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Their website doesn't even work...

brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 974Member Uncommon

Not sure why I haven't heard about this game before, but after noticing it, I tried to check out there website.  Neither the game site, nor the main site it's part of are working.  They are just completely down.

Does anyone know if these guys even exist?




  • brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    Well, I'll have to correct myself here.  After trying to connect on another day, I have been able to reach their site.  Their forums, however, are locked down "due to server overload"...


  • NyastNyast BrusselsPosts: 84Member

    Bad timing. We are currently moving to a more powerful server; it's the first time since 2005 there is a few days of downtime. The release of the new website, last week, has really increased the traffic.. sorry for the inconvenience.


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