the entire first 30 levels of gameplay will be earned entirely in quests, no grinding, even in the later levels, grind stays reletively low, and the game never actually becomes a grind fest.  Flying becomes available to all players at LVL 30 (lvl 1 for elves) which opens up the skies for exploration, while ground mounts are available around lvl 40 for fast ground travel.  Guilds also play a big role in this game, in the form of the above mentioned Territory Wars, in which each week a guild can bid on a hunk of the game world, and duke it out with another guild, or the environment in battles that can reach up to 80 vs 80 (according to the product manager of PWE).  There is also a marriage system which gives a few perks, as well as the embrace system where a male character can carry a female character.  Battles are paced well, and the many skills you will learn are very nice, and easy to pull off in succession.

    Cash-shop items:

    As a free game, the company relies on a cash shop to turn in a profit.  Luckily, the cash shop is not needed to play the game and enjoy all the features, even the end game content.  The cash shop contains items like fashion items (clothes to make your character look unique in more than just the face), different mounts and flying objects, fireworks, and the wedding items.  Other items, used more for PVP are there and do give an advantage, but aren't truly necessary to have.  Pricing has not been announced for the cash shop as of yet, so I cannot say whether it will be cheap or expensive.


    PVE (Player vs Environment) is robust here, giving you plenty of mobs, bosses and dungeons to raid.  With over 100 levels to progress in the game, you will have a long way to go before you are "Maxed."  The Environment even makes a couple hazards, like drowning when you swim (though you need to stay underwater for like 10 minutes), and even become quests in themselves as double jumping and flying are required for some.  Now if only there was fishing... (if there is, I haven't seen it)


    PVP has a true heart for competition here, there are more ways to fight against another player here than some FPS games.  With the usual Duel system, two players agree to fight.  No one dies in a duel.  Then there's the Arena, and TW.  Flying combat is available too.  New players need not worry about this, as they must be lvl 30 to do anything more than duel.  If you aren't a fan of PVP, go to the PVE (in truth, Optional PVP) server and turn it off.


    The overall translation is mostly decent.  Most quest text is accurate and to the point, even if a little of it doesn't really feel natural.  Some minor text errors are here and there, but this is the first true localization attempt and in closed beta, so some minor tweaks will be needed. One example of a bad name that doesn't really fit with the game world flow is "Archosaur," which is a very large, dragon themed city that all characters visit around the 20s in levels.  Aside from the Philippines version, all versions I know of have something to the effect of "Ancient Dragon City," which fits the city's overall look and feel.  Some character names are kinda plain and

    expected for Chinese names.  Otherwise the translation is actually one of the most decent Asian to English

    translations out there, just has a few quirks to be worked out.


    If this world isn't perfect, it sure is darn near it.  This game just keeps reeling me back in for more, and I like every minute of it.  If you have some time, you need to check out this awesome free to play MMORPG when it enters open beta September 2nd.  If you are desperate to play now, sign up and get a beta key, just know a character wipe will occur before the Open beta.


  • kawishkawish LondonPosts: 1Member Common

    I started playing perfect world international closed beta the second its servers were launched. After looking at the game info and reading up several threads on the forums, I decided to give it a go. To be honest I wasn’t very excited. I mean it’s a MMORPG. There are 100s of them out there and they all follow the same aspect. Comparing PW to other MMO’s, I found that the developers have cleverly bended the aspects of PW For example the character classes and the ability to fly and swim in game. Here is my review on some of the classes.

    Venomancers they are cleverly designed characters with an array of magical attacks. What makes them so unique from any other class in PW is their ability to tame any normal mob in the game which can be used to aid a Venomancer in close combat since Venomancers have low physical defence. Their pets can even tank bosses leaving Barbarians without a job. They are also able to transform into foxes giving them added stats and skills making them one of the most stop and feared class in the entire game.

    Barbarians can also transform like Venomancers. They transform into white tigers which also gives them added stat such as increased armour and movement speed which can be upgraded. Tiger form also gets its very own set of separate attack and buff skills. This trait makes them different from blade masters who cannot transform but have the highest melee attack than any other class in the game

    During my career as a MMO game addict I have come across countless games and played every class possible. One of them is a White mage/Healer or in PW it is known as a Cleric. Usually healers are boring. They aren’t usually capable of soloing and can only survive high level training in parties, healing and buffing so what makes a PW cleric so different? Playing a Cleric was quite surprising in PW. Including the buffs and healing spells, they can also attack but not just weak spells, they are quite capable to solo mobs with the right character build making them quite fear full. For a close range fighter, it might get really hard for him/her to beat a cleric if played properly.

    The character customization in the game is pretty intense. You can customize everything from the colour of eyes to the shape of your chin to the width of your arms and legs, almost anything really. In game, the graphics are just stunning. The music corresponds to the area and in a way that urges the character to play on which is one of the most important factors in a successful game. PW does not let the player get bored after 2 hours of playing like some MMOs do. The cities are beautifully designed where you don’t get bored running up and down the streets. Another reason for that is the ability to double jump. It gives the players freedom to do anything with their characters and makes them feel like a living part of the game. Another clever part of the game is the battle system underwater for pets that you actually need to have water based pet to fight underwater. The in game Co-ordination tracking system is pretty cool too. It helps the players find NPCs or friends through map coordinates. All you have to do is enter the coordinate, and you will get an arrow pointing you the way and mark the place on the map. Here is a small demo,

    Perfect world has a Territory War system. In some games you may recognise this as “castle siege” or simply war. In this guilds fight each other to gain territory in game. If no one owns a territory, a guild must bid on it then fight mobs and a boss. If they win, the territory is theirs. If the territory is owned by another guild then they must battle it out heads on for control.

    I think this is probably one of the best games I have played and I just can’t wait for open beta to start. Watch out Kash because you will see him to be one of the top players in the ranking board.

  • ZezixxZezixx Spokane, WAPosts: 1Member

    Perfect World International

    Game Title:  Perfect World

    Genre:  Fantasy/Role Playing

    Status:  Closed Beta

    Developer:   Perfect World Co., Ltd.

    Publisher:  Games Masters

    Official Website:

    Client Size: 1.1 Megabytes [1,061,857 bytes]

    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirement

    Cpu:  800Mhz

    Ram:  256MB

    Video Card:  32 Megabyte 3D Graphics Card

    Hard Disc Space:  2.5 Gigabytes

    Suggested Requirement

    Cpu:  Intel Penitium 4  1.5GHz

    Ram:  512MB+

    Video Card:  256 Megabyte 3D Graphics Card

    Hard Disc Space:  3.0 Gigabytes



    Comparison  [8.3]

    I have played alot of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games in my many years of gaming and I would defenity have to say that Perfect World International is one of the best ones out there. There are so many unique features about this game that would totally blow your mind, but I will get to those later. The Moderating and Admin system is fantastic, all of the Adimins and Moderators are very helpful and understanding to everyone.

    Graphics  [7.0]

    The graphics in this game are of very high quality for a free to play game.  All graphics are done in 3d and the spell graphics are some of the best I have seen throughout any game I have ever played.  The developers took their time in making all of the graphics special, you will not find any of the graphics repeated or reused over and over again. I personally think they lacked on the trees and hand textures. I am sorry to say, but the hand textures look like an old Playstation 1 game. The trees however, are lacking of quality too, not so bad as a Playstaion 1 game, but they aren't to shine like the rest of the Perfect World.


    Sound  [8.0]

    The sound is unique in its own way. Everything in Perfect World has its own sound in a very spectacular way. The sound in this game is broken down into two main sections. Sound Effects and the Game Music.

    The sound effects consist of  monster sounds, spell sounds, and even your character has their own sounds! There are things called emotes that you can use in the game that will make your character react with a sound with every different emote! Pretty cool, huh?

    The rain, the water, and even the waterfalls have their own sounds which are all very realistic and really bring the game to life. You will feel like you are actually walking past that wataerfall and even walking in the rain feels more real then any other game. You can even hear your characters footsteps!

    The game music in Pefect World is one of a kind. It mostly consists of chinese type music which is always cool in any game you play, right? The game music will consist of awesome battle music for those tough fun battles, all the way up to the ambient sounds for the quiet soothing times you have to listen to natures sounds while walking around the world of Perfect World.

    Gameplay  [8.5]

    The gameplay of Perfect World is one of a kind.  You have 3 races and 6 classes you can play.  You have the Winged Elves, Humans and the Untamed. The Winged Elves race consists of Archers and Clerics, which can both be either male or female. The Humans race consists of Wizards and Blademasters, which can alo be male or female.  The Untamed race consists of Venomancers and Barbarians, however this race is very sex specific. As to where the Venomancers can only be female and the Barbarians can only be male. 

    Perfect World gives you the option of two different game control types. You can explore the world is WASD (W= forward. A= left. S = backwards. D= Right.)

    Or you can simply click around with the touch of your mouse.

    There are six major cities in the world of Perfect World, three of which are your beginning cities. For the Winged Elves, you start in Plume City. For the Humans, you start in EtherBlade City. For the Untamed you start in Lost City. The other three cities are the cities you will explore when you play the game, so do it!

    PvE [Player-vs-Environment]

    The PvE system of Perfect World is quite simple and like most other Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to tell you the truth. The battle system is alot like WoW I think. There are plently of monsters to keep you busy for over 100 levels throughout the game, so you hardly get bored.

    PvP [Player-vs-Player]

    The PvP system in Pefect World is amazing and unlike anything I have seen before. You have the option to fight in a duel, like in most games a duel is an agreement of a fight where nobody "dies" just loses the duel. You have the ability to fight in the air aswell using your flying mounts, which I find very facinating and different then any other game out there.

    You also have an area you can go to called the Arena. This is where many people gather together and have what we call a "Dueling Tournament" Usually guild vs guild battles happen here, more or less then 1v1.

    There is also a function called Territory War. This is where a guild can bid on a certain territory to have as their own. If you are the first to bid on a territory your guild will fight against 201 monsters and a main boss, there is a 3 hour time limit to complete this. If your guild is bidding on a terriroty another guild already has, you then fight that guild and the winner gets to keep the territory, pretty cool, right?

    Community  [8.0]

    The community of Perfect World is an awesome one.  There are alo of active people and espically the GM's. This is the only game I have ever played where the GM's are as active as they are. They are so helpful and understand, you can ask them basically anything and they will be sure to have an answer for you. The Moderators are also very active. Some of the Moderators are players that the GM's have picked to help the community out even more. I guarentee you will make many friends and enemies in Perfect World. But hey, who doesn't like to make a few enemies here and there?

    Value  [7.5]

    I would put the value of this game at a pretty high standard. I have never found myself away from Perfect World for longer then a month without having to go back time after time again. I guarentee you that you won't be able to leave this game for very long before returining, thats if you leave the game at all.

    Unique Features  [9.5]

    Perfect World has many unique features.  Your characters can have flying mounts as well and riding mounts.  Your riding mounts can be leveled up just by riding them around the lands of Perfect World. The flying mount can be aquired at level 1 by the Winged Elves who use Elven Wings. The flying mount for the Untamed race can be aquired at level 30 which is an Animal, and the flying mount for the Human race can be aquired at level 30 which is a sword. The crafting system is one of the most unique systems in any game.  At higher levels, in order to get the best gear, you have to craft it.  While crafting is fun, it is a headache and helps pass time.  Perfect World also has "circulation" quests.  At any level, your guards in the areas you are questing or grinding in will give you quests to help build your Rep.  At level 30, an npc in Archosaur gives you a quest you can do once a day for exp, skill points and gold.  At level 60, you can buy quests from an npc to help you level along the way.  You can do one of these quests every hour. 

    Perfect World also has teleporters in every main city and all small cities, with a little gold you can go pretty much anywhere as long as you have explored the city and talked to the Teleport Master there first. 

    Perfect World also has dungeons also called FB's (First Boss) that you get quests for starting at level 19 and that you get for every 10 levels. ie: 19, 29, 39, 49, etc etc.  You dont have to do these only when you have the quests but you can also farm these dungeons whenever you want for armor or molders. 

    Molders are in fact molds that produce powerful equipment if you are able to craft it and have the right materials.  There are also items that drop in dungeons that you can turn in for reputation.

    Personal Rating  [7.5]

    The overall rating I would give for Perfect World International would be a 7.5 due to lack of texture quality and ability to choose both sexes for all races. I would reccomend Pefect World International to anyone who loves to play a challenging game with a good grind.

  • ultimusmagusultimusmagus Galloway, NJPosts: 4Member

    After nearly eradicating his first chaotic creations, the God Pan Gu created Humans, Elves and Untamed with free will in order to create a Perfect World. As war erupted among his new children, Pan Gu's first creations return as the undead Wraith, able to possess other creatures in order to fulfill their desires to destroy their god-kin and corrupt the world. Now the three races must work together to defeat this menace, setting aside their differences to protect their Perfect World.

    Enter an immersive 3d world with contemporary graphics as one of the 3 races: Humans, utilizing inner strength and hardiness as Blademasters, or delving deep into the mystic arts as Wizards; the Untamed, who through their connection to Nature complement their animal ancestry and physical prowess as Barbarians, or commune with their uncorrupted kin and tap into Nature's power as Venomancers; the Winged Elves, proud and ethereal guardians of the skies, include the agile Archers, fighting alongside their comrades using long ranged attacks, and the Clerics, able to assist their friends with healing and protection, or hinder their enemies with curses.

    Whether you're looking for adventure, seeking fortune as a craftsman, or looking to build a social network of friends, Perfect World can fulfill your desires. An abundance of quests will keep the challenges going for hours to come. Daily quests grant the ability for casual gamers to stay competitive with the more regular players, so you won't get left behind by your friends. The ability to craft nearly every type of equipment will keep the handicrafter in you occupied, as you strive to create the elite gear that you've always wanted. Make new friends, keep track of their progress, fall in love, and get married. Create or join a guild of like-minded individuals, and set out to control the territories of your choice.

    Pros: The gameplay is easy to learn, about what you'd expect from a well done MMORPG, which sadly doesn't often work out that way. The skills work as they're supposed to, when they're supposed to. Not once did a skill fail to go off, except when I lacked the proper chi level that some skill require.

    The ability to combo your skills is a plus, reducing the amount of key presses needed to get your skills out quickly.

    Those that prefer not to use item malls or cash shops can keep up with paying users, tho at the cost of a bit more extra work. Riding pets with similar stats to those from the item mall can be acquired by collecting gold, silver and bronze dragon tokens by performing dragon quests of varying difficulty, depending on your level.

    The interactions between characters of the opposite gender are fun to watch, cuddling and kissing (if you're into that), and includes marriage, allowing players to roleplay if they wish (which is what a real RPG is all about in the first place).

    Cooperative quests allow you to invite squad members (in-game term for party) to help each other out, whether or not they have they same quest their kills will count for your quests, and vice versa.

    Cons: The potions heal your HP and MP gradually not instantly, and have a 10 second cooldown, which might result in some unwanted and unnecessary deaths, but that can be mitigated by purchasing health and mana charms from the item mall.

    A warning to new players: There is a safety lock feature which prevents you from trading, binding or mailing items for a period of time you set (the default is one minute after logging in your character). I advise you don't change it until you're comfortable with a reasonable period of time. Otherwise you'll have to wait 3 days for any changes which reduce the lock time to take effect. A more comfortable change to this feature would be a password lock, as it would allow the user to toggle the safety lock on or off as needed.

    Not being able to carry someone of the same gender on your back or fireman's carry (over the shoulder) was a disappointment. Sometimes a helping hand is needed to get to a certain area, and the exclusion of it shows a lack of foresight on the developers. Perhaps a later fix can be patched in. One can hope.

    All in all, I had a pleasant experience in this game. In a Perfect World International, the only limit to what you can do is YOU.

  • wizardsleevewizardsleeve Charleston, SCPosts: 46Member

    Don't bother with reviews from people who have never posted before, if you read the wording in some of them you can tell it was made for PR for Perfect World. Whatever

  • juicyjuice1juicyjuice1 Olympia, WAPosts: 2Member

    Sigh...Perfect  World game currently has a contest going for people to write reviews and post them on gamer sites. The winner gets $100 Amazon gift certificate, with winners to be decided based on the content of the review and also the number of sites they post them on. So you really can't expect these reviews to be totally accurate.

    I'm someone who has not entered the "review writing" contest at Perfect World International, nor do I have any intention thereof.

    I will say that it's an ok game, with currently outlandishly expensive cash shop prices. There is a Maylasian-English version of Perfect World, and I have played there before they started the PWI version. The new PWI version has doubled the prices for cash-shop items, compared to PW MY-EN.  It has just gone from closed beta to open beta, and the cash-shop just opened yesterday, and already there is a petition with almost 200 signatures to lower their cash-shop prices.  You can't survive in this game past the lower levels without using cash shop items,  and  at the current pricing they have set for items, you will spend $100/month easily just to level normally.

    So read the reviews here with a grain of salt, and remember they have a contest going to see who can write the best reviews. So far I don't think I'm in any danger of winning the grand prize.

  • JoblyJobly M@r$Posts: 3Member

    no reason to play this version, My-En is WAY cheaper and there's nothing new in this one.

    Lots of false hopes, not to say lies, given by the Staff during the waiting of closed beta made me take a decision.

    So you have the choice not to feed the greddies:

    or wait for the upcoming Eu version:

  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    Originally posted by Jobly
    no reason to play this version, My-En is WAY cheaper and there's nothing new in this one.
    Lots of false hopes, not to say lies, given by the Staff during the waiting of closed beta made me take a decision.
    So you have the choice not to feed the greddies:
    or wait for the upcoming Eu version:

    Lol at Malaysian version. I understand wanting to try out the game till international comes out, but, seriously, anyone is going stay in that version?

    MY = bad translation, horrible lag and whats worst - almost up to no customer support. MY was good on to get some info about the game and try it, but to actually play in it would be...painful.

    As for European ver. - i will judge it when it comes out. For one, I hope that it will lag even less.

    So far INT wins against current ph and my servers.


  • juicyjuice1juicyjuice1 Olympia, WAPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by Yuui


    Originally posted by Jobly

    no reason to play this version, My-En is WAY cheaper and there's nothing new in this one.

    Lots of false hopes, not to say lies, given by the Staff during the waiting of closed beta made me take a decision.

    So you have the choice not to feed the greddies:

    or wait for the upcoming Eu version:


    "MY = bad translation, horrible lag and whats worst - almost up to no customer support. MY was good on to get some info about the game and try it, but to actually play in it would be...painful."

    "As for European ver. - i will judge it when it comes out. For one, I hope that it will lag even less."

    Malaysian version is perfectly fine. ONE HALF the cost to buy cash shop items, and let me tell you something...PWI has Twice as much Lag as PW MY-EN.  European version remains to be seen, but PWI is total fail because of the pricing scheme they have set, they are overpricing their cash shop items right through the roof.


  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    Originally posted by juicyjuice1
    Malaysian version is perfectly fine. ONE HALF the cost to buy cash shop items, and let me tell you something...PWI has Twice as much Lag as PW MY-EN.  European version remains to be seen, but PWI is total fail because of the pricing scheme they have set, they are overpricing their cash shop items right through the roof.

    For one "fine" does not equal good. Yes MY was fine if you could stay online for more than 20 mins. It was fine if you could understand what you need to do, disregarding all the horrible engrish translations. Oh and not to mention "support". The most stupid answer I got from then, when I asked about "unable to connect" error was "check if you have internet access.". Latter questions got no answers and I even got an email stating that "if account with email ____@___.__ will continue "bullying" support system, it will thereby, be banned". Thats not support. Not to mention never-working registration system.

    Yes cash shop prices is the main problem of INT, but I am sure that they will still change. They seem to try out various pricing models.

    MY had a decent prices, but whats the point of good prices if you can't actually use the items in game?

    INT so far did NOT lag me out of the game.

    The things I remember about MY are 20 second lag to cast the skill, DCs when flying somewhere and horrible ping. Later on, Fighting something in MY would mean praying for DC to NOT happen and PVP is an almost insta-DC

    The things I remember about INT so far. Almost instantaneous casting and nearly no lag. Ping is hundreds of times better too(I am not joking when I am saying is, literally)

    As far as I am concerned, if INT gets pricing right, it will be best out of all the versions, unless EU will have even better ping, lol.


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