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Project Power

brandonambrandonam Somewhere, TXMember Posts: 37

 Outspark is proud to present their new Open Beta game, Project Powder!

 Make a character, start your engine, and race to the finish line as Outspark releases their snowboardin' game!

 More info can be found from their site, .


  • TeimanTeiman ZaragozaMember Posts: 1,319

    Looks fantastic!, I don't like sports, but that game looks fun :D

  • sainthatesainthate manilaMember Posts: 18

    the game looks promising but i dont like the name it so g@y ...


  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx North York, ONMember Posts: 2,384 Uncommon

    The launcher doesnt work on vista either.

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  • CorruptedCorrupted Lake Worth, FLMember Posts: 310

    hell yeah, definitely tryin this out and launcher works for me, im using vista


  • DiabloheadDiablohead BerkshireMember Posts: 29

    The game is rather good, not fast to level what's not bad but finding ore is by luck at an end of a race, so that is really reallllllly annoying.

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