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Issues why me and 6 other friends left the first day.....

XxVespanexXXxVespanexX Dallas, TXPosts: 19Member

when it takes 4hours just to get to lvl ten you know it is a grind fest the  lvls go up to 100 so ten levels at that slow is bound to be some craaaazzy korean grinding later, another issue i found dumb was the fact that it takes so long to get from place to place it's nearly a 20 min walk to some of the outlaying story line quests... This game is praised for graphics but what i think it was awarded for was overall graphics looks good from a distance but all  in all zoom in to any object and you will find it lacking the so called amazing graphics. Most   of the mobs and thieir placement throughout the world seems strange the mobs don't fit  thier locations not  to mention thier flat  out wierd. I  praise this game for its character customization screen but after u make the face nothing else is customizable armor, weapons, nothing. Seems funny to me that they had cash shop runnning in game during closed beta. why would you buy somthing when your character is going to be wiped? The pvp system lacks as well until you reach lvl 50 you can count on fighting some one for at least 30 minutes, the characters don't do enough damage to kill eachother even more so if they are potting...

some concepts of the game look half assed like the wing ]flying system looks incredibly stupid there is no pose to the character as it flys its like a flying two by four straight as a stick. I'm willing to give away my account to someone who wants to  play this game. my account has characters pre made on it with the names.






t(^.-)z bite me -,...,-



  • csthaocsthao Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    LOL you spent 4 hours? I got in beta, played at most for 15 minutes and got to level 2...The only thing that really appealed to me was the double jumping...Graphics is just like any low budget f2p mmo game...Btw you can tell its a grind fest mmo when theres thousands of mobs in a certain area and respawns about 1 or 2 minutes...I had high hopes for this game, but wasn't impressed...Even Rohan is better than this game.

  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    Smells like a troll spirit...

    For one, if you are smart and actually understand concept of levelling through quests, you can reach 40 in 1-2 weeks.

    As for other points - well, there are no valid points in his post and some of things he says makes you wonder IF he actually even downloaded the game.

    Now if the thread author actually just went on grinding random mobs, I applaud him for the stupidity.


  • GravespinGravespin aarhusPosts: 66Member

    Hi VespanexX, i would like to try your beta account if you still got it. :)

    - I can only trade back a LOTRO Free-Trial buddy key, but kinda useless with the free-trial they got now.

    Anyway, thanks

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  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

    the OP has some legit complaints.  Dont act like this game is all about hardcore grinding, because it is.  Some people are turned off to the fact that after 20 levels or so it gets to be life consuming to get any progress on your character.

    Seriously you guys dont think this game is anything more than a grind fest just because there are some kill/fetch quests?

    If thats your thing and you dont mind it, more power to you, but there are some people that just dont consider that fun.

  • chase17tnchase17tn whitwell, TNPosts: 93Member

    XxVespanexX first off your wrong about the lvl's its either  105-110 not sure one or other. The item mall is one of the free treats they gave us we didnt have to pay for anything in it. They gave everyone even all new acounts zen to spend in it and alot of zen too. Lvling: well yes its hard if u dont know what to do grind not really there are a few quest that want 15-30 mobs killed. quests in that game make u lvl fast dungeons once lvl 19 make u lvl even faster and better weps come from it.


    as for you only spending what is it 4hr's lol dude there is more to that game then lvling your char plus its closed beta play around and find what they couldnt abuse it if u want but you should probly tell them : /

    also pvp is fun as hell in that game and if you werent in a good clan that is your main problem its more of a clan game then a solo game. cya later thanks for reading     "hellkingZ"

    made by nonny
    made by Braggi

    thanks both u guys

  • mstrsrevatimstrsrevati St Petersburg, FLPosts: 100Member Uncommon

    The Op does have some legit complaints, however why it took 4 hours to get to level 10 is beyond me. I've played Perfect WOrld MY and I also have an account with Perfect World US and I really didn't see that it was too difficult to level up from 1-20.  However once you get past 20 it's a whole new ball of wax and yes it's very grindy. 

    If you aren't willing to buy cash shop items later in the game (After beta that is) you will be way behind other players who do.  That's where I have issues with the game.  But, that is like any other f2p cash shop game.  THat's how they make their money and keep the game up and running. 

    However, if you don't mind just playing the game for what it is and are not in any hurry to be the top highest level you can get to with the best gear etc then you will find fun in this game.  It's only the players that are in a hurry to be all they can be in a game that will not enjoy it unless they are willing to buy cash items. 

    Perfect WOrld is far from Perfect, but it has it's fun attributes.  I still haven't found a game yet that has a better character customization area.  They also have some really cool looking outfits for regular armor that is given in game and it's easy to craft on your own if you take the time to craft.  Not to mention the cash item shop clothes, those are truly awesome.  The game is worth a try and since it's free it's not killing your wallet to check it out.  Worse thing that happens is you wasted a few hours on the download.

  • harpiesharpies bergenfield, NJPosts: 3Member

    hi gamers..  i just want to share my experience with this game..  i super loved this game! im from philippines and played the game there.. PW-PH(first english version) but i quit the game 5 months ago though because i migrate to US..  im a level 95 human warrior sword type with a unique build..

    hmm..  this is a quest game.. full of quest.. i suggest that do all your quest to level faster.. take it slow and enjoy the game.. this game has a lot to offer..  the grinding starts at around level 60+ but as the game updates for new patch its gonna be new challenge and new ways to level your character..

    also we have what we called Craft Leveling to level your character.. and some tips for early birds, try to twist the economy of this game in the early stage for your advantage..

    and i forgot the most important feature of this game, the Territotial War! the TW is like a real battle of strategies and brain like in a real war.. Pk'ing is not that important.. the TW will make you Wow!

    thats all for now.. i know all about this game..but maybe ill just keep my mouth shut for the game to be not ruin..

    and lastly, another game released from the maker of PW.. and its better than this one.. im just waiting for it now.. hehe..

  • harpiesharpies bergenfield, NJPosts: 3Member

    one more thing about quests.. alot of quest will tell you specific amount of monster to kill or loots to have..  its kinda freakin sh!t to kill again that same kind of monster.. so just flow with the quest..

  • 2high2talk2high2talk grove city, PAPosts: 1Member

    You are a idiot! You can get to level 10 in 1 hour tops if you just press Q and do the quests.  It is not a grind fest at all.  Just do the quests dummy

  • megaraxmegarax LindesbergPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    And then its only 50$ a week to be competetive(sp).

  • crossmrcrossmr SeoulPosts: 79Member

    [quote]craaaazzy korean grinding later[/quote]

    The game is chinese, not Korean.


    Jeonsa - Korean video games for Foreigners

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