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Has there ever been a wilderness survival MMO?

KenyaKenya Spotsylvania, VAPosts: 7Member

Iv seen many types of games through time but really, i dont think iv ever seen a wilderness survival game...even if it isnt fully online and just for like 4-5 people like and island survival or somthing it would still seem fun, starting from scratch, finding things and combining them, maybe little minigames when your trying to do somthing like make a fire, i dont know its a different concept than the usual MMO type game, i guess it should be more of a simulation...anyway could anybody reccomend any wilderness survival games if they know of them? It would be really helpful if anyone did and could tell me XD, anyway just a thought :3


  • beaverzbeaverz SuresnesPosts: 660Member

    Thought they made oen the same year they made a fishing mmo and window washer mmo.

    No really

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  • BrianshoBriansho Woodbridge, VAPosts: 3,586Member Uncommon

    Wurm Online is somewhat like a survival MMO. You start off with basic tools and have to create everything. You also have to keep yourself fed so you can heal/regain stamina faster.

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  • JackDonkeyJackDonkey _, MNPosts: 383Member

    The first thing you should do in Wurm Online is get a fishing rod.  If you don't it becomes a wilderness death game or a forage for 3 hours a night game.

    But yeah it's kind of a survival game, it's a pretty decent game, it could be much better but for what it is it's alright.

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  • RAWRGRAWRG Albany, NYPosts: 105Member
    Originally posted by Kenya

    ... starting from scratch, finding things and combining them, maybe little minigames when your trying to do somthing like make a fire...

    Heh, if that interests you, go try and do it in your back yard! The day when we need video games to try and start a fire is a very sad day for me. I recently played this game at a camp when we still had 4-5in of water in places that were completely dry two hours before, the handicap to this game is only using local materials and a single pocket lighter. A single match would be the insane difficulty...

  • IlliusIllius Toronto, ONPosts: 4,142Member Uncommon

    As big of a fan as I am of survival in the woods, I'd still like to do it in a game simple because of the fact that the chances of me dieing in real life are greatly reduced.  If I'm out in the woods and I misstep somewhere and end up with a broken ankle chances are pretty good that I'll die out there if nobody knows where I am, or if a bear happens upon me while I'm on the ground.

    The only problem here is that if my safety was assured, it would take away from the experience.  It's one of thouse double edged sword things...

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  • matthewf978matthewf978 Ashburnham, MAPosts: 287Member

    Most mmorpg games are wilderness survival oriented. However, when newbies receive handouts from end-game players it makes it very easy to survive; the survival facet is removed from the game once a newbie receives aid from exceptionally high avatars.

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