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is this still going?

johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCPosts: 2,663Member
Site hasn't been updated since last it dead?


  • FeldronFeldron oshkosh, WIPosts: 337Member Uncommon

    "Its dead Jim"

    "In fact, the Demo Fantasy world is essentially the "pre-alpha" of Kothuria, but the reality is that limited time and resources led us to focus on developing platform features. We hope to be able to pick it up again at some point (which is why we haven't made any "official" announcement--the project is just on hold for a while). Since that forum was getting very little traffic, it made sense to remove it for the time being. "

    thats from the dev site

  • GalgamemnonGalgamemnon carson city, NVPosts: 115Member

    Lawl, all developers say that, its dead


  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common
    Originally posted by Galgamemnon

    Lawl, all developers say that, its dead


    Heheh, just another Gods and Heroes.

    "We're only putting it on hiatus, it'll be back in development soon!!    Oh, wait....we're out of business."

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