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POLL: What race are you rolling?

Ok guys, time to choose. This poll isn't for those who wish to 'try every career out before rolling their main'.

Which race has the career which you're going to make your main?

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  • DarwaDarwa CambridgePosts: 2,176Member Uncommon

    110m hurdles

  • xzevexzeve ESPosts: 182Member

    untilll today i was 100% sure that i wanted to play darkelfs.. so i decided to watch some clips on youtube, seeing how Highelfs were fighting in rvr clips. and it makes me sad, that the classes the highelfs got looks like so much more fun. im really impressed by the shadow-warrior. i never liked the descipsion there was on but damm they seems to kick ass and really fun to play. long time ago i liked the archmage, and it annoyed me it was highelf.

    I gonna try out some of the classes at release, and right now im thinking i want to be a shadow-warrior / archmage. if not, ill be darkelf disciple ( they REALLY looks fun!)


    but my vote goes for highelf atm.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member

    High Elf swordmaster to start with.

  • pinkspiderxpinkspiderx Warhammer Online Correspondent grand island, FLPosts: 14Member
  • LeKinKLeKinK Sherbrooke, QCPosts: 899Member

    I'm gonna roll dwarf engeneer first even if people say they are gimped. They will get buffed anyway. 

    That and then a melee class.  I don't like being too far from the action like a caster is.

  • SanezSanez HaverhillPosts: 4Member

    Black Orc to start with.

  • dracomundracomun Toledo, OHPosts: 84Member Uncommon

    im going to roll a chaos magus just becuase i like the disc. The demons not being able to move is kinda dumb though

  • saniceksanicek BAPosts: 368Member Uncommon

    I wonder why noone thought of making a poll like this before!

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  • TakutoTakuto MonterreyPosts: 27Member

    I'm going with Chaos Zealot I had lots of fun with it on the preview weekend, it took a while for me to decide between Dark Elf Disciple, both are lots of fun, but in the end I think i had more fun with the Zealot and it is more my kind of playstyle.

  • PapaLazarouPapaLazarou gitface, NEPosts: 502Member

    Dark elves were the most unpopular in the beta which I thought would be Dwarves but suprised me theres alot of them. Shame because even though they look gay they have some good classes important to Destruction.

  • TsukieUTsukieU Nagahama, ShigaPosts: 559Member

    I have no fears.  Once the general public gets into the game the half-naked Dark Elves will be all around us.

    Mne eto nado kak zuby v zadnitse.

  • minutemaidminutemaid DurhamPosts: 233Member
    Originally posted by sanicek

    I wonder why noone thought of making a poll like this before!


    exactly my thoughts lol


    btw guys, i just watched an awesome video on youtube of ironbreaker goodness...


    Also, at the end, he gets to loot an epic cloak off of another player... LOL! Didn't know you could do that, pretty awesome.

    Will play: not WAR, HELLO KITTY ONLINE!!11one

    Playing: EVE

    Played: EQ (+all expansions too), Asheron''s Call 2, Anarchy Online, Planet Side, EQ2, WoW (+TBC), EVE

  • zmortiszmortis Philippi, WVPosts: 152Member

    If the population numbers stay consistent with the beta populations, and I'm going to play main as the underdogs (which looks likely to be Order), then my choice is a toss up between Dwarven Engineer or Rune Priest.  I'm usually better at playing support classes, and both of these fit the role pretty well.  It's been a real long time since I've played a dwarf race main in an MMORPG, and I think WAR is the MMORPG that has finally gotten the "dwarf vibe" right.  The only other Warhammer universe race that has really drawn my attention from an RPG standpoint is the Skaven.  If they get implemented as a playable race in an expansion, I just might find myself moving my main.  It really depends on how the Skaven classes would be implemented.

  • cukimungacukimunga Dacono, COPosts: 2,259Member

    Im rollin a Greenskin, most likely a Goblin Shaman.

  • minutemaidminutemaid DurhamPosts: 233Member

    I think playing the underdog will be a lot more interesting, and ultimately, a lot more satisfying. Being l33t among the underdogs is a lot better (imo) than being l33t among the.... over populated. All the folks on destruction side are going to get their epic gear a lot faster, since they'll be reaching the Order capital quicker. But imo, it doesn't really do anything for me to be epic among a ton of other epicc'd toons!


    But hopefully the bonuses Mythic have promised to the under populated do even things out. As far as i can tell, drop rates for better gear is higher on the underpopulated side. Just an observation of mine.

    Will play: not WAR, HELLO KITTY ONLINE!!11one

    Playing: EVE

    Played: EQ (+all expansions too), Asheron''s Call 2, Anarchy Online, Planet Side, EQ2, WoW (+TBC), EVE

  • ZeroxinZeroxin LondonPosts: 2,509Member Uncommon

    P.R.O.J.E.C.T. H.A.M.M.M.E.R.

    Hammer to the face, healing to the soul.

    This is not a game.

  • EridanixEridanix Orbital IkraliPosts: 426Member

    Marauder, at this point the pop in EU servers doesn't make a big difference between Destruction and Order, so far there is no underdog. When the masses come in, then we'll see who's underdog and maybe i'll re-roll.

    It is a question of fangs.

  • BlocheadjBlocheadj ipswichPosts: 32Member

    I cant wait to try the Empire Witch-Hunter.

    From the videos i have seen they look like a very fun and unique class to play, if all else fails a dwarf ironbreaker.

  • FatGamerFatGamer Los Angeles, CAPosts: 126Member Uncommon

    I tried most of the classes this past weekend. However, Goblin Shaman stuck with me the best! I had a complete blast. This is what I will start with when headstart rolls around.



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  • VallanorVallanor Ames, IAPosts: 103Member

    I tried a few classes in the Preview Weekend, but stayed mainly with High Elf Swordmaster and Dark Elf Sorcerer.  Of the two, I definitely enjoyed my Dark Elf the most and will probably go that route in open beta and release.  Of course, there's at least ten classes I didn't get the chance to try yet so who knows?  I would like to be on the less populated side as well, so that may play a factor.

  • JobbleJobble Walnut, CAPosts: 19Member

    Dwarves represent! 

  • gillvane1gillvane1 anytown, WYPosts: 1,503Member

    I don't like having classed tied to races. It would be better, IMO, if you could play any class with any race.

    Anyways, I'll probably play a tank , which means dwarf, and a healer, which means human.

  • richmixrichmix Columbus, OHPosts: 121Member

    High elf Shadow Warrior will be my first race / class combo. I will have more than one char, though.

  • minutemaidminutemaid DurhamPosts: 233Member

    Personally, im going for High Elf Sword Master, working towards this end build: 0/10/15 (Khaine, Vaul, Hoeth).

    It's ridiculously over powered (not exactly OP, but it's freakin good)! Gives you permament silencing against any caster you're targetting, brings out the dps and sufficient protection.

    Will play: not WAR, HELLO KITTY ONLINE!!11one

    Playing: EVE

    Played: EQ (+all expansions too), Asheron''s Call 2, Anarchy Online, Planet Side, EQ2, WoW (+TBC), EVE

  • elf8blisself8bliss LA, CAPosts: 305Member Uncommon

    High Elf Shadow Warrior

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