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Astromechs, Friday Features & Other Stuff (2003-2005)



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    Image Designing

    The Image Designer is one of the most unique MMO professions Star Wars Galaxies offers. In most other games, after character creation, you are forever stuck with your initial choices in the base look and stats of your character. In Galaxies, you only need visit your local Image Designer to make sweeping changes to the appearance and feel of your avatar (though you may want to make a quick trip to an in-game Tailor to change your outfit as well). Publish 8.1 introduces some additional functionality for Image Designers.

    How to Find an Image Designer?

    Image Designers can be found in various parts of the galaxy. The easiest way to locate them is to stop by your local Image Designer Tents.


    These tents are located at:

    • Theed   -5130 4260   (next to the cantina, visible from star port area)

    • Moenia   4790 -4730   (next to the star port, visible from the cantina)

    • Bestine   -1440 -3700   (back behind the cantina)

    • Coronet   -360 -4690   (off of any beaten path)

    • Vreni Island   -5150 -6370   (next to the cantina)

    The tent's primary function is to act as a central location for Image Designers to advertise their services and perform their craft. These locations also house Image Modification Terminals which grant the ability to facilitate the stat migration and reduces the amount of time needed to perform an change in half for the Image Designer.


    If you don't see an Image Designer there or want to get some work done elsewhere in the galaxy, you can always try to use the search function in the Community Window. Press CTRL P (by default) to bring up the Community Window, select the Search tab and pick "Image Designer" in the drop down menu under Profession. This will bring up all Image Designers near you. Finally, you can locate Image Designers offline in your Galaxy Forum or on the Image Designer Forum and make arrangements to meet in-game at a future point. Image Designers are very good about keeping prearranged appointments.

    How much do they cost?

    Like most services, the price will be set by the individual Image Designer. You can generally expect to pay between 1,000 and 10,000 credits per modification. During the Image Modification session, the Image Designer and client can haggle over the price for the displayed design changes. Only upon selecting the confirm button for the Image Designer's changes in the "after" window will the client be billed. This is a secure transaction, so they don't need to worry about being stiffed for a tip (though tips are still welcome to most I.D.ers)

    What services do they provide?

    During your sessions with Image Designers, they can go over all of the services that they can currently provide (limited by the skills they've earned). A window opens up displaying the "before" and "after" of your avatar and you can see any proposed changes in real time. Feel free to work with the Image Designer to get the new look you are after.

    Completing a session does require some time. Minor cosmetic changes will require 2 minutes, body modifications will require 5 minutes, while stat migration will take the longest at 10 minutes.

    Cosmetic & Physical

    In addition to changing your avatar to most any configuration seen during character creation, Image Designers can offer new color options or hair styles. Hair color, skin/fur color, lip color, cosmetics, eye color, markings and tattoos are all customizable. You can have your height, weight, and features changed. Pretty much the only thing that can't be altered about your character is your species and gender.


    (Images provided by Kara)


    For special occasions, Image Designers can sell you "Holo-Emote" particle effects. These "holographic" images can be used for a short period of time and require charges (supplied by Image Designers). When you have purchased Holo-Emotes, type /holoemote help to see instructions and a list of the Holo-Emotes you now own. Type /holoemote [emote name] to use one of your Holo-Emotes; for example, type /holoemote Imperial to display an Imperial Symbol over your head for a few seconds. There are 16 different Holo-Emotes available.


    Stat Migration

    After leaving the new player space station, you won't be able to adjust your basic stats unless you visit an Image Designer. Image Designers can readjust any of your stats during an Image Design session. These sessions take 10 minutes to complete. After your session, your stats will be instantly altered to the new values.

    Where do I go for more information?

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    Jedi Archives Volume 2

    Ready, are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained! A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious Mind...


    Jedi Revamp Part 1: Secrets of the Force

    With great pleasure we present to you an in-depth look at the revamped Jedi System and close with a series of questions and answers. We will be outlining several key elements of the new system as well as the conversion process for existing Jedi. Details about the unlocking system will not be revealed until Publish 10, so please hold off on those questions for a couple of months. Now is the time for existing Jedi, so let them have their moment!

    The scope of the new Jedi path includes several distinct phases of character growth. Starting as a "regular" character, players will advance through simple Force sensitivity by completing a series of quests and skill boxes and may decide either to remain as a main character with Force sensitivity enhancements like Leia or pre-Jedi Luke, or to continue on the path toward becoming a full Jedi. Once players complete the required Force sensitivity stage, they will advance down the path as a Padawan through the PvE portion up through the rank of Jedi. After becoming a Jedi, the path of the Jedi becomes much more difficult as players ascend to the rank of Jedi Knight. A Jedi Knight may choose to remain at this point along the path or choose to move on to an entirely new level of gameplay. Jedi Knights may go on to test themselves in the Jedi trials, thereby joining the PvP Force Ranking system. In this, both PvE and PvP play styles are available to players.

    Force Sensitivity

    Players will have to complete a series of quests in order to enable their Force Sensitive Skills. These quests are for anyone who has not yet completed the existing Jedi path, regardless of how many professions they have mastered. These quests represent Jedi Revamp Part 2: The Jedi Trials which will be live in Publish 10. We will discuss the details in future Jedi Archives as we get closer to that publish. We know there are many of you eager to know how the switch to the new Force sensitivity path will affect you, so we felt we needed to touch on the key points. Credit will be given to players for the professions they have mastered, and that credit is the ability to rapidly advance through the Force sensitivity path. These are skill boxes that enable small gains towards skills a player will be familiar with. These skill boxes will be "Force enhancements" that will augment their existing professional skills to simulate a fictional "Force sensitivity." For example, a player can purchase a box of Crafting Sensitivity and gain a small bonus to crafting. This simulates their character being more in tune with the Force so they may have slightly better reflexes, insights, etc. All these skills are passive and do not generate "Jedi visibility."


    Padawan and Knight Trials

    Once a player has purchased at least 24 or more skill boxes of Force Sensitivity Skills they may undergo the Padawan Trials. Completion of the Jedi Padawan Trials signifies the start of a character's Jedi advancement. Once completed, the player will receive their Jedi robe and begin their Jedi advancement. At this point the player's Jedi character will be able to use actual Force skills and this will cause the Jedi to generate visibility on the Bounty Hunter terminals. Skills learned at this point will give a character more and more Force related powers. As they advance through the different Force Discipline skills, Jedi will have to revoke their standard skills. This is where a player must start making important character development decisions; in order to have a character that is a dedicated to the Jedi Way, they will only be able to be a Jedi. A young Padawan should be able to stand on his or her own feet using skills from their previous profession in conjunction with their Force skill boxes, but remember you will still be generating visibility!

    Not all players will choose to complete their advancement through the Force Discipline skills; they can choose to retain some of their mundane skills in addition to some of their Force skills. If they do not complete their Jedi training, however, they will not be able to complete the Jedi Knight Trials and participate in the Jedi Ranking system.

    There will be more Force Discipline skills available than a player will have skill points to be able to train in. This will lead to a variety of Jedi characters as some may choose to be more offensive or defensive, or even choose to take more utilitarian abilities. We have allowed it so players may un-train these skills if they wish to choose others.

    The five Force Discipline professions will be as follows.

    • Lightsaber

    • Force Defense

    • Force Healing

    • Force Powers

    • Force Enhancement

      Once a player has dedicated all of their skill points to their Force skills they will be able to begin the Jedi Knight Trials. There will be two quest series to choose from, one for the Light Side and one for the Dark Side. Completion of the Trials will give the Jedi a Force Rank of zero as well as a new robe and will allow them to begin the progress through the Jedi Ranks to become one of the most powerful Light Jedi or Dark Jedi in the game. This is the end of the Jedi PvE advancement series. A Jedi may choose to remain here if they wish. Existing 4-4-4-4 Guardians will begin the game where this path ends.


      Jedi Force Rankings

      The Jedi Ranking System is an entirely new level of Jedi vs. Dark Jedi PvP gameplay that is above and beyond what existed in the old system. Now, upon completion of the Jedi Knight Trials, a Jedi will be flagged permanently Overt members of their faction; Light Jedi will be flagged Rebel faction and Dark Jedi will be flagged Imperial faction. These changes are part of a new type of experience created for PvP encounters as Light and Dark Jedi clash in exciting battles in order to gain or hold Force Ranking. Killing members of the opposite faction will increase this Force Ranking number, yet killing the same person over and over will only yield experience for the first kill. To maintain a balance in the Force, there is a decay timer that must complete its duration before the dueling Jedi can again get experience for killing that same player.

      Along with the PvP Force Ranking experience requirement, Jedi will have to compete with each other for dominance within their respective light and dark Jedi hierarchies. As part of this distinction between light and dark Jedi during the galactic civil war, each Jedi will need a gathering place to carry out the business of their respective Orders. We have created Jedi Enclaves for this purpose. Jedi Enclaves are hidden places where Jedi gather for anything from Force Ranking battles to role playing underground councils. One Enclave will be implemented as a gathering point for Light Jedi and one for Dark Jedi. These Enclaves are off limits for any player who has not completed the Jedi Knight Trials. Based on your rank within the system the Jedi will gain additional skill multipliers but no additional skill boxes. Rank will also determine where you physically sit as well as how far into the Enclave a Jedi may go. For example, an unranked Jedi Knight may not go into the council chambers, while high ranking members may sit in the council chambers. The Enclaves will be patrolled by sentinels to protect their integrity and keep away the unranked Jedi and non-Jedi.

      Light and Dark Jedi will each have separate Force Ranking trees with predefined PvP experience requirements; however, the method of advancing will be different for both sides. Light Jedi will advance through the use of player politics in the form of voting. Dark Jedi must advance through the higher ranks by embracing the dark path and dueling for rank. Due to the advanced power levels of the Jedi within these ranks, there will only be a limited number of players per rank, per server. Because of the limited numbers in this Force Ranking system, it is very fluid and based on constant conflict. Ranked Jedi on each side will posses incredible multipliers to their Force and lightsaber abilities. Should a Jedi lose rank they will also lose these skill multipliers. An example of Rank multipliers would have something similar; Force Healing will heal more and cost less Force for ranked Light Jedi, whereas Force Lightning will deal more damage and cost less Force for ranked Dark Jedi.


      Old System to New System Conversion

      A very difficult part of this revamp was to determine a fair and equitable way to handle converting old Jedi into the new system. Change is sometimes difficult, but we have worked very hard to create a way for everyone to transition into the new system by creating fun and exciting ways for players at all levels. Players who have not attempted the Jedi path will be able to go through The Jedi Trials in publish 10. Players who have completed many profession masteries will be ranked according to how many professions they have completed and based on that information, they will be able to rapidly advance through the "Jedi Trials". Existing Jedi will be transitioned into the new system in Publish 9: "Secrets of the Force." As part of this transition, we have taken into account the need to provide fair and accurate placements of previous Jedi within the new system. We also believe the new system provides more overall fun and provides a sense of purpose to our Jedi players.

      Existing Jedi will login and find themselves credited Jedi skill credits based on how far they are in their current skill trees. They will then purchase the skills they desire within the Force Skills and spend leftover skill credits on non Force Skills. Remember you do have to surrender basic skills to make it up to the Jedi Knight level! All existing Jedi will login with the Padawan Trial completed as well as the item rewards that stem from the Trial. Based on how far into the current Jedi system they are is how many of their skill points will be credited to the new Jedi system. Jedi Guardian 4-4-4-4's will login with the Padawan Trial completed and 100% of the possible Jedi skill points. This will enable them to immediately begin the process of the Jedi Knight Trials and may choose to join the Force Ranking system.

      Jedi Robes

      Long awaited are the Jedi robes! Gone will be the days of Jedi running about in armor. The Jedi robe will provide a hidden toughness value that will protect the Jedi, similar to armor, but providing more of a Jedi feel. These robes will be issued to you as you advance through the quests and the Force Ranking system; each have their own look based on rank. Should you lose rank, your robe will be stripped from you and the appropriate level reissued.

      Jedi Lightsabers

      Also provided is the new lightsaber system. Jedi gain the ability to tune crystals and pearls and place them into their lightsabers. Color will be provided by a special color crystal. Tuned crystals and pearls will only work for the Jedi who tuned them and weapon stats will only be displayed on them after they have been tuned. Crystals will also provide much nicer stats depending on the level of NPC they come from. As part of this new system, the level of skill in the lightsaber skill tree will provide schematics for higher generation lightsabers which have more damage crystal slots. No more will a Jedi have to worry about lightsaber decay. Instead, the crystals and pearls placed within will take a random decay hit based on use of the lightsaber. When a pearl or crystal decays, just tune a replacement! This also provides the ability to carry the different styles of lightsabers and just swap the damage and color elements between the two. The lightsaber values of lightsabers have been put in line with the damage outputs of our combat balance values. We have also lowered the maximum potential of crystals and pearls to be more in line with the new scales of the combat system. The numbers may appear to be a bit low to what current Jedi see on their lightsabers now, but don't worry! We will apply behind the scenes values so the new lightsabers will deal the same amount of damage as pre-patch values until we push the combat balance live.

      What types of lightsabers will I be able to use? 

      Based on the skill trees a Jedi purchases, different lightsaber styles will become available. The further a Jedi advances, the better his or her lightsaber can be.

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    Death Watch Bunker


    May 21th 2004

    This Adventure area is now live.

    Boba Fett has discovered that an ancient splinter group of Mandalorian mercenaries known as the Death Watch are not just the stuff of myth and rumor but are operating out of a hidden location.  Boba Fett's network of spies has also discovered that the Death Watch assassins have contracted a heavy contingent of the Black Sun to help them in their unknown plans.  Are you brave enough to find out what these heinous villains are up to?  Work your way through this new adventure zone with over 6 action-packed new quests and unique new crafting missions to find out what has brought these ancient warriors out of hiding!



    For thousands of years, the Mandalorians served as fearsome mercenaries, working throughout the galaxy to help win wars and topple governments. Several years before the Clone Wars, however, the last of the Mandalorians were wiped out by the Jedi. Only Jango Fett survived. The galaxy at large generally believes the Mandalorians to be extinct throughout the galaxy, with Boba Fett possessing the last remaining set of fearsome Mandalorian armor.

    Death Watch splinter group is a mysterious mercenary unit, using their fearsome battle armor and training to make credits for anyone who pays them.  For ages, this group of surviving Mandalores has remained in hiding on a planet in the Outer Rim.  Now, this tiny moon has seen Imperial scouts nosing about and landing supply ships.  The Death Watch wants to know why.  To help maintain their secrecy, they have contracted with the criminal organization known as Black Sun.  The Death Watch and Black Sun mercenaries are keeping an eye, for now, on what the Empire is doing; and they're deciding how to manipulate the situation to their favor.

    The Death Watch bunker is their hideout and it contains some very interesting things, including the only crafting facilities in the galaxy capable of making Mandalorian Armor. 






    The Death Watch Bunker


    The Death Watch Bunker is a challenging new adventure zone with over 70 rooms designed for large groups to play through.  It is not an instanced dungeon, but access is not as simple as just showing up to the front door.  Not only is the bunker guarded by dangerous Black Sun mercenaries, but access to the bunker can only be gained by talking to the one person who might have a clue about how to sneak in...


    Adventurers who dare to travel to the Outer Rim, cavort with criminals and sneak into this most deadliest of places will face Black Sun assassins, mercenaries, guards, henchmen, super battle droids, battle droids, droidekas, and blastromechs.  Throughout the lower levels of the bunker, players will face the Death Watch bloodguard, wraiths, and even the Death Watch themselves!



    Bring Friends!


    The Death Watch Bunker is a difficult, high-level adventure zone meant to be played with large groups of players.  Should you be brave enough to venture into the bunker, expect fierce resistance, hidden foes and even environmental dangers.  This is no ordinary criminal hide-out!




    The Black Sun


    The Empire's control of the galaxy and the efforts of a ragtag Rebellion marked key moments in galactic history. Underneath these events, lurking in the shadows of the Empire was Black Sun, a vast criminal organization possessed of incredible power and influence.  The syndicate's tentacles reach everywhere -- from the polished spires of Imperial Center to the seamiest Outer Rim tavern. Many of the organization's tens of thousands of operatives had no idea that they were benefiting Black Sun, so layered and intricate were the fronts that the syndicate hid behind. Black Sun had involvement in every known type of illegal activity, and its information network rivaled the accuracy and scope of even Imperial Intelligence. Assassins and mercenaries, this fearsome clan of privateers have their own unique armor!











    The Death Watch


    Having remained completely hidden for decades, the Death Watch will not take kindly to being disturbed and will do anything to keep their hideout hidden and their plans secret.  Among the many other foes you will face in their bunker, expect to see the different types of Death Watch Warriors - - the Death Watch Bloodguard, the Death Watch Ghosts, the Death Watch Wraiths and the Death Watch Overlord!




    Dangerous Allum Mines


    Once inside, players will face many challenges.  Mandalorian armor requires special materials so that it may be crafted.  To attempt to craft this rare and exquisite armor, players will have to search the depths of the allum mines.  The allum mines below the bunker are contaminated with bad air and the miner's air filtration systems are not working correctly; so players will have to find or build environmental protection masks.  Although gas masks can certainly be found inside the bunker and out, players will have to go inside the bunker with an able crafter who has the correct skills to modify gas masks to filter out the deadly allum mine gas.


    From there, they will have to gather all the necessary components and remain in the company of a crafter with the right skills to craft this mighty armor. 





    On Mandalorian Armor


    Mandalorian Armor is a distinct set of armor worn by Jango and Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies. 

    The inclusion of this armor has been a source of much discussion since the saga of Star Wars Galaxies first began.  When we first announced that we would finally be adding this unique armor to the game, LucasArts Producer, Haden Blackman (A.K.A. Shug_Ninx) stopped in to the community forums to talk about some of the design decisions.




    Shug had this to say back in March:

    "During our recent Dev Chat, we hinted at the fact that Mandalorian Armor will be added to the game via a new dungeon we're working on now. This caused some confusion among some players who thought that Mandalorian Armor was already in the game... Let me clear that up.


    Short Answer: Mandalorian Armor has existed since launch, but we haven't given you a way to find it/make it/buy it...


    The Long Answer: We've had the Mandalorian Armor assets for some time (since well before launch), but we've always struggled to find a good way to integrate the armor into the game. Like Jedi, we didn't want Mandalorian Armor to become commonplace - it's supposed to be rare armor worn by an elite crew of mercenaries (who, by this point in the timeline, have been all but wiped out). We knew that bounty hunters would covet a suit of "Boba Fett's armor," and would feel "cheated" if just anyone could make, buy, or recover Mandalorian armor. So, there was some back and forth before launch about how to best implement the armor, and the best choice seemed to be by folding it into some kind of dungeon or quest progression. As many of you also know, however, we're sensitive to cutting crafters out of the economy - we didn't want there to be an over-abundance of "uber-loot" items that remove the combat professions' dependency on crafters (as the game has evolved, we've become more open-minded about the types of loot we can drop, but we're still cognizant of the crafters' needs). During the race towards launch and in the weeks that followed, we just didn't have time to devise a dungeon or series of quests that could provide Mandalorian armor in a compelling manner (with a good backstory, which is really important to me, especially in this case) *and* remain true to our design goals regarding crafters.


    A few months ago, a LucasArts employee who plays the game religiously started a grass-roots crusade to get Mandalorian armor into the game. I was sympathetic, but we had so much on our plates already. Fortunately, during a review of the dungeon assets in development, we discovered a rundown mine that nobody was sure how to populate. To me, it seemed like the perfect hideout for a gang of mercenaries - and thus, we decided that it would become the lair of the Death Watch, an offshoot of the Mandalorians. I'm not going to give away too many details, but I'm really excited about the direction for the dungeon and I think it's going to make both powerful combat characters and skilled crafters happy...


    Stayed tuned in the coming weeks. Before you know it, you'll be battling your way through Death Watch assassins and soldiers in search of one of the most iconic outfits in the Star Wars lore. Just make sure you know a good Armorsmith...  "


    Haden Blackman

    LucasArts Producer



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    "First things first, swoop racing is illegal. The Emperor doesn't allow for formal competitions. Get it out of your head right now that your holo-picture will be idolized by little beings across the galaxy. There ain't no official races. Now for a fee, I could be inclined to give you the waypoints of some old tracks that us swoopers used to run. Some former champ left a protocol droid behind at his favorite tracks, you know, just as an historic marker. If they ain't rusted out, I think they still record times. I've even heard of some small time chumps using those droids as official time keepers for their own racing events. Some don't even use swoops, they run it or ride animals around it. But I ain't part of that. No sir, the Empire treats me too well to want to break the law. "

    - Former Professional Swoop Racer


    Agrilat Swamp Circuit - Start at Corellia 1680 4700

    Star Wars Galaxies now feature the following race tracks: Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit, Agrilat Swamp Circuit and the Keren Street Race. The Old Mos Espa Circuit will allow you to relive the exciting pod race featured in Episode I. The Agrilat Swamp Circuit takes you into and through dangerous Agrilat Swamps on a race reminiscent of the one between Han Solo and Dengar. Finally, the Keren Street Race challenges your skills by leading you through the narrow lanes and tight bridges in the city of Keren.

    To begin, simply converse with the race protocol droid. If you have never raced that track before you will be given some options to describe how the race is run or to start a race. When a race is started, you are given a waypoint to the first leg of the race. Jump on your vehicle or mount or start running as fast as you can. Upon reaching that waypoint, you are given a waypoint to the next leg of the race and receive a message listing your current lap time.

    Upon completing the entire circuit you are given your total time. If you have beaten your personal best time, you receive graphical text for all to see. Conversing with the protocol droid again will register your last time with it and it will announce the time registered for all to see. If you beat the current daily record, you will receive a badge appropriate to that track.


    Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit - Start at Tatooine 2380 5000

    If you have already completed the circuit, you can speak with the protocol droid again to do one of the following:


    • Race the circuit again.

    • See who the current record holder of the day is.

    • Have the droid announce your personal best time in spatial chat for bragging rights.

    • Reset your personal best time.

      Please note that currently you cannot adjust the speed on vehicles. Getting the best time will require careful negotiation of terrain, avoidance of obstacles and enemies and planning at least one leg ahead to hit the turns from the best angle. Remember to use the SHIFT key (by default) to slow down around tight corners.

      The true purpose of the tracks is to assist players in running their own races. See the Events Team's Host a Race for suggestions on how to run your own player event race and check the Player Events Schedule to see if there are any races beng held in your galaxy this week.


      Keren Street Race - Start at Naboo 1396 2686

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    Swoop Racing in the Galactic Empire


    As old as the Old Republic, swoop racing has been around since the second swoop was built. Swoop racing is a very dangerous sport. So dangerous in fact, that swoop racing was only allowed on sanctioned racing tracks and illegal outside of all official tracks and arenas. This high speed sport was originally kept under tight controls because it was as dangerous to bystanders as it was to the racers themselves. At over 400 miles per hour, an unsuspecting street merchant or innocent bystander exiting their homes was at lethal risk simply by being in the right place at the wrong time.



    After the rise of the Empire, the Emperor was more interested in imprisoning the fringe and criminal elements whose vehicle of choice were swoops and also making sure to take these powerful vehicles away from anyone who could oppose him. Swoop racing was made illegal and used as a tool to imprison all of the best swoop racers to jail racing criminals and insure there would be no one to teach the best techniques to a new generation of racers.

    "First things first, swoop racing is illegal. The Emperor doesn't allow for formal competitions. Get it out of your head right now that your holo-picture will be idolized by little beings across the galaxy. There ain't no official races. Now for a fee, I could be inclined to give you the waypoints of some old tracks that us swoopers used to run. Some former champ left a protocol droid behind at his favorite tracks, you know, just as an historic marker. If they ain't rusted out, I think they still record times. I've even heard of some small time chumps using those droids as official time keepers for their own racing events. Some don't even use swoops, they run it or ride animals around it. But I ain't part of that. No sir, the Empire treats me too well to want to break the law. "

    - Former Professional Swoop Racer

    Check out the first three swoop tracks.


    Swoop Racing


    At the heart of swoop racing is a simple vehicle called a swoop. Designed for one passenger, the vehicle is basically an engine with a seat. To drive the swoop at speeds that can exceed 400 miles per hour, the driver is equipped with kneepads, footpads and handgrips that control speed, steering and altitude. To enhance the handling, the driver must carefully shift his weight in the seat. This vehicle has no armor, no weapons and no crash protection, but it does have a seat belt.

    Swoop racing is a popular sport that takes place in huge domed arenas called swoop tracks. The arenas hold tens of thousands of spectators. The race is made up of circular flight paths and obstacle courses designed to challenge the agility and skill of each driver. Read the article.


    The Return of Swoop Racing

    Since the discovery of the first illegal swoop tracks earlier this year, swoop racing has begun to emerge. Too small to be cared about by the Emperor as he plans his attacks on the Rebellion, swoopers have used the modules from the original race droids to create new race droids and new tracks. Here are the latest reports on the new swoop tracks:


    Lok Marathon

    "This is one of the longest and most arduous races in the galaxy. Don't bother with it unless you have the time and stamina. The Empire doesn't come here often, so it gets a lot of use from swoopers looking for an illegal race. The trouble is most of them do not complete the marathon. Beware of dangerous beasts, pirates, confusing mazes and a very large and active volcano."

    Leg 1:

    Leg 2:

    Leg 3:

    Leg 4:

    Leg 5:

    Leg 6:

    Leg 7:

    Leg 8:

    Leg 9:

    Leg 10:

    Leg 11:

    Leg 12:

    Leg 13:

    Leg 14:

    Leg 15:

    Leg 16:

    Leg 17:


    Corsair Flow

    Mosseru Run

    The Labyrinth

    The Old Great Wall

    Base of Mount Chaolt

    Mouth of the Beast

    East Rim

    South Rim

    West Rim

    Keldarin Highlands

    Spine Snake River

    Perlek Patch

    Nine Day Island

    Grendin River

    Smuggler's Bend

    Stronghold Boundary

    West Gate

    630 5055

    946 4634

    1065 3156

    3828 -532

    3337 -2425

    3364 -3819

    2962 -4546

    3080 -4671

    3009 -4798

    2893 -4782

    2744 -4458

    509 -2924

    -497 -624

    427 705

    838 2738

    -19 4059

    -26 4558

    275 5073

    Nashal River Race

    "Mostly this track has been used for recreation and youth races; very few professional events have been staged here. The course primarily sticks to major waterways around Nashal and therefore is impractical for mount or foot racing. On a hover vehicle, it is considered a delightful afternoon outing."

    Leg 1:

    Leg 2:

    Leg 3:

    Leg 4:

    Leg 5:

    Leg 6:

    Leg 7:

    Leg 8:

    Leg 9:

    Leg 10:

    Leg 11:

    Leg 12:

    Leg 13:

    Leg 14:

    Leg 15:

    Leg 16:

    The Narrows

    Krisa River

    Xahn's Crossing

    Virrago Bend

    Garva's Turn

    Quid Embankment

    Snaykinn Pass

    Jeassa River

    Kyuu's Twist

    The TH Causeway

    Lake Thorn

    Aximia River

    The Overlook

    Kima Way

    Deep Run

    Fed-Dub Stretch
    4199 5286

    3787 4764

    3485 4556

    3042 4565

    2248 5169

    1839 4966

    1583 5062

    1499 4802

    1485 4366

    2248 3905

    1886 3211

    2448 2457

    2841 2923

    3670 3475

    4129 3652

    4511 4054

    4529 4831


    Narmle Memorial Rally

    "Legends say that this track retraces the route used by local smuggler, Trein Veltin as he tried to elude authorities intent on his arrest. Weaving through the streets desperately trying to lose his pursuers he made it out of the city. Unfortunately his escape was cut short due to a fatal collision with a flesh eating chuba. Since that time many have made the run in his memory. Eventually it became a semi-formal track for a thoroughly illegal street race."

    Leg 1:

    Leg 2:

    Leg 3:

    Leg 4:

    Leg 5:

    Leg 6:

    Leg 7:

    Leg 8:

    Leg 9:

    Leg 10:

    Leg 11:

    Leg 12:

    Leg 13:

    Leg 14:

    Leg 15:


    Southern Archway

    Crafter's Alley

    Hotel Square

    Academy Row

    The Back Alley

    Overlook Entrance


    Overlook Egress

    Vendor's Alley

    Rorgungan Ruins

    The Forgotten Heroes

    Garyn's Lookout

    Squall Patch

    Chuba Grove

    Cloning Facility

    -4975 -2227

    -4987 -2417

    -5031 -2425

    -5081 -2393

    -5172 -2398

    -5222 -2317

    -5149 -2286

    -5114 -2254

    -5148 -2274

    -5186 -2216

    -5328 -2093

    -5441 -2098

    -5529 -2137

    -5475 -2348

    -5205 -2614

    -4995 -2484


  • Vortex500Vortex500 Big townPosts: 392Member


    System: Tatoo

    Tatooine Space Station




    2311, -5872, 1865

    The space station at Tatooine isn't the friendliest one in the galaxy, but for the right price they can be persuaded to provide emergency repairs. The station is notorious for clearing anyone to land at any of Tatooine's starports without even the most basic security protocols in place.

    Iron Planet




    -4870, -3029, -4950

    The material of this "Iron Planet" is starkly different than the neighboring asteroids in areas circumventing the Traders' Grotto. It is unknown whether or not it will help against squelching the high resource demands from planet Tatooine. Only time will tell.

    Rebel Ruins




    -1507, 1904, -3392

    Lying in ruins, the once-prominent Rebel Space Station was the base of operations for most Alliance activity in the Tatooine System. It was only then, at the height of glory of the Alliance, did the Empire suffocate any hope of survival. Only a carcass of the Rebel Space Station remains and, floating around it, memories of war in the form of TIE and X-Wing debris.

    Miner's Yard




    -4933, 6439, 6890

    Tatooine's resource numbers are plummeting daily. It is up to local miners to branch out and collect resources to replenish high demands. Their target: Asteroid Fields.

    Deep Sea




    5475, 4455, 6433

    Home to Hutt influence, the Deep Sea Quadrant proves dangerous to "unapproved" visitors. Unless one has business here, it's best to stay away.

    Desert Sands




    6451, -1528, -3502

    It is unknown if the Desert Sands Quadrant is home to friendly entities. The Imperial Navy has forwarded a word of warning to those looking to travel through the area.

    Outer Rim




    -6933, -3512, 970

    Approved by the Imperial Navy, all travel to this Quadrant is RESTRICTED. Hostile enemies have been seen and it is IMPERATIVE that travel to this Quadrant be ceased! You have been warned.

    Trader's Grotto




    -500, 250, 2000

    Numerous trading routes litter Traders' Grotto and provides easy, safe travel to and from the Tatooine Space Station.

    Ghost Tide Nebula




    -3000, 1800, 0

    Thick cover from the Ghost Tide Nebula provides pirates superb concealment when trying to ambush unsuspecting freighters. Travelers are warned and directed away from the Ghost Tide. Many ignoring the warning are never heard from again.

    Hutt Claims




    -250, -3500, 1800

    Met with fierce resistance, the Hutts have ceased their attacks on the areas surrounding the Tatooine Space Station. They had hoped to claim the station and collect the fees generated from it by making travelers pay tolls to be allowed access to Tatooine's space. They underestimated the Mos Eisley police and their allies. All that is left from this launch point are the remains of war.

    System: Naboo

    Naboo Space Station




    -2491, 905, -6460

    Home of the Royal Security Forces, the space station can provide emergency repairs or clear travelers to land at any of Naboo's star ports.

    Rori Space Station




    6226, -4450, 484

    Serving Naboo's most popular moon, Rori, this space station can provide travelers with emergency repairs or permission to land at any of Rori's starports.

    Arrissa's Field




    3890, 3399, 7513

    Named after the pirate Arrissa n'Osnyi, the iron asteroid field holds testament to many pirate victories. Hiding within the field, and covered by the Obligon Nebula, pirates were successful in ambushing passing freighters. Needless to say, the old trade route through this area has been vacated for years. Now, it is frequented by Imperial influence in hopes of keeping pirates out of the area for good.

    Trade Federation Hulk




    2501, -5926, -5497

    This heap of debris stands as a reminder of Naboo's ancient battle against the forces of greed, and a monument to the Royal Security Forces prowess in starfighter combat. Even still, rare members of the Trade Federation still live at the site and are often left alone.

    Wishing Lake Zone




    -500, 250, 2000

    The area known as 'Wishing Lake' was first named by deep space mercenaries hired by the Trade Federation for commercial security. Today, the area stands void of activity. It is said to be a bad omen, a rumor started by the Royal Security Forces and traders alike.

    Emperor's Way




    -3000, 1800, 0

    The public portion of the 'Emperor's Way' is a weapons-hold zone policed by elite TIE squadrons.

    Empire's Station I




    3511, 1774, 944

    A common sight in Naboo's space, the Royal Security Forces hope to keep the peace by policing approved travel space and "removing" offenders. It would be wise not to travel here if you find yourself on the bad side of the Royal Security Forces.

    The Imperial forces present in Naboo Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.

    Instructions: To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Rebellion Remnants




    -5581, 5831, 5663

    Poetically named by Sonal Serore, an Imperial artisan, the Rebel Station was once a prominent home to the Rebel Alliance. Now, it only remains as a monument to the glory of the Empire and the undeniable strength and might they possess. Rumor has it that the Alliance has returned to its once-home. Could it be that they hope to prosper once again in Naboo's Empire-controlled space?

    Old Trade Federation Route




    -250, -3500, 1800

    Rarely traveled, the Old Trade Federation Route lies within the Enmaekeda Nebula, a tumultuous ball of space matter home to Borvo's thugs. The Imperial Navy has claimed the route unsafe and has restricted travel to all parties.

    Royal Way




    -944, 3945, -4525

    A common sight in Naboo's space, the Royal Security Forces hope to keep the peace by policing approved travel space and "removing" offenders. It would be wise not to travel here if you find yourself on the bad side of the Royal Security Forces.

    Penumbra Omen




    -2992, 3984, 3520

    ** Important!! Quadrant II, Code Name Area D-512 has been changed to Code Name "The Penumba Omen Quadrant" effective immediately!!

    From the Imperial Navy...

    Receiving ... ... ...

    Immediate Notice: All access to this Quadrant is prohibited by law of the Empire. Again, Area D-512 is now PROHIBITED to ALL TRAVEL!! Unknown Flying Starships have been found in the area and have proved to be INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS!! Do NOT travel in this Quadrant!!

    Receiving... ... ..

    Code Name for Unknown Starships: Penumbra Omen

    Sea of Veruna




    5935, -982, 2946

    The Sea of Veruna proves to be a vast quadrant of dead space. Potentially safe, the hyperspace location is used often by all travelers. Be warned, however, as the Empire hopes to secure it within the year's end.

    Kylantha's Whim




    -5952, -2758, -5005

    Although mostly deserted, one can find a few Imperial patrols circling about Kylantha's Whim. It is rumored that a young and wealthy suitor, infatuated with the Queen Kylantha, claimed he purchased a quadrant for her in Naboo Space, hoping it would bring to light the love he had for her. The Queen kindly refused his offer of marriage, stating her desire to "marry" her people and serve them with all of her time. Crushed, the young man renamed the quadrant to Kylantha's Whim. The quadrant has kept its name ever since.

    System: Corellia

    Corellia Space Station




    6519, -5373, -2600

    Home of the Corellian Security Forces, this space station can provide emergency repairs for a service, as well as clear you for landing at any of Corellia's starports.

    Talus Space Station




    -6348, -5274, -3956

    The Space Station at Talus can provide you with emergency repairs or clear you to land at any of Talus' starports.

    Pirate's Shadow




    871, 3212, 4188.53

    The Pirate's Shadow, an asteroid field named after the cover it brings to attacking hooligans, serves as a rallying point for smugglers, pirates and ne'er-do-wells dodging CorSec patrols.

    CorSec Wing




    -967, -1513, 0

    Controlled fiercely by both the Rebellion and the CorSec, the CorSec Wing proves dangerous for members of the Empire. The Rebellion is found to be unsympathetic to Imperial starships flying in the CorSec Wing Quadrant and will shoot them down on sight. Beware.

    Trifecta Star




    -4962, 3704, 3442

    Although deserted to some degree, the Trifecta Star is the nearby home to the Rebel Alliance, the Blacksun and the Binyare. Only under dire circumstances should one choose to travel to this quadrant. Beware.

    Binyare Razorcat




    1840, 2656, 944

    The Binayre Razorcat is often avoided due to the high density of the pirate factions, Binyare and the Hidden Daggers. Only brave travellers can be found circling the area, fighting off the pirates who dare close in on the defenseless pirates.

    Corellia's Own




    6981, -3577, -5997

    If a quadrant in Corellia could be called safe, Corellia's Own is the one. Only patrolled by CorSec, the trade routes from the Corellia Station to the Talus Station are patrolled mostly by trading freighters and civilian craft. Still, Imperial presence is frowned upon here and proves to be hostile to starships openly claiming to be of the Empire.

    System: Lok

    Censorious Tempest




    1, 1, 1

    The Censorious Tempest Nebula lies in the outermost reaches of Lok's System. The constant presence of the nearby asteroid field causes frequent electrical outbursts for which the Censorious Tempest earns its name.

    Empire's Station I




    -1798, 2649, 401

    The Imperial forces present in Lok Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.

    Instructions: To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Spine of Lok




    -1488, 456, 918

    Made out of obsidian rock, the Spine of Lok stretches across the vast, dark haze of Lok's often-quiet space. Miners have yet to venture here to find what exactly the obsidian rock holds in regards to resources and lucrative sales.

    Alliance Station I




    1799, -2458, -3680

    The Rebel forces present in Lok Space have opened its station to members of the Alliance, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Empire.

    Instructions: To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Rebel Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Lok Space Station




    -6235, -5341, 113

    The space station on Lok can provide emergency repairs or clear you to land at Nym's Stronghold on the planet.

    Nym's Hovel




    -505, 4421, 4459

    Within the heart of the first quadrant, Nym and his thugs search for unsuspecting enemies. Nym's Hovel has proven to be an ill place for those finding themselves on the wrong side of the notorious pirate.

    Rebellion Blaze




    1499, -5451, -5962

    The Rebellion Blaze Quadrant is home to loyal members of the Rebel Alliance. Named after the infamous Rebel Gunboat, the Rebellion Blaze, the Alliance has chosen the Lok system as one of its points of operative origin. Members of the Empire are not welcome here and will be hunted down immediately if seen.

    Lurid Dawn




    -6926, -497, 955

    Lok's very own dead space. The Rebel Alliance hopes to secure this quadrant for operative expansion within the year's end.

    Voria's Ember




    6492, 1478, -524

    Voria Sergar was found orphaned at a young age. Abandoned by her slave master, she wandered the planet of Lok for several months before being found by a Rebel Officer, Isnal Roran. Voria had been battered and bruised, having fled many near-death situations. Finally, she was safe. Voria ascended the ranks in the Rebel Alliance with blinding speed. Her abilities and fluidity with slicing and manipulating computers were viewed as assets to the Rebellion. She soon earned her wings and headed to Lok's system. There, she met her fate, unable to maneuver in time before an Imperial missile struck her down. No matter how far away, each member of the Rebellion felt her passing. Voria's Ember, Lok's fourth quadrant, was named after the Rebel sergeant in her honor.

  • Vortex500Vortex500 Big townPosts: 392Member

    System: Yavin4

    Yavin4 Space Station




    -5592 -7070 -5291

    Serving the outposts on this hostile jungle planet, the space station will provide emergency repairs to get you on your way, or clear you for landing at any of the outposts on Yavin4.

    Empire's Station I




    -4190 1539 4596

    The Imperial forces present in

    Yavin 4

    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station II




    -6798 4998 4760

    The Imperial forces present in

    Yavin 4

    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station III




    85 -342 -57

    The Imperial forces present in

    Yavin 4

    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Smuggler's Run




    -962 4480 6923

    When the Death Star was finally destroyed, news of its defeat spread like wildfire. It brought many visitors, including the Ni'lyahin Smugglers, hoping to scrounge together pieces from the explosion and sell it on the black market. Today, they prosper, fighting their own war against the Empire and their oppression.

    Ferrous Aurora




    4988 -5979 -6482

    Lending the quadrant its name, the Ferrous Aurora nebula extends its welcome in an array of radiant, incandescent colors. It is wise not to be fooled by its beauty as the Ni'lyahin Smugglers have claimed it as their own.

    Crimson Flare




    -962 4480 6923

    Unfortunately, not much is known about the Crimson Flare quadrant. It is unwise to travel here; use extreme caution.

    Ferrous Aurora




    4712 644 44

    The Ferrous Aurora Nebula, named by the Ni`lyahin Smugglers, is home to the hostile band of thieves and assassins. Apart from the dazzling colors, the areas surrounding the nebula prove to be dangerous as a war brews just beyond its brink. The nebula's inhabitants originate from Yavin4, having gained space travel later than most and only by stealing technology. Currently, they own half of Yavin4's space quadrants, successfully destroying large parts of the Empire's defenses and holding fast with their own brutal forces.

    Shadow of the Alliance




    -960 -2499 -6143

    The Shadow of the Alliance provides the Resistance with a cloak of tumultuous energy. Struggling to survive, the Rebels hide the Shadow of the Alliance nebula in hopes of dodging the attacks launched by the Empire. Thankfully, all of the Empire's efforts seem to be focused on the Ni`lyahin Smugglers. It seems as if the Emperor and his fleets are too distracted to deal with the nuisance of the Alliance... for now.

    System: Dantooine

    Dantooine Space Station




    1359 -742 -5902

    Dantooine is a remote planet with a small primitive native population. This space station can provide emergency repairs for a service, or clear you for landing at any of Dantooine's outposts.

    Deep Space




    -4200 -3000 -6000

    Faction: Rebel

    The Rebel Alliance has discovered a hyperspace route to an area of Deep Space. Only the most skillful and prestigious pilots can be trusted with the knowledge that the Rebel Alliance has constructed a base in Deep Space.

    Instructions: To travel to Deep Space (PvP), approach the Deep Space Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Blacklight Territory




    -146 -7364 35

    This is as dangerous a region of space as any, with the asteroids providing cover for the pirates and criminals seeking to escape Imperial Justice.

    Area D-7s1




    1794 1848 -832

    Native to Area D-7s1 are droid scavengers, the Detritus Satellites. For the most part, the Detritus Satellites keep to themselves, building their makeshift outpost with old scraps collected from the nearby junk field. Electrical currents power the outpost and provide fellow droids with repairs and shelter.

    Wall of Dantooine




    -810 2848 125

    Stretching as far as the eye can see, the Wall of Dantooine is a necessary landmark to any roving traveler. Local miners speculate the obsidian asteroids may be worth a pretty credit or two.

    Legacy YT Indigo Blue




    1794 1848 -832

    The Rebel Alliance invested their pride into their oldest surviving space station, the Legacy YT Indigo Blue. However, the pride soon turned into horror as the Empire dared to move into Dantooine's native space and "remove" all who opposed them. Their first target: the Legacy YT Indigo Blue. Crushing the Rebellions origin in Dantooine space, they soon turned to other targets, breaking and converting them or out-right eliminating the "rebel sympathizers". All that is left are the remnants of the Legacy YT Indigo Blue, a spot which has become the center-point of Dantooine's traffic.

    Ith'ril Eventide




    4446 -1463 6485

    Area D-504 was immediately changed to "Ith'ril Eventide" when he himself, Ith'ril Eventide, leader of the Zel`iphian Slave Traders, came into power. It is wise not to travel to Area D-504 unless under dire circumstances.. or business. It has been made apparent that the Zel`iphian Slave Traders do not appreciate visitors.

    Area D-502




    -7483 637 92

    Area D-502 serves as Dantooine's "safest" territories. Home to the D-502 Aii`tkian Anthropologists and the O.S.S. D-502 Junk Guild, one can travel here and expect to be left alone. Both the Junk Dealers and the Anthropologists are friendly and never hesitate to lend a helpful hand.

    Sserician Eclipse




    6468 5916 4652

    Valarian thugs plague the Sserician Eclipse with undaunted ferocity, daring even the Empire to react. It is common to see dogfights brewing among the Empire and Valarians with the remnants of a Rebel Station in the midst. As Dantooine's more dangerous territories, the Sserician Eclipse is an area to be feared and avoided.

    Ebon Essentia




    1089 6132 -3260

    Ebon Essentia, also known as Area E-2, is consumed in a war between the Force Assassins and the Warrens Assault Squad. It is unknown why the two factions continue to war against each other or why it all started. Unless heavily-armed, it is imperative that travelers avoid Area E-2 as decreed by Imperial Law. The Empire chooses to look the other way, it seems, and locals are beginning to wonder why...

    Alliance Station I




    5522 3202 5997

    The Rebel forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Alliance, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Empire.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Rebel Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Alliance Station II




    -3979 5432 -4565

    The Rebel forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Alliance, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Empire.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Rebel Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station I




    178 -4785 -6402

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station II




    -2629 3585 3269

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Dantooine's Second Star




    6707.09 5439.55 -2720.14

    Nestled in the Ferionic Nebula, the iron planetoid, nicknamed "Dantooine's Second Star", is home to the Velocity Mercenaries. Little is known about this small band of thugs. Mostly, they kept to themselves... until the Empire moved into the area. Now, the Velocity Mercenaries launch continuous attacks against the Empire, hoping to drive them out of Area Ferionic 7-IK.

    Dantooine's Wrath




    -1454 -1390 246

    The first quadrant of Dantooine, fondly nicknamed "Dantooine's Wrath", is a pit-stop between a Sarlacc pit and being trampled on by a Gorax. It is highly recommended that one stay away from the first quadrant unless absolutely necessary. Dantooine's Wrath is laden with fierce Hutt gunships and merciless Valarian thugs.

    Asair's Ribbon




    -6334 -3736 2155

    An uncharted territory in Dantooine's System. The Empire hopes to secure this quadrant within the year's end.

    Isryn's Veil




    6633 -5456 -1009

    Mystery shrouds the third quadrant of Dantooine's System and provides history enthusiasts with little information of the founders of Isryn's Veil. For now, it is safe to travel here. Incidentally, the Empire's eyes may have turned to the Veil as a target of expansion efforts... Will they succeed?

    Gorvera Space




    -6411 6431 6426

    Relatively safe, the Gorvera Space quadrant welcomes travelers, providing a scenic view of Dantooine's System. Little else is known about Dantooine's fourth quadrant.

    System: Endor

    Empire's Station I




    5773 -6359 6976

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station II




    -5716 7198 2009

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Linear Miasma




    -479 956 600

    Frequented by the Linear Miasma Scientists, the nebula provides a wealth of information and research for the lone band, belonging to the Endorian Researchers Guild. The scientists prove to be a friendly bunch time and time again despite the presence of the Spice Pirates, the Zynt`aia Spice Guardians, of whom reside nearby.

    Declorian Territory




    4091 -5830 -458

    Zynt`aia Spice Guardians terrorize the Declorian Territory with a fierce fist. Often times, unless business is mentioned, the Spice Guardians are not open to having visitors.

    Onyx Beacon




    6447 -2491 1042

    Home to the Blacklight Pirates, the Onyx Beacon serves as an origin for "seedy" business. Little else is known about the Onyx Beacon as it is jealously guarded by its inhabitants.

    Endor Space Station




    -5268 -1500 5209

    Serving the Imperial Research Station on Endor, this space station can provide emergency repairs or clear you for landing on the planet.

    Red Sin Chimaera




    639 -3949 -4638

    Lurking inside the cover of the Red Sin Chimaera Nebula, the Death Watch wait silently, striking at the last moment in hopes of a successful kill. Most think of them as animals, feasting upon the helpless to survive. Although a fair distance away, the Red Sin Chimaera quadrant entry point can give a traveler a run for his money.

    Area D-435




    -1965 2326 3708

    Little to nothing is known about the quadrant. It is uncharacteristic and safe for travel. It would be best, however, to keep navigation computers alert for unexpected enemies in the area.

    Empire's Justice




    -6929 3926 -1973

    To those not belonging to the Empire's ranks, the Empire's Justice quadrant could be viewed as highly dangerous. Travel here is not recommended unless the traveler is on the best of terms with the Empire.

    Durillium Sea




    5737 2276 3735

    The Durillium Sea is a vast expanse of virtual nothingness. The quadrant is relatively safe for passing travelers and welcomes expansion. Will the Empire seek to claim it?

    Imperial Claw Station (Deep Space)




    6200 5000 6000

    Faction: Imperial

    This Imperial Station can grant access to a hyperspace route to deep space. The route is highly classified, however, and the Empire will allow only the most advanced, prestigious pilots to enter Deep Space.

    Instructions: To travel to Deep Space (PvP), approach the Imperial Claw Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    System: Dathomir

    Dathomir Space Station




    -6880 2742 -3956

    The Station at Dathomir will require Imperial authorization codes before providing emergency repairs or clearing you for landing at any of Dathomir's outposts, but the station is so remote their codes are rarely updated.

    Last Nav Station (Deep Space)




    4000 200 -4700

    Faction: Neutral

    The old Pilot's Guild was once the authority in all matters of space travel, but since it has been disbanded by order of the Emperor, the only space station maintained by former Pilot's guild members is this lone station on the edge of space.

    Instructions: To travel to Deep Space (PvP), approach the Last Nav Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Dark Force




    869 -374 2392

    \Transmission Jammed!\

    From the Imperial Navy...

    Receiving ... ... ...

    Immediate Notice: All access to this Quadrant is prohibited by law of the Empire. Any vessels found in this sector will be destroyed on sight! Repeat: Cease all immediate travel to this sector. You will be destroyed on sight!

    Empire Blockade




    3825 1658 2612

    The second quadrant of Dathomir's system is a considerably dangerous one for those not beloning to the Emperor's ranks. Particularly of note, is the Empire's Blockade that makes its way through the area, crushing all those who stand to oppose it.

    Emperor's Hand




    -6728 -2281 5916

    Named after the Emperor's unavoidable influence, the Emperor's Hand proves to be dangerous to those unwilling to succumb to the Empire's whims. The fourth quadrant stretches far as do the Emperor's tumultuous desires and would be best avoided when making travel plans.

    Dathomir's Vitality




    -1256 -2985 -5971

    Fortunately, not many venture close to the Heart of Dathomir and its clerical inhabitants, the Dark Veil Order. Serving their Queen with passionate ferocity, the Dark Veil Order encircle the Heart of Dathomir, hoping to "sacrifice" victims to the nebula's powerful rage. They believe the Heart of Dathomir nebula consumes the essence of these victims, fueling life into the palpitating mass and protecting the Dark Veil Order from infidels. It is wise not to Dathomir's third quadrant under any circumstances.

    Witch Blood Territory




    -470 -1501 308

    In the heart of the Witch Blood Territory festers a group of skilled assassins and thugs. The Witch Blood Clan chooses their victims carefully and it seems that no one is safe from their well-equipped starships and superior maneuvering skills. Travelers would do well in keeping all computer systems alert when traveling through this territory.

    Empire's Station II




    4842 -5316 -4222

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Empire's Station I




    6092 6223 -6731

    The Imperial forces present in


    Space have opened its station to members of the Empire, wishing to declare themselves for the greater good of the fight against the Rebellion.


    To declare in open Player vs Player (PvP), approach the Imperial Station and target it with the 'c'. Proceed to then communicate with the station, by typing /comm in spatial chat.

    Heart of Dathomir




    -7552 -7424 -7568

    The locals call it the "Heart of Dathomir". Even from a distance, the palpitating gasses of the nebula itself seem to have a mind of its own. No one ventures near this infamous, dark cloud. Too many have tried and have never returned. It is rumored that quick-killing assassins swarm within this bloody miasma, waiting for their next victim. Molten rocks, infused with the rage of many lost souls, and red energy spill from the nebula, warning all to steer clear.

    Dark Force




    401 -154 1759

    Base of its operations, the Empire chose the Dark Force nebula for its sense of concealment, protected by mighty fields of asteroids. Individuals seeking aide of the Empire are welcome here. For those who are considered enemies of the Emperor and his ideals, it would be wise to stay far away.

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    Quest Name: Project Dead Eye
    Starting NPC: See Related Mobs
    Related Mobs:
    Credits Earned: 0
    Status: Completed
    Last Updated: Wed Sep 1 12:17:00 2004

    Details: Rebel version

    There is a Rebel coordinator in Tyrena, Corellia at -5218, -2602. You can try to speak with her, but she tells you to see the Information Officer first.

    So go to the Information Officer at -5403, -2751. He will assign you a couple straightforward delivery missions and you should have no problems with them. When finished, he will tell you to speak with the Rebel coordinator again.

    She tells you about Dead Eye and Jabba's connection to it. You need to steal it from his people. I have 5000 Jabba faction and -2655 Hutt faction, and did not have any problem speaking with any of the NPC?s in these quests as other people seem to have. I did not have to do any extra Jabba quests in Tatooine or the Hutt quests in Tyrena as the poster below mentioned.

    The Rebel coordinator will give you a waypoint to one of the advanced planets. It seems to always be 8190, 8190 no matter which planet you get, so pick the northern starport as your destination. If you ask for a hint, she will tell you (this is where I started to log everything):

    "A direct approach might get you killed." Thi-Llolce Itera (a Rebel coordinator) says to Tike. "You'll need to get friendly with them first and then maybe they will trust you and open up. Think like a thug. Thugs are generally greedy, selfish, out for themselves. They like things like drinking, gambling, cheating, carousing; that sort of thing."

    When you approach the target NPC, you must answer all the questions correctly or he will aggro on you. If you kill him, you have to go back to the Rebel coordinator to get a new waypoint.

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "Ya talkin' to me? Who sent ya?"

    I work for Jabba.

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "Ya do? I can't give ya anything, that I have is mine. But take a rest if ya need it. So what sort of work do you do do?"

    Whatever makes me the most money.

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "Now we're talkin'! That's a good philosophy to stick too. The pay's not bad but the kick-backs you get from making Jabba happy, that's what makes it all worth it."

    He ends the conversation and you must choose to converse with him again.

    "You're a chatty one. " Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike. "Then again, it gets a little lonely bein' out here so it's nice to have someone to chat with. But let's just keep it to small talk okay?"

    What do you do for fun?

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "I like gamblin'. Mostly Sabacc ya know? I stay away from those Lugjack machines. Ya may as well be throwin' credits into the Sarlacc Pit playin' that game. That's a game for old women and clueless nobles who can't appreciate the subtleties of a real man's game. You like Sabacc?"

    Yes, lots of money to be made at that game.

    "Don't you know it!" Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike. "If I had better luck, I'd play it for a livin'. It would probably less risky then this line of work."

    Converse with him again.

    "So... What do you like to do for fun?" Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike.

    I love playing Sabacc.

    "You too huh? Well it's great we have something in common! Too bad we don't have cards or we could have us a game. Say, what's you favorite Sabacc variant?" Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike.

    Random Sabacc.

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "Wow, you must be good! I can't keep up with all the constant rule changin'."

    Converse with him again.

    "Say. There's something I need to ask you." Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike.

    What is it?

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "I'm in sort of a jam right now. You wouldn't happen to be good at fixin' things would ya? One of the speeders in our caravan has a busted 100-GU anti-gravity unit and it ain't goin' no where until it gets repaired. Jabba's got a lot of money tied up in his shipment so I'm sure he'd pay ya well for your trouble!"

    Err... Yeah I'm great at fixing things.

    You have been given a grav unit repair kit.

    Eiprekhivi Acu says to Tike, "You're a real sport. This is a really important shipment and if it's lost, Jabba will have all our heads. Take this repair kit and get the part fixed. They'll give you an encoded disk that explains their status. Just deliver that disk and I'm sure you'll be paid well. Just don't lsoe it! Even though it is encoded, I'd hate to be you if you let it fall into the wrong hands."

    Go to the Contact Caravan Leader Waypoint, which should be nearby

    "Are you the one I'm waiting on?" Mooneircho Ina says to Tike. "Transporting this much... umm cargo... over land is dangerous. There are a lot of people that would love to hijack this shipment. With us being broke down; it's only a matter of time before they find us."

    Yes. I'm here to make the repairs.

    "Thank the stars!" Mooneircho Ina says to Tike. "Here's the part we need to get fixed. Repair that anti-gravity unit and let me know when you're finished. Then we can all get out of here and forget this whole mess ever happened."

    You have been given a broken grav unit.

    Bring up the radial menu on the repair kit and choose repair. Talk to him again.

    You have repaired the 100 GU Graev Unit.

    Mooneircho Ina says to Tike, "So is that part repaired yet?"

    Yes, here it is.

    You have been given a data disk.

    You have been awarded 108 points of Jabba faction standing.

    "Take this disc." Mooneircho Ina says to Tike. "It gives our new ETA and all the gritty details of this debacle of an operation. Most importantly it explains I'm not at fault. I don't want this breakdown to tarnish my reputation. I'd rather die than to survive a hijacking and have to face Jabba. He'd hold me personally responsible for the loss of the cargo I'm sure! And don't get any ideas about reading that disk. That's classified info and it's all encoded."

    Go back to the Rebel coordinator in Tyrena.

    Thi-Llolce Itera (a Rebel coordinator) says to Tike, "Excellent work! To be honest, I didn't think you could pull it off. You must have done some real smooth talking! I'll start analyzing the disk right away but it is going to take some time. Whyt don't you go and speak with the Tactical Officer, I believe he has something for you to do. You can find him in the Combat Guild of this city."

    Speak to the Tactical Officer at -5453, -2741

    Podev (a Tactical Officer) says to Tike, "You're the one the Coordinator sent to help out? I see. Well, if you're here you must be doing something right. Right now our biggest issue is getting a hold of this Alderaanian Flora. Without it Dead Eye is just so much space garbage. We need people to go out and strike at these underworld storehouses and recover as much as we can."

    I'd be happy to help.

    Your target has been located on Endor.

    "Good!" Podev (a Tactical Officer) says to Tike. "Jabba has warehouses of that flora all over the Galaxy. As we find them, we are sending volunteers out to destroy them and confiscate the flora. I've added a waypoint to your datapad for a warehouse we've located close bt. Go destroy it and confiscate any flora you find. I'll reward you for any Alderaanian Flora that you turn in."

    Again, you are given a random advanced planet and the waypoint 8190, 8190. You should see 7 NPC's in and around a small building. They can be tough, with HAM ranging from 5000-11000, so make sure you are buffed. After you kill them, enter the building. In the back room is a drum with Alderaan Flora (just one for me). After looting the flora, click on the Data Terminal and set it to Self-Destruct.

    You have 30 seconds to exit the building...

    Your target has been located on Corellia.

    Return to the Tactical Officer in Tyrena.

    Podev (a Tactical Officer) says to Tike, ?If you haven?t completed the Coordinator?s tasks, you should return to him. If you have, we know of more warehouses you can assault anytime. Either way, you can hand me any Alderaanian Flora you have and I will happily reward you for it."

    You have been awarded 50 points of Rebel faction standing.

    You receive a Cries of Alderaan Bonus of 5 Rebel faction points.

    Drag the flora from your inventory to the Tactical Officer. It looks like you can now do the previous mission as many times as you want, and each time you hand him flora he will award you with faction. Now return to the Rebel coordinator (-5218, -2602).

    ?Great to see you again,? Thi-Llolce Itera (a Rebel coordinator) says to Tike. ?Those disks you acquired have been of great help to our Tactical Officer. He?ll be able to assisn as many assault missions as you can take, but there is something of more importance if you?re up for it.?

    I?m up for anything.

    ?I thought you?d say that. You?ve made a big impression and the Princess has decided to oversee the operation herself. She said the wanted to speak with your personally about it. I?ve added a waypoint to your datapad with the location of the off-world headquarters. I?d head there at once so you don?t keep her waiting.? Thi-Llolce Itera (a Rebel coordinator says to Tike.

    I was given the waypoint -49, 86 on Dathomir. Upon arriving, you will see Princess Leia and a few other Rebel NPC?s around a camp.

    Princess Leia says to Tike, ?It is so nice to meet you. Your bravery so far has generated a bit of conversation in the ranks. Are you ready to do more for the Alliance??

    What?s going on?

    ?We?re trying to find an alternative to Alderaanian Flora for the Dead Eye process and have a number of research stations working on the problem.? Princess Leia says to Tike. ?If we succeed we will be able to continue to make Dead Eye. If we can?t, Dead Eye will be useless once the current stores of Alderaanian Flora are exhausted.?

    What is the enemy doing?

    ?They have discovered our research stations and have been launching constant attacks against them. They are hoping to hinder our research to the point that Dead Eye will fail.? Princess Leia says to Tike.

    You are given a nearby waypoint called ?Protect Research Facility.? At the waypoint is a large building surrounded by 8 Rebel NPC?s. None of them have the option to converse, so just wait a few minutes. You can expect to wait about five minutes between each of the three waves of Stormtroopers, which will increase in number and difficulty. They had around 10k HAM and conned yellow and red to a Master Pistoleer, and I am estimating the waves came in 4, 6, and 8 ST?s. Since the Rebel NPC?s aren?t much help and most of them will probably die, bring some friends if you can?t kill fast.

    I?m not sure exactly how you fail the mission, but the first time I tried all the Rebel NPC?s died during the third wave and the Research Facility disappeared. So you should kill the Stormtroopers as fast as possible before they kill the Rebels. If you fail the mission return to Leia and ask for a new waypoint.

    The second time I tried the mission I killed the third wave of Stormtroopers. I waited at the facility for a long time, then headed back to Leia who asked if I had finished my mission yet. Finally, about 15-20 minutes after killing the ST?s, I received a message as I was heading back to the starport.

    You have been awarded with 750 points of Rebel faction standing.

    You receive a Cries of Alderaan Bonus of 75 Rebel faction points.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! You have completed the Cries of Alderaan Story Arc.

    [Badge] You have received a new badge! (Event: Cries of Alderaan: Final Chapter)

    If you return to Princess Leia, she will only have this to say:

    ?The Rebellion owes you a debt of thanks. If we are able to finish this research, we will be able to replace the Alderaanian Flora with a suitable alternative and bring Dead Eye to our troops. While the Tactical Officers might have more missions to collect flora, we have asked all of you we can. You have my personal thanks. May the Force be with you.? Princess Leia says.

    Other than a badge and faction, there were no other rewards in this series of quests. However, these quests are more fun than most of the others in the game, as a couple of the missions are challenging and are different than the usual deliver, escort, or kill-a-target quests from other theme parks. Hope this helps!

    Badge Received: Project Dead Eye
    Bio Badge Received: ...has investigated Project Dead Eye
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    What are the Prerequisites for Combat Medic?

    Master Medic, Ranged Support IV in Marksman and 12,500 Medical Experience

    How Many Skill Points does it take to Master Combat Medic?


    What's the best way to gain crafting experience?

    Consensus is to obtain Lokian Wheat and Tatooinian Fiberplast and craft Advanced Biological Effect Controllers.

    What's a good way to gain Medical Experience?

    Here are three of the faster options.

      1. Attain a level where you can use Area Stims and heal damage in a crowded cantina. This may annoy other medics, but it's quick and easy.

      2. Attain a level where you can use Area Poison A or B. Get buffed and/or wear armour. Take a destroy mission, hit the lair once while unarmed, then continually throw the poisons at the mobs. Since the poison doesn't incap/kill you can keep gaining experience for every throw.

      3. Do the old-school group hunt method. Get in a big hunting group and heal them. The experience will fly by and you can get a chance at harvested resources, loot, and mission creds in addition to your medical experience.

    What's the best brach to take first? Second? Third?

    This is up to each individual, but it is usually considered best to take the Combat Medic Support branch first as it will allow you to use better meds(it is the branch that provides the Combat Medicine Use skill mods). Distance would be second, then Speed last.

    What's a good Combat Profession to take with Combat Medic?

    This is up to each individual to choose for themselves. After Mastering Combat Medic, you will have enough skill points to Master Any of the Elite Ranged Professions(Rifleman, Carbineer, Pistoleer) or 3 branches of an Elite Melee Profession(Teras Kasi, Swordsman, Pikeman, Fencer). Your ability to poison/disease any stat allows you the flexibility to choose any of these professions as you see fit.

    Do I have to be a Doctor to make the best stims?

    Not at all. Doctor is a great profession to have alongside Combat Medic and has many good points, but it isn't necessary. You can easily have a Doctor make a schematic for your subcomponents.

    Do I have to have to be a Master Combat Medic to be effective?

    Mastering Combat Medic grants you the full extent of the skill mods available, but some have found other ways to be a effective with only partial CM skills alongside other skillsets. However, to be the best at Combat Medic then, yes, you would have to Master.

    Can I dabble in Combat Medic and still be effective?

    Yes. You won't be the best or be able to use the best, but you can still be very effective.

    Do I have to have Artisan/Scout skill to be a good Combat Medic?

    It helps, but is not mandatory. You can find basic resources for sale on the bazaar/vendors and you may be able to work a deal with an artisan/scout/ranger on your server to help you get resources for advanced components.

    What resources does a Combat Medic Require?

    • Titanium Aluminum, Eleton Reactive Gas(required for Advanced Injection Amplifiers)

    • Class 2 Liquid Petrochemical and Yavinian Fiberplast(required for Advanced Dispersal Mechanisms)

    • Tolium Reactive Gas and Class 1 Radioactive(required for Advanced Resilience Compounds)

    • Fungi, Radioactive, Insect Meat and Non-Ferrous Metal.

    *Note: For a comprehensive Resource Chart, visit

    For an up to date readout on current medical resources available by server, visit here

    What stats should I look for in resources?

    High OQ and PE (and DR if possible) fungi, for your poisons

    High OQ and PE (and DR if possible) radioactives, for your diseases

    High OQ and PE (and DR if possible) insect meat, for your diseases

    High OQ and conductivity, and toughness non-ferrous metal

    How do I read the stats on a poison/disease/stim pack? What does it all mean?

    • Potency: Chances of poison/disease 'sticking', or effectively being applied

    • Duration: Length of time the effect will last, measured in seconds

    • Range: Base Distance in meters

    • Charges: Number of uses

    • Area of effect: Radius of effect for the AoE(from target)

    • Combat Medicine Use: Required Combat Medicine Use to apply the med

    • Effectiveness: Base Damage/Wound

    How much damage will my poison do?

    Damage per tick = (poison effectiveness) * (1 + (CM effectiveness) / 100)

    How far can I throw my meds?

    Range = (Base Range of the med) X (1 + (CM range skill/100))

    *note: this may have changed since original testing was done, and may change yet again if range caps are ever put into place.

    How long does it take for a poison to 'tick'?

    After application, it takes 10 seconds before the first 'tick'. The poison will then tick every 10 seconds thereafter.

    How long does it take for a disease to 'tick'?

    After application, it takes 40 seconds before the first 'tick'. The disease will then tick every 40 seconds thereafter.

    Can I stack poisons and diseases?


    Can I stack different poisons and diseases on the same HAM Bar?

    You can not stack two of the same level of the same type(area/single). You can, however, stack an area with a single as well as each of the different levels.

    What are the Combat Medic Loot drops?

    There is Rancor Bile, Dunkawah Poison, Spider Venom, and occassionally an 'Enhanced' version of a Component. There are also skill enhancing items that drop as well.

    What is Rancor Bile?

    Rancor Bile is a loot drop obtained from Rancors on Dathomir. It replaces the Dispersal Mechanism(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. It usually provides a Large number of charges at the cost of range. It is very common.

    What is Dunkawah Poison?

    Dunkawah Poison is obtained from either Dunkawah Ewoks or Pubams, on Endor. It replaces the Infection Amplifier(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. Unsure of what the effect is at the moment since it is apparently very rare.

    What is Spider Venom?

    Spider Venom is obtained from the Fire Breathing Spider inside the Geonosian Bio-Lab/Cave/Dungeon on Yavin. It replaces the Infection Amplifier(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. This will usually raise the Effectiveness greatly. These aren't as common as they once were, but can still be found.

    What are these 'Enhanced' Components?

    Sometimes an Enhanced or Legendary version of a component will be looted. The stats and types vary but are usually much better then any player crafted component. These are very rare drops.

    What do Combat Medic Effectiveness Skill Enhancers do?

    They provide a bonus to a Combat Medics Effectiveness skill mod. However, Combat Medics have a hard cap of 100 to Effectiveness at Master so these items are only good for Non-Masters.

    Do Combat Medicine Use Skill Enhancers work?

    No. Just like the Medicine Use Skill Enhancers, these were disabled long ago. They would prove to be game breaking items for the Medical Professions and were never activated. They do still drop, however.

    What is Acklay Venom?

    A loot drop used by Weaponsmiths for Grenades. It is NOT a Combat Medic Component.

    What is Sarlacc Bile?

    An item used for a quest. It is NOT a Combat Medic Component

    *note: this is taken completely from Gnuut/Grau'din. All props to him.

    The Healing XP....

    Go Support 4, Distance 4 then Speed 4. Personally I'd get some AE Poison A's (Any stat) and go to a durni lair (or any low HP mob lair will do). Poke the lair till about 10 or more come out at once, holster your weapon, peace and spam the poison.

    At CM0002 you will get the xp equivalent to the rated effectiveness of the poison pack plus your effectiveness bonus. At CM0004 you can start using better poison packs, like AE Bs. At CM1004 your damage on the packs will start gaining more of a bonus to damage and distance. At CM4004 your bonus to damage and distance will be maxed until you reach Master. At this point you will fly through the Speed tree in approximately 30 minutes or so.

    Now you may ask "But won't mobs die with so much poison being applied to them?" No, thanks to the +1 nerf the Devs have introduced the easiest way to Power Level a CM.

    Another question you may have is "Will I still gain xp for applying a poison pack to a mob with only 1 HP?" Yes, you will gain full XP but it just won't do the damage. Spam the pack like mad. I recommend you buy or make some poison packs made with Rancor biles to maximize the charges. A good pack made with Rancor Bile can have upwards of 90-190 charges on them.

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    Q) What should I grind for the crafting tree?

    A) Make Biological Effect Controllers until you get the schematic for Advanced Biological Effect Controllers.

    Q) I have 14 skill points that I want to spend on medic, how should I spend them?

    A) 5 out of 6 Medics would suggest that you get First Aid II and Pharmacology III. This would use all 14 skill points. This combination would give you the ability to stop bleeds with FAII and the ability to use Stim C’s that have been experimented down to 30 Med use with Pharmacology III. However the one other Medic would suggest that you get Pharmacology IV and use stim pack D’s. These are a bit harder to find, cost more and you lose the ability to stop bleeds.

    Q) I have 9 skill points available to spend on medic, how should I spend them?

    A) With nine skill points, you can either go for Pharmacology III, which will allow you to use Stim pack C’s or you can get First Aid III, this would allow you to use Stim B’s, have the ability to stop bleeding and it will assist in making your Stims heal more damage per use. Getting Pharmacology III is probably the way to go, this will give you the most amount of healing, but if First Aid is important to you then go with option 2.

    Q) I have diagnostics, why cant I heal my damage faster or any wounds faster.

    A) The diagnostic skill allows you to heal other peoples damage faster. Due to a bug, it does not apply to yourself, also it does not apply to healing wounds. If you would like to heal wounds faster, you need to become a doctor.

    Q) What kind of ingredients are useful for making stims and/or woundpacks.

    A) This is a very broad question, but for the most part, you can count on the following:

    1) All medical items look for Overall Quality, Potential Energy and Unit Toughness

    2) The importance of each is as follows:

    For effectiveness: OQ 66%, PE 33%

    For charges: OQ 66%, UT 33%

    3) Using advance components will greatly increase the overall quality of anything your making, But they require very specific resources.

    4) A good practice for any starting medic is to get the scout skill and harvest meat off of any animal that you kill. This will be the ideal organic resource for crafting medical supplies.

    Q) What resources do I need for advance components?

    A) You will need the following resources:

    Advanced Biological Effect Controller: (Used in creating Stims and Wound Packs)

    Lokian wild wheat and Tatooinian fiberplast

    Advanced Chemical Release Duration Mechanism: (Used in creating Stims and Wound Packs)

    Class 4 liquid petro fuel and Herbivore meat

    Advanced Liquid Suspension: (Used in creating Stims)

    Dantooine berry fruit and Talusian water vapor

    Advanced Solid Delivery Shell: (Used in creating Wound Packs)

    Dolovite iron and Domesticated oats

    Q) How much should I charge for my stims?

    A) This varies widely from server to server and even from planet to planet. While you may be able to sell a poor quality Stim B for 1100 on Dantooine on the Tempest server, You may only be able to get 250 for that same stim, on the same planet, on another server. However a general rule of thumb is, Top quality Stim B’s sell for around 1100 and up, anything else sells for less. The best rule of thumb is, check your local market and price them according to what you see.

    Q) Is there a macro for crafting?

    A) There are macros that can assist you in the crafting process, but there are none that will do the process for you. Crafting goes far beyond the scope of just medic, however you can find some great information on how to create a macro in the following thread:

    Q) Can I heal myself without getting the Medic profession?

    A) No you cannot heal yourself without being a Medic. In order to heal your self you need the /healdamage skill, this can only be acquired by taking the Medic profession.

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    How to be usefull Dancer in PvP

    05-01-2004 04:02 AM

    Dancers play a crucial roll in decent PvP.  I think it's important that we start adressing the issues of PvP dancers. I'm starting this guide and encouraging anyone who uses their dancer in PvP situations to please chime in with any advice, tips and tricks you might know of.  The first session here will be directed towards preparing yourself for PvP.


    You do need to have a combat proffession to compliment your dancing.  I have taken up pistoleer because of the action cost but at the moment it's not the greatest for PvP.  So consider the situations you might find yourself in when chosing your combat proffession.  Assuming you will master dancer (optimum healing and bufffing abilities are so important) you'll have to invest 106 skill points into dance so you can afford to master one elite weapon class as well as have some medic and scout.  I'd suggest something with strong defenses because it does happen that you will be attacked and not able to stop the dance animation and you want those attacks to miss.  I'd also suggest staying away from anything that costs mind as it will be your biggest vulnerability already and chances are good you'll not be mind buffed.


    Invest in canape, brandy and (gag) muon gold, get the best armor you can and the best weaponry you can and get used to dying anyway.  Always insure and clone.  The points invested in dancing cause you to be gimped as far as PvP templates go so you have to adjust fire and make up for it in food, skill tapes, bio engineered clothing and really good equipment.  Trust me when I say that you will not have a hard time finding a group of people who will help you get all of this stuff. I have yet to pay for anything. They need you out there. You will take care of them and they will take care of you. 


    I would suggest staying covert your first few times out just to get the feel of the things (but don't make a habit of it because it's not exactly honorable to heal overts and be covert). Try not to get too frustrated if you don't know what's going on, it tends to get a bit chaotic and as with anything else experience helps (/giggle i never know what's going on:smileywink.


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    Why You Should Care About Noolos? :) Or Why Its So Important What We Do.

    Bots aren't going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, entertainers are. In fact, we need more entertainers now than EVER before, but as the proverb goes, "we must not wish for lighter burdens, but stronger backs." Because in the end, there is nothing that you can do in a game mechanics sense that a bot can't do better. But the real work that you do goes beyond the game mechanics.

    Learning how to do this business from the ground up takes a lot of work, and it starts with the moment the patron walks in the door. Did you greet the patron with more than a /wink or a /blowkiss? Anyone can do those things. Throw out something that shows a little observation. For example, if a Zabrek named Noolos comes in with blue composite armour, say something like "My my Noolos, blue is definately your colour!" Of course, if your character is male, you may want to say something like "Hey Noolos! That's some mighty fine armour!"

    Notice something. This shows right away to the patron that you take your in-game job seriously, that you took the time to notice both his name and what he's wearing, and that you made the effort to type it out. You'd be amazed how far that goes. Not only that, but it makes the patron feel good about himself, because usually players go to the cantina because something bad has happened, like they died and didn't clone. Remember, we are in the hospitality business, and it pays to be hospitable. Now some may say that this is why our professions are lowly and degrading. I prefer to think of it as armchair psychology, but not really psychology between two people, but between two characters. And let me tell you, it takes attentiveness and wit.

    Because the conversation doesn't end with the greeting. And sometimes you have to remind the person behind the character that we are in essence playing roles, and that here he or she is not some assistant manager at some retail store, but here he is
    "Noolos! Bounty Hunter extraordinaire!" Now Noolos has a background and a story. Maybe Noolos never thought about it, but its there. So you have to ask him, "First time in Coronet?" And he'll either reply yes or no. Then go from there. Say, "Where are you from?" Again, he'll respond, simply because he has really nothing better to do right now than to let you do your work, be it music or dance. He'll say, "Tatooine." Now, its your turn to say something about your character, like "Oh, Tatooine. I've been there a few times. I wanted to see some big-time merchant prince named Jabba. I hear his palace is huge."

    Because you have to think in terms of your character in order to really say that, now don't you? Because we have all seen the movies, and know Jabba's palace is huge, but if your character has never been there, then your character truly wants to know. Indeed, it helps if you can research a little Star Wars background from the Holocron. Your knowledge of the background can be useful. This is also inviting Noolos to play in terms of his character, and he wants to do it. He does because he wants to forget about grinding the investigation tree for once and think about something else for a change. Something that defines who he is in the virtual world. Something that he has created, but has yet to really think about. But you have to take the initiative. He'll help you along, but ultimately its up to you to get at that thing which will get Noolos more interested in what you are saying to him than his BF and mind wounds. Because if you do it right, his BF and mind wounds will be gone long before your conversation is through, and he'll say "that was quick," and get this: painless, worthwhile, and fun. That gets you a tip. Send him a thank you tell when he leaves, so that he knows he's not alone out there.

    Because the AFKers and many ATK players don't really give Noolos anything to think about other than the mere, preprogrammed flourishes and periodical spam. And this only gives Noolos the impression that he too is merely doing a mechanized routine himself with no enjoyment. That the things Noolos is doing are boring and repetitive. That its all about the XP and levels and boxes in the end-and not only that-but that Noolos is failing...MISERABLY. Because NOOLOS GOT BEAT BY THE SYSTEM. Otherwise, Noolos wouldn't be sitting in the cantina healing his BF and mind wounds. And let me tell you at-the-keyboard players, if you don't make Noolos care about what he's doing, he won't care about you, and he will not only not tip you, but he'll HATE you for having to go out and grind Investigation IV, while missing shuttles, wasting more droids, and fixing his armour; while you are in the comfort of the cantina flourishing your digital buns talking in groupchat with your fleshwrapped friends getting XP off his misery.

    So to those who find difficulty in getting tips, ask yourself this: Was there something you could have done better to make Noolos care about what he's experiencing in the cantina? As Luke Skywalker and Kirah from my server say: I care.

    ....And with a little creativity, attentiveness, and skill, you can make Noolos care too.


    Madame Sirii Ajaan


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    Droid decay proposal

    Ok, here's the first version of a droid decay proposal that will hopefully make everyone happy. Please share your comments/suggestions and lets see if we can get something that everyone is happy with. Ideas for this proposal have been drawn from the various previous proposals on these boards, as well as my own ideas.

    What is the goal of decay?

    Ideally, decay will accomplish the following goals.


    • Improve the droid market on all servers for all play styles

    • Bring droid customers back to the DE

    • Not be a reason for people to not buy droids

    How will decay be measured?

    In order for this proposal to be successful, a new integrity rating would need to be added to all droid frame's, chassis, and final deed's. Some droids will have more integrity than others (for example, Binary Load Lifters should last longer than R3's). I believe it would be better if the integrity of droids was not purely done on a higher-level = higher-integrity basis. Something like a MSE, which has very little moving/exposed parts should have a bit more integrity than something like a protocol droid which is a bit more delicate. Thats just something I thought might be interesting though, nothing vital to the plan. Not listing any integrity numbers here, but rough estimates as to time droids last will be included later

    When should droids decay?

    Ideally, there should be a number of factors that contribute to the gradual decay of droids. A general decay of 1 integrity point every x minutes the droid is out should be enough to ensure that every droid will eventually start to have some wear and tear. The decay on destruction should be kept as a means for speeding up the decay of combat droids (which should decay the fastest of all droids). Additionally, any time an astromech is in a ship that is destroyed, the droid should take some integrity loss.

    What effect does decay have on the droid?

    Decay should have a number of effects on the droid that progressively get worse as the droid gets further into a state of disrepair. Here is a list of possible ideas:

    • Decreased droid movement

    • Droid randomly "powers down" (stops working until stored/called)

    • One random stat (function) on the droid stops working (until stored/called again)

    • Batteries drain faster

    • Cosmetic effects (sparks, smoke, etc)

    Again, not all of those need to be implemented, they're just some ideas.

    What happens when the droid's integrity reaches 0?

    Once a droid's integrity reaches 0, it is considered "disabled". Disabled droids may be called from the datapad, but cannot move. All modules in a disabled droid stop functioning (though items and data can still be removed from storage) and astromechs will not function in ships.

    How can a droid be repaired/maintained?

    A few new parts would need to be added to the profession for this part. First off, some kind of droid reconstruction kit would need to be implemented. This kit would be similar to BE vitality packs in that anyone can use them and they repair a droid's integrity (though they reduce the max integrity for the droid).

    Possibility for full repairs:

    • Droid refurbishment kits: Expensive kits that can completely repair a droid's vitality

    • Anti-Decay Kits: Allow users to keep one droid from decaying

    • Droid Refurbishment Center: Takes a droid deed and a disabled droid and coppies name/commands/color over

    • Droid Refurbishment Center: Can change modules and reduce decay

    • Droid Deconstruction: Can deconstruct a disabled droid into the adv. chassis version

    How long should a droid last?

    This is largely up for debate, but my feeling on it is the average life span for a droid without any kind of repairs is 1 month (at this point the droid would still be useable, but all of the side effects from the low maintenance would make it very unreliable). If a user cares enough about his droid to keep up on the maintenance, I see a droid lasting 3-4 months. If they really like the droid and want to keep him around, the droid can last indefinately via the refurbishment kits.


    Ok, lets look at our objectives again.

    • Improve the droid market on all servers for all play styles

    By instituting this decay there will be an increase in droid sales to people who don't mind just replacing their droid and don't want to deal with keeping up with maintenance. There would be an increase in consumeable sales to the people interested in making their droid last as long as possible. There would also be a new market for customers that want their old droid refurbished. I think this should satisfy all play styles (not only for customers, but also for DE's).

    • Bring customers back to DE's

    Customers will return to the DE in order to either get repair kits, have their droid refurbished, or buy a new droid. This should serve to be a good increase in traffic to DE shops (or emails/tells to backpack DE's)

    • Not be a reason for people to not buy droids

    The decay should be slow enough that people don't have a problem replacing their droids, and people that have grown attached to their droids can have them refurbished.

    Ok, questions, comments, concerns, ideas, thoughts... lets hear em.

    Jenden Morn - Droid Engineer Correspondent

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    FelKel LTD Weaponsmiths Stock List, 16 October 2003


    • Scout Blaster (Marksman: Pistols II) -- Coronet only

      • 60-122 Damage; 1.7 Speed; 11-22-11 HAM; AP: None; Energy Damage

    • Advanced Scout Blaster (Marksman: Pistols II)

      • 74-145 Damage; 2.0 Speed; 11-22-11 HAM; AP: None; Energy Damage

    • Advanced Power5 Pistol (Marksman: Pistols III)

      • 59-182 Damage; 2.8 Speed; 16-39-15 HAM; AP: None; Energy Damage

    • Advanced FWG5 Pistol (Marksman: Pistols IV)

      • 50-193 Damage; 2.2 Speed; 11-36-18 HAM; AP: None; Heat Damage

    • Advanced Tangle Pistol (Marksman: Pistols IV)

      • 44-101 Damage; 3.4 Speed; 14-29-23 HAM; AP: None; Stun Damage

    • DX2 Pistol (Pistoleer: Novice Pistoleer)

      • 82-129 Damage; 2.4 Speed; 22-40-14 HAM; AP: Light; Acid Damage

    • Advanced Launcher Pistol (Commando: Novice Commando)

      • 65-235 Damage; 2.5 Speed; 17-51-17 HAM; AP: None; Blast Damage

    • Advanced Scatter Pistol (Bounty Hunter: Novice Bounty Hunter)

      • 114-182 Damage; 2.1 Speed; 17-51-18 HAM; AP: Light; Acid Damage


    • DH-17 Short Carbine (Marksman: Carbines I)

      • 60-150 Damage; 2.8 Speed; 25-27-14 HAM; AP: None; Energy Damage

    • E11 Carbine (Marksman: Carbines II)

      • 60-127 Damage; 2.6 Speed; 29-36-17 HAM; AP: Light; Energy Damage

    • Advanced Laser Carbine (Marksman: Carbines III)

      • 38-264 Damage; 3.7 Speed; 28-45-22 HAM; AP: Medium; Energy Damage

    • Advanced EE3 Carbine (Marksman: Carbines IV)

      • 80-186 Damage; 2.9 Speed; 38-32-17 HAM; AP: None; Heat Damage

    • DXR6 Carbine (Marksman: Carbines IV)

      • 97-149 Damage; 3.9 Speed; 27-48-20 HAM; AP: Light; Acid Damage

    • Advanced Elite Carbine (Carbineer: Novice Carbineer)

      • 104-182 Damage; 3.5 Speed; 28-45-22 HAM; AP: Light; Energy Damage


    • Laser Rifle (Marksman: Rifles II)

      • 29-376 Damage; 5.7 Speed; 14-22-59 HAM; AP: Medium; Energy Damage

    • SG-82 Rifle (Marksman: Rifles II)

      • 104-166 Damage; 5.6 Speed; 25-22-42 HAM; AP: None; Cold Damage

    • Advanced E11 Rifle (Marksman: Rifles IV) -- IN STOCK TONIGHT

      • 91-174 Damage; 4.7 Speed; 13-23-36 HAM; AP: Medium; Energy Damage

    • Jawa Ion Rifle (Marksman: Rifles IV)

      • 100-181 Damage; 6.2 Speed; 14-29-46 HAM; AP: Light; Stun Damage

    • T21 Rifle (Rifleman: Novice Rifleman)

      • 118-333 Damage; 7.2 Speed; 40-33-75 HAM; AP: Heavy; Energy Damage


    • Flamethrower (Commando: Novice Commando)

      • 422-810 Damage; 4.7 Speed; 75-17-17 HAM; AP: None; Heat Damage

    • Lightning Beam Cannon (Commando: Heavy Support Weapons III)

      • 1196-2687 Damage; 6.5 Speed; 40-88-23 HAM; AP: Light; Electricity Damage

      • 29 Charges


    • C12 Fragmentation Grenade (Usable by anyone)

      • 200-821 Damage; 3.0 Speed; 66-56-14 HAM; AP: None; Blast Damage

      • 5 Charges

    • CryoBan Grenades (Commando: Field Tactics I)

      • 295-746 Damage; 3.5 Speed; 48-115-21 HAM; AP: Light; Cold Damage

      • 5 Charges

    • Glop Grenades (Commando: Field Tactics II)

      • 359-1742 Damage; 3.8 Speed; 115-48-21 HAM; AP: None; Acid Damage

      • 5 Charges


    • Advanced Gaderiffi Baton (Brawler: One-handed I)

      • 128-218 Damage; 3.7 Speed; 59-36-17 HAM; AP: None; Kinetic Damage

    • Advanced Curved Sword (Brawler: One-handed I)

      • 74-171 Damage; 2.2 Speed; 26-50-34 HAM; AP: None; Kinetic Damage

    • Vibroblade (Brawler: One-handed II)

      • 36-132 Damage; 2.5 Speed; 16-28-16 HAM; AP: Light; Kinetic Damage

    • Advanced Rykk Blade(Brawler: One-handed III)

      • 75-174 Damage; 2.4 Speed; 49-39-34 HAM; AP: None; Kinetic Damage

    • Advanced Two-Handed Curved Sword (Brawler: Two-handed II)

      • 62-250 Damage; 2.5 Speed; 29-62-34 HAM; AP: Medium; Kinetic Damage

    • Advanced Two-Handed Cleaver (Brawler: Two-handed IV)

      • 102-220 Damage; 3.4 Speed; 50-47-29 HAM; AP: Medium; Kinetic Damage

    • Long Vibro-Axe (Brawler: Polearms III)

      • 100-356 Damage; 4.4 Speed; 85-69-31 HAM; AP: Medium; Kinetic Damage

    • Vibro Lance (Pikeman: Novice Pikeman)

      • 88-284 Damage; 3.9 Speed; 58-80-31 HAM; AP: Light; Electricity Damage

    • Vibroknucklers (Teras Kasi Artist: Teras Kasi Novice)

      • 29-130 Damage; 2.2 Speed; 37-54-37 HAM; AP: Light; Kinetic Damage

      • NOTE: While you do not earn the certification for VKs until Teras Kasi Novice, they will help you work up the unarmed tree quickly. The standard unarmed attack delay is 4.0. Wearing VKs will lower that to the delay of the weapon. So while you might hit for slightly less, you will hit nearly twice as fast.

    • Advanced Power Hammer (Swordsman: Novice Swordsman)

      • 133-453 Damage; 5.4 Speed; 114-35-23 HAM; AP: Medium; Blast Damage

    • Advanced Stun Baton (Fencer: Novice Fencer)

      • 86-129 Damage; 2.6 Speed; 18-49-42 HAM; AP: None; Stun Damage

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    Scout: From Novice to Master Part 1

    (July 14, 2004)

    So you want to be a Master Scout? Excellent choice.

    I'm sure you've read your manual and the maybe even some of the guides on the profession you've found online. I'm sure you're thinking "how hard can it be? All I've got to do is wander around the woods killing everything that I see!"

    Well, you're half right. Having earned the title of Master Scout after 11 grueling days last July hunting across the wilds of Naboo, I wanted to commemorate the event by aiding all of you novice Scouts who go to sleep at night dreaming of earning the title of Master by providing some insights into things I've found that work.

    Since last July, I've been playing and replaying all of the different professions that I've enjoyed, taken part in PvP, led a guild in victory in the GCW, and tested a Dark Jedi. My experience in the game has touched on nearly every profession, crafting to combat. I hope that some of the lessons I've learned will aid you in making the game more enjoyable.

    I've broken down this guide into the topics that I wished I had some help on while I was out hunting. I hope this is easy to read, and I also hope that it will answer most of your questions about becoming a Master Scout and how to survive out there in the field.


    (Skip this if you're already a Scout or have read my Novice Scouting guide)

    For an overview of what you need to know as Novice Scout or new player to Star Wars: Galaxies, please see "Brisc Rubal's Guide to Novice Scouting". This can be found can be found at the top of the SWG Scout Forum.

    So what's the point? Why become a scout? Simple - you are one of the few nearly self-sufficient folks out in the galaxy. You can do nearly everything you want by yourself, you are an indispensable part of any group (if you choose to join one), and you are the basis for the most popular elite professions.

    Scouts have a number of skills that make them critical characters: We can create camps, allowing people to heal and rest up out in the field. We have the ability to harvest bones, meat and hides out in the field - which are always in high demand by nearly every major crafting profession. We have the ability to use traps to slow down creatures and help bring them down quickly. As we progress through higher levels, we can mask our scent to skirt around dangerous animals and aid in milking or DNA sampling (if you are a Bio-Engineer), we get a bonus to our burst running, and we increase our speed up and down steep mountains and cliffs. If you think running fast isn't that important - try hunting Nightsisters on Dathomir with no Terrain Negotiation skills.


    As a starting scout, you'll need a couple of things. First and foremost, get yourself a weapon (we'll get more into this later). After that, make sure you've got a generic crafting tool. You can't make traps and camps without one. If you can afford one, pick up a Weapons, Droid and General crafting tool instead. You'll need one of these to be able to make a "design schematic" for use in factories (if you want to make crates of traps and camps for convenience sake).

    As a starting scout, you'll be able to make the lowest level traps (Wire Mesh and Lecepanine), and the Basic Camp. Once you get out in the field and start killing animals, you'll get the materials you'll need in order to build these traps and camps.

    Always have some traps and some camps available. You'll never know when you might need them.

    We'll talk more about weapons, armor and combat professions a little later on.


    The largest downside to scouting is simply that nearly everyone has the novice scout skill. And with the advent of harvesting foods, mask scent foods, and harvesting droids, many folks don't bother much past novice scout, or a few boxes in the hunting tree. But it is important to remember that there are more benefits to Scouting than just harvesting. But, as with anything in SWG, what you get out of Scouting is based more on your goals and your personal play style than anything else.

    There are many players who do not choose scouting, but have it forced upon them. Some of the most popular hybrid and elite professions, namely Bounty Hunter, Creature Handler, Ranger and Squad Leader, all require significant scouting experience. So many who aren't on a path to become Master Scouts will be crowding you for XP or AP. Don't worry - you can still make it.

    Also, please keep in mind - Scouting is a NOVICE profession. It's skills are designed to give you a good grounding in the game and in the PvE (player versus environment) style of game play. It will not make you the best PvPer (player versus player), nor will it give you the ability to cut wide swaths through every creature you come across. But it will give you the starting point to select professions that will enable you to do those things. Many of the best PvP and PvE templates in the game have Scouting as a primary component.


    I have completely rewritten the combat profession section of this guide, because there are some important things that I feel need to be covered for Scouts that deal with both the ranged and melee professions. I've divided the sections into "Ranged" and "Melee" combat types.

    Ranged Combat

    There are three major ranged combat professions - Rifles, Pistols and Carbines. Some of the elite "hybrid" professions, such as Smuggler, Bounty Hunter and Commando, require portions or all of the marksman skill set, so they can be included under these headings.

    Pistols are the fastest (without outside enhancement) ranged profession, but they are also the weakest in terms of livability. Carbines are very good at attacking NPCs with their Knockdown/Dizzy attacks and the multiple area attacks, but they don't have any specific weapons that make them stand out from the crowd. Riflemen are the premiere ranged attackers at this time - the stun damage that most creatures and armor are vulnerable too offered by the Jawa Ion Rifle; the T-21 with its heavy armor piercing modifier allows for three times as much damage; the Laser Rifle, when well crafted, can reach in excess of 800 max damage - all of these make Rifleman the best ranged profession. In addition, a rifleman only needs to find 7 additional "rifle speed" enhancing attachments to "cap out" their max speed. This means that a rifleman with +97 rifle speed (a Master Rifleman has +90 alone, +95 if he's also a Master Marksman) is firing 1 time per second with any rifle below 8.0 speed. In addition, there are foods that provide increased accuracy (such as Citrus Snow Cake) that make up for the rifles low accuracy modifiers at short range.

    If you plan on mastering a combat profession, I would also suggest that you take the time to read through that profession's forums. There is plenty of good information there, much more than I can put into this guide.

    If I were to make a recommendation based on my experience, those who want to make Master Scout part of their template should choose Rifles as their primary combat skill.

    Melee Combat

    There are four primary melee combat professions - unarmed, one-handed sword, two-handed sword and polearm. You graduated from these to the Teras Kasi, Fencer, Swordsman and Pikeman elite professions.

    Melee professions are much different than their ranged partners. Meleers are the "tanks" of the Galaxy. They're not great a dishing out large amounts of damage, but they can absorb much more than their ranged counterparts. With their knockdowns, and their high dodge, counter attack and block modifiers, they are much more survivable, particularly against tough creatures that would tear a ranged fighter to shreds at close range.

    The important things to keep in mind when choosing a melee profession is speed. Since meleers don't have highest damage weapons in the game, they rely on damage per second - the faster they can swing, the more damage they can dish out. So the faster weapons and the more speed powerups and skill attachments you can find are important.

    In terms of PvE, the most powerful of the melee professions is the Swordsman. Most creatures that you'll attack are vulnerable to Blast damage (Power hammers do blast damage), and with the speed available with weapons like the Scythe, you'll be able to tank and take down the most dangerous creatures in the game, including Kimogilas and Krayt Dragons. Fencer would be second, with their stun batons that most creatures are also vulnerable to. TKs and Pikemen are less effective in PvE, but are also good tanks. Pikemen require significant help from speed attachments in order to reach their speed cap, and their reliance on damage over time weaponry (DoT weapons) make them less attractive than Swordsman. TKs are very powerful duelers, but in PvE, they are less desirable. However, their speed makes them very effective and many Rangers choose TK as their melee profession of choice.

    Overall, however, if I were to recommend a melee profession, I would recommend swordsman.



    But simply having a combat skill isn't enough. You're going to get knocked around out there, whether it's at the hand of a biggie - like a Rancor, Fambaa, Krayt or Kimo - or a little guy - like a Gnort or a Chuba. Being able to heal yourself in the field without waiting for twenty minutes in a camp or hospital is important. Spend the 15 skill points and the 100 credits and get yourself trained in Novice Medic. You probably won't need to advance much farther than novice in the medic field if you don't want to - but having it will make life much easier. If you do decide to advance, training in First Aid and Diagnosis helps to increase your heal speed and healing ability for both damage and wounds, so train these up first. Visit the bazaar and pick yourself up some stimpacks Bs and you should be able to heal yourself quickly enough to catch up with most attackers.


    As a compliment to the medic field, here's another skill that's good to have: entertainer. I know what you're thinking. "How can a badass Scout like me dance around like a Cantina Girl?" The answer is simple: it increases the amount of time you can spend in the field. Being able to heal your mind wounds quickly, and being able to heal your group's mind wounds in a camp will not only increase your camping XP, it will make you more self sufficient - only needing to go into town to get rid of Battle Fatigue (which, unfortunately, you can't cure in the field). This is especially critical when you are on a sparsely populated planet like Endor, Dathomir or Yavin 4. You are most likely going to find yourself alone - no medics, no entertainers. If you've gotten hurt, you're going to have to fix yourself. Being able to do so will cut back on a lot of downtime.


    Finally, having novice artisan helps to round out your initial skill set. Being able to survey and sample for resources gives you the ability to make some of the higher end traps that require metal and polymer that you can't get by foraging. Like being a medic or entertainer, you don't really need to advance very far in this field to get the benefits.

    So here's the tip: Pick up a combat skill, medic, entertainer and artisan to round out your scout. Remember, if you don't want one of them, you can always ditch it later - you'll definitely have to as your advance in the skill trees of the hybrid and elite professions. For me, Artisan went first. It will be followed by Medic and finally Entertainer. But for now, making it to Master Scout is aided by having all of these skills.


    The decision of where to start your climb is not particular important - most planets are good. But there are some things to keep in mind - personal preference being the primary. All of the starter planets are conducive to scouting.

    I'm partial to my home planet of Naboo. The wildlife is plentiful, the views are spectacular, and there are enough low level spots for leveling that you can move very quickly up the lower tier combat boxes as well as the lower tier Scout boxes.

    The advanced planets will enable you to move much more quickly through the Exploration and Hunting trees. But be careful - many of the planets out there, like Dathomir, Lok, Endor and Yavin 4, are not places to go alone as a new player. The starting worlds, like Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo and Talus, are excellent for beginning, seasoned and Master Scouts. Player Cities have also made hunting in the wild much easier, as you will be very hard pressed to not find a safe haven in the wilderness on a buildable planet - if you look hard enough. Personally, I never needed to step foot off Naboo to make Master Scout. This may not be the best thing for you, especially if the exploration bug has infected you. Since I first wrote this guide, I've visited every planet and hunted on them all. Of the starter worlds, I find that Talus and Naboo are the best, as they both are not nearly as crowded as Corellia and Tatooine. You'll find more pristine, less traveled areas on these two planets then on the others. Player cities make finding pristine areas even harder, but those two planets still have the greatest amount of green space.

    For the upper end planets, my two favorites have been Dathomir and Yavin 4. Both have high level mobs, good mon(k)ey making opportunities and because of nature of the planets you rarely deal with large crowds of people. However, some of the planets generally experience more lag than others. 


    There are three major types of XP that are important to scouts.

    First, is "Scouting" XP. This is used to get you through the Exploration and Hunting skill trees.

    Scout XP

    NOTE: Hunting and Exploring use the SAME types of XP. So when you train up Explore 1, you lose the XP you had towards Hunting 1. You'll need to earn the same amount over to train up your Hunting Skill. I didn't realize this until my first training session.

    Scouting XP is the easiest XP to get. You can get it one of two ways. One way is to kill an animal and harvest the meat, bones or hide. Different size and different types of animals create different amounts of XP. The general rule of thumb is the tougher the victim, the greater the XP. The other way to get XP is by using /maskscent, a skill you gain after reaching Exploration 2. I'll talk about /maskscent in the "Scout Skills and Modifiers" section.

    Which is better to train first? This is a debatable topic, but I favor Exploration. First, exploration gives you the ability to run faster up hills, and also gives you increases to your burst run ability. These are important, and very useful. You also get access to /maskscent, which provides you with another means of gaining Scout XP, which you don't get by moving up the ranks in Hunting. Hunting helps you in harvesting animals, and in determining which are dangerous and which are docile, as well as which are likely to kill you when you attack them, and so on. You'll increase the amount of hide and bone you take off an individual creature and you'll also get a creature to-hit bonus. But the downside is that training up hunting never will give you a new means of gaining XP. No matter what your opinion is on Mask Scent, it does provide you an extra means of making XP and this puts it over the top in my opinion. You can increase your creature harvesting through use of a droid or using Veghash to make up for the difference until you go up that tree.

    So what should you hunt? You need to be hunting medium sized animals that con either blue or white and you can kill without being severely hurt - if you aren't buffed (we'll talk about buffs later). When I was grinding through the last few levels of the scouting tree, my three favorite Nabooian animal lairs to stumble across were Nightspiders (spiders), Hermit Spiders (more spiders), and Ikopi (deerlike creatures). All of them yield good XP for the time it takes to kill them. They are by far the best lairs to hit when you are soloing. In a group, hit whatever you can find that you can take down without getting severely hurt or having it take forever. One example of a good low level creature that provides low XP is the Gnort. Gnorts are easy - usually one shot kills for anyone near the top of their marksman skill and definitely for a novice elite combat professional, and they spawn amazing numbers of creatures from their lairs.

    There is always a debate on whether or not to hunt for the bigger creatures. While Belle Bolls, Jaxes, Fambaas, Tortons, Greater Desert Womp Rats, Kimogilas, Krayt Dragons, Rancors and the other big creatures do give great XP, you must balance that on the risk you take in attacking them, and the amount of time it takes to bring on those down. Sure, you'll get 2000 scouting XP for stomping on a Kimogila, but it will take you two hours kiting it or 20 minutes in a fully buffed group - and if you mess up, they can one hit kill you. In that time you could get three times that much XP on a nest of Ikopi or Hermit Spiders.

    Trapping XP

    As a scout, you get a number of schematics that let you build traps - we'll talk about each trap in a moment. These help to disable and slow down animals by affecting their HAM pools, or their ability to move, or giving them a "state". This is one of the easiest forms of XP to get. You simply craft the traps, and lob them at your target. If they hit and take effect, you get the XP. Additionally, you can lob more than one type of trap at any single victim - meaning that, for example, if you have the ability to craft 6 traps, you can gain 6 times the XP for every animal that you attack at a minimum. A Nabooian Nightspider, for instance, provides 50 XP points every time you hit one with a trap. Meaning that a single Nightspider can earn you 300 XP points for trapping if you use all your traps. 10-15 Nightspiders per lair means finding one wild Nightspider spawn and killing all of the spiders in the lair can earn you a whopping 3000 XP! You'll blow through trapping quickly. Generally, wild spawns tend to provide more creatures per lair than missions do, so expect fewer spawns from a mission generated lair than one you happen upon in the wild.

    You can tell the difference between a "mission" lair and a random spawn by the name of the lair. A regular, non-mission lair has a generic name, like "An insect mound" or "A Rotten Log". A mission lair has the specific name of a lair, "A Gnort Lair", or "A Capper Spineflap Mound". It's usually bad form to kill a mission lair, but non-mission lairs are fair game.

    Another often cited tactic is to grab a friend or two, and attack a large creature. The larger creatures offer the opportunity to make significant trapping XP off them in a short period of time. The average Fambaa or Torton yields 400 scout XP PER TRAP. So if you can hold out from getting killed instantly, you'll be able to pull 10k+ XP off of a Fambaa during an average fight.

    In addition to the ability to get easy XP, you also get survival XP for crafting traps. It's not much, but it makes a difference when you are grinding out that last bit of Survival to make master.

    Traps also are useful in helping to take down creatures that you normally couldn't take out. Scouts can solo white, yellow and (rarely) red creatures with the assistance of their traps, especially if they are using a rifle. Make good use of them!

    THE BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE WHEN USING to try and trap something that is totally above their trapping skill. Now that many people with master-level weapons skills are mastering Scout for whatever reasons, they've been having serious trouble with trapping. Here are a few tips for someone having problems:

    1.) Don't trap something that con's white or yellow to you if you've got Traps I or II: If you're a master TKA, you are going to able to one hit most creatures out there. But those higher level creatures that give the best trap XP aren't going to be trapped by your rinky-dink little Wire Mesh. So you need to remember your roots and go back to the lower level critters. If you use the trap macro I outlined above, even if you're only trapping spiders, you'll level pretty quickly.

    2.) Don't simply use one kind of trap over and over and over: If you're throwing 15 wire meshes and none of them hit...well, that should tell you something. Don't do it. You've got two schematics to start, and you gain another 4 when you hit trapping 2. Use all of them - every single one - every time you go out trapping. This will maximize both your trapping XP AND your chances of a successful trap.

    Trap Types

    Adhesive Mesh - A trap containing some form of compressed mucilage based adhesive. This trap is thrown at a target creature. If the adhesive mesh successfully traps the creature, the target will become immobile for a short time and will suffer significant damage to its action pool.

    Glow-Juice Trap - A small container of natural bioluminescent liquid. Splashing the target with this material has the effect of making the target more visible to ranged combatants, reducing the target's defense against ranged attacks.

    Phecnacine Dart - A small Phecnacine tranquilizer delivery system. This object is thrown at a target in combat. When it strikes something, it releases a thin mist of poison. The poison will cause the target's movement to slow significantly.

    Stink Bomb - A small container filled with the natural musk of an animal. The musk has a repellent smell and can cause a target to become distracted. This has the effect of making the target more vulnerable to status effects like stun or intimidate.

    Glow-Wire Trap - Similar to the wire mesh trap, but this trap has been enhanced. The wire mesh has been strengthened and treated with a bioluminescent goo. The target will become more vulnerable to both melee and ranged attacks.

    Wire Mesh Trap - A small canister packed with a fine and somewhat sticky mesh. When it strikes the target, the mesh entangles them making movement more difficult. This has the effect of reducing the target's defense against melee attacks.

    Lecepanine Dart - A small dart delivery system, ingeniously crafted from natural organics. The tip is coated with a light Lecepanine poison. This object is thrown at a target in combat. If it hits, the poison will cause the target to become drowsy and slightly confused. This has the effect of making the target dizzy as well as causing a slight decrease in the target's mind and action pools. This weapon cannot kill and only works on animals.

    Noise Maker - A special device that emits annoying noises. When thrown at a creature by a sufficiently skilled scout, the trap will cause the target to become stunned. The raw shock of the noise will also cause a large amount of damage to the target's mind pool.

    Sharp Bone Spur - A spur fashioned from natural organics. A knowledgeable scout can throw this at an enemy creature, placing it in a perfect spot to cause pain. This has the effect of damaging both the creature's health and mind. However, the effects are never fatal.

    Wilderness Survival XP This was the hardest skill for me to master, because it takes the most time. Thankfully, the Devs have heard our requests and have provided us with other means for getting Wilderness Survival XP. You can get survival XP from camping (as before), fishing (based on the size of the fish you catch) and making camps and traps (the amount of XP is twice the cost of the resources that went into crafting the item). Each camp you make has the ability to get you XP - with the levels varying based on the number of people who visit it, the amount of healing that takes place while its up, and how long its up for. Basic camps are limited to approximately 360 points of XP, and Multiperson camps can get you about 640. Improved camps generally max out in the 800-850 XP range.

    The quickest way to boost your survival XP is to group. This isn't always possible though, because every group I've been in has had more than one scout, and they've ALL wanted the camp XP. The most common cause of contention between members of groups seems to be over who gets to setup the next camp.

    There's an easy way around this: bring an artisan friend camping. To get my last 5000 wilderness XP, I joined a friend, a weaponsmith, on a crafting trip. Every time he stopped to sample, I healed him - sampling takes away action XP and can be healed by a medic - and then danced to heal the mind wounds my /tendwound skill gave. In no time, he was getting great samples, and I was getting great camping XP, without needing to wait 15 minutes to get the max XP.

    In addition, if you are out in the field and have a camp setup, keep a look out for folks passing by. If they enter your camp - even for a few seconds - you'll get a little bump up in your XP. I usually give a shout with my coordinates to let anyone who may be around know they can come stop by to visit my camp and heal - and give me that needed wilderness XP.

    Camp XP speeds are generally not affected by the type of camp. A basic camp will generate the same XP as an Improved camp does. The difference is the caps. If you are camping in a group, be sure to remember the caps. If time has gone by and you've gotten some good healing in, but you aren't completely healed yet, take down that camp and put up another. This way no XP is lost.

    Another great way to speed through camping XP, if you can do this, is to have your Player Association friends hold their meetings in your camps. That way you can conduct business, but also get some XP for it.

    Camp Types To make this stand out a bit more for those just looking for this info - Camp XP totals:

    Basic Camp (Novice Scout): 320-360 XP

    Multiperson Camp (Survival 2): 620-640 XP

    Improved Camp (Master Scout): 800-840

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    Scout: From Novice to Master Part 2



    I want to give a quick talk about each of the skill mods and skills we receive here.


    Burst Run Efficiency - As you increase in the Exploration tree, you gain this modifier. It does not increase your speed running or your recovery time, but it does decrease the HAM costs for using /burstrun, which makes it more useful - particularly if you're close to getting incapped.


    Creature Harvesting - As you increase in this skill, you are able to harvest larger amounts from creatures.


    Creature To-Hit Bonus - This is a bit controversial, as it only applies to ranged attacks. The modifier gives a small bonus to your ranged weapon accuracy when attacking a non-NPC target.


    Trapping - Increases your likelihood of successfully trapping a creature.


    Camping - We are not 100% sure exactly what this skill mod does, however speculation indicates that it decrease the amount of time you need to spend in a camp to gain the maximum XP. It really is not noticeable, however.


    Creature Knowledge - This increases the amount of information that you can learn about a creature using the /examine function. At Master, you can learn a large amount of information, including whether or not they'll deathblow and what kinds of hide and meat you'll receive from them when they're harvested.


    Terrain Negotiation - This increases your ability to run up slopes and across rugged terrain. It doesn't affect your speed over flat land. TN only works on your running speed until you reach +50. After +50, your TN is applied to your crawl speed only.


    Mask Scent

    After near constant attention from the Devs for a number of months, mask scent is finally working as it was originally designed. With each patch, mask scent seems to get a bit fluky, and then settles back to work more or less properly.

    Maskscent is based on your Mask Scent modifier. It originally was based on your camouflage modifier, but this was changed as of the addition of the Ranger skill /conceal (which now uses that modifier). The equation used to determine a successful /mask scent takes into account your MS modifier, your speed (whether walking, prone or running) and the relative creature level of the creature who is trying to detect you. So as your MS modifier increases (with each level of Exploration), your chances of successfully getting XP and staying safe with mask scent increase. But it is also important that you are around creatures of a similar level to you. A novice scout running around on Dathomir is going to complain loud and long that his mask scent is useless and doesn't work, while an almost-Master Scout will be running around Lok doing the bunny dance because he's almost leveled and not had to do anything for it.

    If you are having difficulty with mask scent, try two things - first, use it against creatures closer to your level, basically meaning ones that you would have odds on actually defeating if they attack you when you're unbuffed. Second, change your speed. Going prone and walking both modify your mask scent prospects by between 5%-35% over running. Slow down, creep slowly and you'll start seeing some XP spam on your window. Also keep in mind that the larger the group of reds, the more likely it will be (statistically speaking) that your mask scent gets broken. Each time you get within the striking range of a creature (based on their ferocity) you will be "checked" to see if the creature broke your mask scent. 10 creatures mean 10 checks, and with the bit of randomness that is added in to account for luck, you may just get sniffed out - even against low level creatures like Kreetles.

    Previous changes to mask scent have increased it's usability. It no longer breaks on yellow "non-aggressive" creatures. It has been tiered so that Master Scouts don't need to wait the full 60 seconds to remask after a failure. It does not break upon entering combat anymore.


    Forage is an underutilized skill that is granted to Scouts. Similar to the artisan "sample" skill, foraging allows you to scrounge the immediate area for food and drink. This food and drink provides different buffs, such as temporary strength increases, HAM penalty reducers and other effects that have multiple benefits. At this time you don't receive XP from successful forage and these remains a request of the Scouting community.

    You can also forage lairs, which provide you with interesting items such as bees and eggs. The eggs are useful in some kinds of crafting, and can be sold. Bees can be placed into a creature habitat craftable by artisans. While these don't benefit you directly, they do provide some interesting visual affects and may make you a few bucks selling to loot collectors.

    The Scouting community feels that Forage has not lived up to its original design premise, which was to create incentives for Scouts to explore the landscape. We are working hard with the Devs to turn forage into a useful feature that provides useable loot and food items in line with the player crafted consumables that have become a key factor in the game.


    That's right boys and girls! Not only are we Scouts, we're also dairy farmers.

    This sounds funny, but milk is one of the absolute most sought after harvestable materials. I've heard cases of 10k worth of milk going for a million credits on Bloodfin, and averages nearly 200 CPU.

    This is primarily because it's time consuming to get. Almost as time consuming as fishing (I won't go into fishing here - read Volsted's Guide to Fishing on the Scout Forums, or my FNTM-Ranger guide).

    First of all - you can only milk herbivorous creatures, so don't start trying to make nice to a lady Rancor. Second - as one would expect - you can only milk female creatures. In order to milk a creature you need to be mask scented, as well.

    One good tip for milking is to get two destroy missions for the type of critter you're trying to milk. Get them close to each other - then run back and forth milking every critter you can between the lairs.


    No Build Zones (For Camps)

    The vast majority of no build zones have been removed from the game. You now are only limited in placing your camps to areas within the "Municipal Zones" of a city - generally within the city boundaries, and areas near lairs. This has been a great boon to Scouts, as you no longer need to travel hundreds of meters to be able to heal.

    Equipment - Weapons and Armor

    I don't want to get too in-depth in a discussion of the merits of armor and weapons in the game. Each profession has its pet weapons and its idea of what's "best". But I'll give you some general things to keep in mind here.

    But first - armor. Armor is an important thing to consider when hunting. Do you need it? Not really. Buffs make it easy for a Scout to level without armor. But as you go up the trees and start attacking tougher things, you need to start looking at it.

    The two best kinds of armor for Scouts are Ubese and Composite. Composite is the best kind of armor in the game period, but it is frequently made with high Kinetic resists. This is what you want to pay attention to - the resists on the armor to Kinetic damage. Most critters do this type of damage (as opposed to energy for NPCs), so the higher Kinetic resists the better.

    Your average composite that's worth anything has Kinetic resists of about 80%. The downside to Composite armor is that it has generally high encumbrances - often you won't be able to even wear it without buffs.

    That's where Ubese comes in. Generally Ubese armor is similar in terms of Kinetic Resists - generally between 74%-79%, but where it excels is in its encumbrance costs, which are usually half those of Composite. Many Scouts use both types, and switch off depending on what they're fighting.

    In terms of weapons, it is critical that you know your weapon and you KNOW YOUR PREY. Many of the higher end creatures have resistances to many common types of weapon damage. If you always stick with your T-21, you're going to waste a lot of time shooting at a creature with 90% energy resists...especially if the creature is vulnerable to stun and you've got a Jawa Ion Rifle available. Always know what you're going after and carry a wide enough array of weapons to be able to take advantage of a creature's vulnerabilities. That's the difference between a good Scout and a great Scout.


    I know that this is a sore subject for many people, but it has become almost required that in order to progress quickly in any of the skill trees you'll need medical enhancements.

    Doctors provide buffs to your HAM pools that enable you to double and even triple your Health and Action pools and secondary stats. Dancers are able to buff your Mind pool and Musicians can buff your secondary pools.

    If you are a low level Scout, you don't need to worry too much about buffs. As long as you are hunting low level creatures and pay attention (or you followed my advice and picked up Medic) you won't need buffs. But if you start trying to level quickly - say, by hunting Kimos on Lok or going Krayt hunting on Tatooine, you'll get killed quickly without them.

    Buffs range from 6k to 12k for a full set of 6. Entertainment buff prices vary significantly, and are often unnecessary if you've got the right foods available (see the next section).


    There are a number of foods that provide major increases to your abilities as a Scout (and as a combatant) that you should always have nearby, if not on you. Having these foods available will make you a much better hunter, a more successful explorer, and can even keep you alive.

    Scout Specific Foods




    Benefit Description








    Gralinyn Juice


    Creature to-hit bonus



    Travel Biscuits


    Terrain Negotiation



    Jawa Beer


    Mask Scent










    Creature Harvesting




    "Must-Have" Foods



    Benefit Description



    Citros Snow Cake


    Attack Accuracy



    Exo Protein Wafer


    Damage Reduction


    10-25 attacks



    Damage Reduction


    22-50 attacks 

    Pikatta Pie


    Dodge Bonus





    Defense vs. Knockdown





    Increased Focus



    Blue Milk


    Mind Heal



    Vagnerian Canape


    Increased Focus/Will



    Vasarian Brandy


    Increased Mind/Focus/Will




    Some of these goods are more useful during PvP. Citrus Snow Cake helps against those pesky fencers, but also helps low level riflemen in hitting their targets when hunting. Synthsteak is like free armor, and Exo Protein Wafers are the less filling (same great taste) version of Synthsteak. Pikatta Pie increases your dodge - especially useful if you are a meleer. Thakatillo is also useful against TKMs and Carbineers with their knockdown attacks, but is also useful when attacking critters that like to KD - like Kimogilas.

    Ahrisa is critical for increasing your focus - particularly if you are a Zabrak (with a low Focus point maximum), as increased focus decreases the cost of special attacks on your mind pool. Canape is a good quick increase to focus and willpower, but not as useful as Ahrisa because it lasts a fraction of the time. Brandy is critical if you have not been able to get mind buffs from a dancer or musician. Blue Milk is useful (if you've gotten a mind buff and don't need the Brandy) for instant heals of your mind pool.

    Managing your stomach contents (I know - it sounds funny) is important as a Scout, because if you die, your stomach contents clone along with you. It's also important to ensure that you're able to eat food in the middle of a fight if necessary. In addition, some of these bonuses from food stack, and they last longer than it takes for your stomach to digest them, so you can eat an additional piece to get an even larger buff (this only works on the HAM enhancing foods - you won't get more of a benefit from eating the stat enhancing foods twice or more.)

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    Scout: From Novice to Master Part 3

    Harvest Droids

    We have available to us droids that harvest creatures for us - saving us time, giving us a slight boost to our harvesting abilities, and allow us to harvest in combat (so if we take a while to kill something, our prey doesn't "poof" before we can harvest it).

    My thanks go to Razhlok Lightningskull from the Scout boards for providing me with the information for this section of the guide.

    In choosing a harvesting droid, check that the quality of the module your DE is crafting1 will give you some bonus to harvesting (around 3% per module). You want 6 modules (the maximum) for your droid. You will need to program your droid to harvest. First you pick what you want your droid to harvest - the four options are meat, hide, bone and random. Then you must program a harvest command. When you start to program the droid, a question mark will appear above your droid's head. Type in a command - for example "harvest". An exclamation point will appear over your droid's head indicating it has accepted your command. Next, create a macro entitled "HarvestCorpse", and either place it on your toolbar or alias it to your keyboard.

    An easy one could look like:


    /tellpet harvest;

    You can also choose to program your droid with other commands (attack, stay, follow, store, etc) using the same method. To name your droid you need to program your droid by saying his name prior to the command. For example - programming the "Stay" command would require you to say "Donkeylips Stay". Do this for three commands and the droid "learns" its name. Once it knows it's name, you can go back and change the command to simple "Stay".

    To use your droid in the field pull him out of your datapad. Engage your target normally. When it's dead, active your harvest macro. At this point you may target your next kill, while your droid goes out and retrieves the goods.

    After you droid harvests the corpse you will receive a message stating a droid has harvested X number of resources from the creature.

    At some point your droid will run out of power and will need to be recharged. In this case you will need to have a droid battery. If you /examine your droid, you will see just how much power your droid has remaining. Droid batteries are pretty easy to come by on any DE vendor's site or even on the Bazaar. I recommend buying them in crates.

    Mounts and Vehicles


    Mounts and vehicles have made our planets much smaller places. What would have taken a Scout forty five minutes to traverse now takes 10. Areas that were very dangerous are now simply scenery along your travel route.


    There are a number of different mounts and vehicles, each with benefits and drawbacks. I won't discuss them specifically, but I compare the two. The biggest drawback to vehicles is that they are destroyable and that you are unable to attack while driving them. Mounts can be healed and you can use basic attacks on them. Mounts, on the other hand are slower and require feeding, but they generally can't be killed permanently. The choice of whether to use a mount or a vehicle is largely personal, but most folks opt for speed and use their vehicles almost exclusively.


    As for gameplay, the adding of mounts and vehicles has made mask scent an important tactic for quickly leveling Scout. Non-powergamer Scouts are still going to want to earn the Scout XP from hunting. But the quickest way to level the Exploration and Hunting trees is to grab a speeder and Mask Scent on a high end planet like Yavin 4 or Dathomir. Ride around the critters - who won't be able to keep up with you - and get XP for each successful mask scent.


    Keep in mind - you can't mask you scent again while mounted. So you may need to set up a macro to dismount you, re-mask scent and then mount up again.


    Some Scouts have been able to hit level 4 in both Exploration and Hunting in just a few hours of zooming on their vehicles. Using a macro, it's easy to mount, reapply your mask scent, and dismount. There's been some considerable debate about this tactic in the community, and the general perception is that this is a semi-exploitive move. It's not recommended that you do this, but it is a tactic to level.




    Scouts need dough, just like every other profession out there. Food, Armor, Weapons, Spice, Cantina Girls - they all cost money. So what's the best way for a Scout to make cash quickly?


    There are two - selling resources and missions.


    Resource Selling


    The more hide and bones you can get, the more you can sell in the bazaar. And once you start hunting with a passion, you'll get more hides and bones than you can ever use to build traps and tents. Share the wealth. Tip medics with them (they always need organics for their crafting) and sell them on the bazaar. You'll make pretty good cash, especially the larger the lots you sell. Here's my quick pricing guide for hides and bone:


    1.) Sell in even number lots: Don't sell 538 hide. Sell 500. It makes it easier on your for computing the sales, and easier on the crafter, as well.


    2.) Know your consumers: Take the time to talk to the people you're selling your harvestables to. If you don't know anyone, wait until your material sells on the bazaar and then ask the person who purchased it what they're looking for in terms of stats. Each crafting profession relies on different stats beyond the overall quality.


    3.) Know the market: Figure out what the average price your goods are selling at. Talk to your fellow Scouts and Rangers who are selling their goods (make sure they're on your server - each server has a unique economy).


    The most important thing to keep in mind about selling harvestable materials is that THE MARKET SETS THE PRICE. If something will sell at 100 CPU, then sell it at 100 CPU. If something won't, then don't sell it at that rate.


    Some servers have a much greater inflation rate than others. Prices widely fluctuate, so you need to know your server, and your customers.


    If you know what they're looking for, you'll be able to provide it to them at rates they'll be willing to pay.

    If you do sell on the bazaar, you are going to want to put your wares up on bazaars in high foot traffic areas. Theed, Moenia, Bestine, Mos Eisley, Coronet, etc. That will get your sale more visibility and its where most people turn when they can't find something they're looking for from a player vendor.


    Running Missions


    The other means of gaining money is running missions. Delivery missions are fine - for artisans and entertainers. But they don't pay half as well as destroy missions, and you aren't going to get Scouting XP by taking the kiddie their prize for the best picture in the "Draw Lord Vader in the Shower" contest. You will get it for going out there and killing animals.


    Destroy missions are great for getting both XP and money at the same time. They're fairly simple - go to the waypoint, destroy the creatures and destroy their lairs.


    Explorer missions provide us with a monetary incentive to do the things we already do. Some of them can be very tough, but they can also be a great way to get out and see the galaxy. There are two types of missions given by these terminals - hunting and recon. Recon is exactly what it sounds get paid to take the mission and run out to the Waypoint. Once you get there you are successful and get the cash award. Generally these missions are 3k to 5k away from where the terminal is, so expect a good hike. The hunting missions are much more difficult, but provide better compensation. They require you to kill between 15 and 45 of a certain type of creature. Be careful: they are EXTREMELY specific. If you get a mission to kill Spineflap Soldiers, you can kill Spineflap Guards until the cows come home and you won't get any credit. They HAVE to be the same critter the mission calls for. Each time you kill one, you'll get a spam letting you know how many more you need to kill to complete the mission. The other difficulty is that you don't receive a waypoint for the mission - you need to find the creatures yourself.


    The higher end hunter missions can go for 10k credits and while they are time consuming, they also are very lucrative.




    This is a difficult question, because it goes more to the heart of the game than any of the above. If you've followed my tips, you've got a nearly self sufficient character that won't need a group to advance. But is this fun? It can be. But that depends more on you and your playing style than on the limitations or structures of your profession.


    Luckily for you, your Scouting forefathers were able to make a significant change to the game mechanics. Grouping was much tougher on us older Scouts, because when the game was originally designed, only one scout could harvest from a creature. This led to a lot of "ninja harvesting" and gave Scouts little incentive to group. However, we were able to successfully lobby the Devs to change the rule. Now, Scouts in groups are ALL able to harvest from a creature - instead of having to line up and rotate the harvest. However, as an offset, you only get 60% of the resources you would have gotten if you had killed the creature solo. With this system in place, the choice of whether or not to group or not group comes down to your personal desires, and not an artificial requirement.


    I've found that when I was in a social mood, I enjoyed grouping with my friends to go hunting. But when I was in a mood to make money or just explore, I played the loner.


    Going solo offers you the advantage of being in control - you pick what to kill, when and how. You get 100% of all the resources from harvesting creatures, and building the camps. And you don't need to worry about courtesy, etiquette and all that jazz. But it can get awfully lonely out there all by yourself. And you'll never get good camping XP (unless you are willing to wait 15 minutes each time) to get the full amount from your timer.


    In the end, as a Scout, you don't really have to group often to make it to Master Scout. But if you never group, you'll be missing out on a lot of the fun the game has to offer.


    Solo Groups


    This is a new big trend in grouping. In order to get the higher paying missions, or the tougher missions with larger creatures, many groups are formed that are intended to be for "soloers". You get the XP bonus from being grouped, you get the ability to pull higher missions from the terminals, but as long as none of your fellow groupers are within 1000 meters, you will receive the full payout. This is an easy way of leveling and making money quickly.


    Where to Run Missions?


    This seems like a funny question, but it's important - especially if you're running missions for money. Larger Player Cities have the option of becoming "specialized" city. Cities that have the "Stronghold" specialization give players on their militia a bonus to defense. Cities that are "Medical Centers" get a bonus to buffing and wound healing.


    The most important type you're looking for is "Improved Job Market". If a city has this kind of a specialization, you'll get higher payouts from your missions. A 7400 credit Quenker mission is now 8500. A 27k Mokk mission is now a 33k Mokk mission. "Improved Job Market" player cities are usually busy, popular places.




    When I originally wrote this guide, I promised beers in the Cantina. Well, I've got about a zillion beers to buy. I enjoy sitting in a cantina and having someone say "Hey! I read your guide!"


    I hope that this little (well, not really!) guide to making Master Scout has answered all of the questions you may have about the Scouting profession. If you've got any questions - ask away on the Scouting forums.


    Good luck and good hunting!


    By Brisc Rubal - Scout Correspondent
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    Smuggler templates





    Professions you can not master along with Master Smuggler:

    - Bounty Hunter

    - Doctor

    - Combat Medic

    - Ranger

    - Jedi (yes... I over-heard some one once say they wanted to make a jedi/smuggler)



    Combat Smuggler

    Smuggler is not a pure combat profession, but makes a very nice compliment to an elite combat profession. The dirty fighting line is invaluable with its feign skill and provides some nice pistol specials to enhance the pistoleer lines. Using your own spices can help out in a pinch and you'll always be able to enhnace your own weapons and armor with slicing.


    The Combat Smuggler

    Master Smuggler

    Master Pistoleer

    Master TKA

    3 floating skill points

    The original and most popular combat smuggler combination.


    The Commando

    Master Smuggler

    Master Commando

    18 floating skill points

    Since the commando prerequisites include the smuggler prerequisites, many include them together. A popular combo for faction base smashers because of the ability to perform the shut down duties for both classes.


    The Launcher Pistol Specialist

    Master Smuggler

    Master Pistoleer

    Novice Commando

    12 floating skill points

    Pistol user with access to the launcher pistol and additional pistol accuracy/speed bonuses from master marksman. Very specialized and uncommon combination.


    The Unarmed Combat Specialist

    Master Smuggler

    Master Brawler

    Master TKA

    18 floating skill points

    Unarmed combat specialist.


    The Shootist

    Master Smuggler

    Master Pistoleer

    Master Marksman

    18 floating skill points

    Undisputed master of the pistol. The full range of dirty fighting and pistoleer moves are complimented by the increased accuracy/speed bonuses of the master marksman. The added bonus of a high ranged defense from the marksman tree proves useful in a firefight.


    The Rifleman

    Master Smuggler

    Master Rifleman

    Master Marksman

    18 floating skill points

    A pvp combination. While dirty fighting does not directly compliment rifle skills, this combo can work over the vulnerable mind HAM fairly easily. Master marksman helps round out pistol and rifle speed/accuracy bonuses.


    The Self Defender

    Master Smuggler

    Master Pistoleer or TKA

    66 floating skill points

    The obvious choice to enhance basic combat skills is to follow one of the smuggler pre-requisite lines. While this does not leave enough skill points to master a crafting or entertainer profession, the 66 remaining points can allow for a serious amount of skill dabbling in any field.


    Floating skill point suggestions for combat smugglers:

    - Novice Medic for basic healing.

    - Novice Scout + Exploration I for faster hill movement.

    - Novice Pistoleer for a boost to pistol accuracy and speed.

    - Novice TKA + Meditative Techniques I-II for meditation to stop bleeds and cure disease/poison.

    - Novice Entertainer for battle fatigue and mind wound healing.



    Crafting Smuggler

    Master smugglers are able to master any of the crafting professions. Weapon and armor crafting allows you to enhance your own products with slicing.


    The Weapon/Armor Smith

    Master Smuggler

    Master Weaponsmith/Armorsmith

    37 floating skill points

    Create... slice... sell...


    The Chef

    Master Smuggler

    Master Chef

    37 floating skill points

    The master of consumable goods. Popular at weddings, parties, and brawls. Able to place cantinas in player cities.


    The Crafter

    Master Smuggler

    Master Droid Engineer/Architect/Tailor

    37 floating skill points

    The other crafting professions.


    The Merchant

    Master Smuggler

    Master Merchant

    37 floating skill points

    A combo that can not only offer some of their own goods, but can enhance weapons and armor for resale.


    The Bio-engineer

    Master Smuggler

    Master Bio-engineer

    8 floating skill points

    A very rare combination. one master smuggler/bio-engineer I talked with said feign came in very handy when things go bad during a dna sampling session.


    Floating skill point suggestions for crafting smugglers:

    - Novice Artisan + Survey I-IV for resource gathering. Highly recommended for the professional crafter!

    - Novice Artisan + Business I-IV + Novice Merchant will give you the ability to place two vendors.

    - Novice Scout + Exploration I for faster hill movement.

    - Novice Pistoleer for a boost to pistol accuracy/speed just in case you feel a bit vulnerable as a crafter.



    Entertainer Smuggler

    While not as common as combat and crafting smuggler combos, these entertainer choices are popular with those that enjoy hanging out in cantinas and creating music/dance routines.


    The Professional Musician

    Master Smuggler

    Master Musician

    23 floating skill points

    A master of song instead of a generalist. This combo allows for the fun of playing instruments, secondary mind buffs (100%), battle fatigue and mind wound healing, as well as enough spare skill points to allow for self defense. Can place cantinas and theatres in player cities.


    The Professional Dancer

    Master Smuggler

    Master Dancer

    23 floating skill points

    A master of dance instead of a generalist. This combo allows for the fun of many dances, mind buffs (100%), battle fatigue and mind wound healing, as well as enough spare skill points to allow for self defense. Can place cantinas and theatres in player cities.


    The Musical Entertainer

    Master Smuggler

    Master Entertainer

    Musician - Musical Knowledge I-IV - Musical Techniques I-IV

    18 floating skill points

    While not as proficient at healing mind wounds and battle fatigue as a master musician, this combo has access to the mandivol, can play all but one song/instrument, and has very good (80%) mind secondary buffing abilities.


    The Dancing Entertainer

    Master Smuggler

    Master Entertainer

    Dancer - Dancing Knowledge I-IV - Dancing Techniques I-IV

    18 floating skill points

    While not as proficient at healing mind wounds and battle fatigue as a master dancer, this combo has access to the footloose2 and formal2 dances, can use all but three dances, and has very good (80%) mind buffing abilities.


    The Image Designer

    Master Smuggler

    Master Image Designer

    37 floating skill points

    The rarest entertainer/smuggler combo. Leaves a fair number of skill points to play around with.

    Floating skill point suggestions for entertainer smugglers:

    - Novice Artisan + Survey I-IV for additional income via resource gathering.

    - Novice Medic for basic healing.

    - Novice Scout + Exploration I for faster hill movement.

    - Novice Pistoleer for a boost to pistol accuracy/speed.

    - Novice TKA + Meditative Techniques I-II for meditation to stop bleeds and cure disease/poison.



    Other Smuggler Combos

    These master smuggler combos are somewhat unusual, but demonstrate just how versatile the smuggler profession is. 


    The Politician

    Master Smuggler

    Master Politician

    52 floating skill points

    If you wish to run a city, then this is the way to go. Certainly not a bad combination. Leaves just enough skill points to complete three of the four pistol or TKA lines depending on your combat preferences.


    The Miner

    Master Smuggler

    Master Scout

    Ranger - Wayfairing I-IV

    Artisan - Survey I-IV

    3 floating skill points

    The smuggler/miner combo. Going all the way to Wayfairing IV allows you to camo yourself on every planet except Dathomir for easy surveying.


    The Squad Leader

    Master Smuggler

    Master Squad Leader

    9 floating skill points

    An unusual combination that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for combat improvement.


    The Part-time Doctor

    Master Smuggler

    Master Medic

    Novice Doctor

    46 floating skill points

    The closest you'll get to a professional medical smuggler. The 46 floating skill points will allow you to complete three of the four doctor lines.


    The Creature Handler

    Master Smuggler

    Master Creature Handler

    23 floating skill points

    An unconventional combo that excells at pve combat. The smuggler runs support for the pet using knockdowns and feign to manage aggro. Novice medic and/or pistoleer skills are suggestions for rounding out this combo.


    The Self Sufficient

    Master Smuggler

    Master Pistoleer

    Marksman - Ranged Support I-IV

    Novice Weaponsmith

    Novice Armorsmith

    Artisan - Business I-III

    2 floating skill points

    Providing excellent personal defence, WUKs and AUKs for slicing, and a vendor terminal to sell goods, this combo is very self sufficient. A popular variation of this combo drops the marksman ranged support skills in favor of novice medic for basic healing.


    The Jack Of All Trades

    Master Smuggler

    129 floating skill points

    While this may seem obvious to many, the smuggler profession leaves a lot of extra skill points for professional dabblers. Popular dabbler combos include basic pistoleer, medic, scout, artisan, and entertainer skills. Going novice in the mentioned skills leaves 61 skill points to flesh them out in any way you please. While not as powerful as some multi-master combos, the jack of all trades smuggler can be extremely self-sufficient and demonstrates the extreme versatility of the smuggler profession.
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    Can someone please tell me what the hell they were thinking when they scrapped the skill system?

    The Second Day Vet

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    Swordsman Templates



    1) Good for the FS Quests


    Master Brawler - +5 Speed, Toughness, Accuracy and CoB ; Lunge2(20m ranged KD) ; Intimidate2 and WarCry2

    Master Sword

    Master TKA - Mediation, Melee/Ranged Defense and the ability to land all kind of stats(blind/stun/dizzy) on your target

    Dabble into:

    a)Fencer 0400 - Cert for Stun-Bat and capping defense vs. knochdown and posture change


    b)Pike 0040 - DoT Weapons and more balanced def. vs. stats

    Medic 2210 - Stims B and cure bleeds with first aid


    U can cap xps on two professions witch makes it lots easier to grind thru. Later on in the quests u can drop the fencer/pike line and some medic to free up enough skillpoints.


    2) Nice PvE Killer, mainly dwb, nightsisters, tusken, krayts or rancors




    Master Brawler - +5 Speed, Toughness, Accuracy and CoB ; Lunge2(20m ranged KD) ; Intimidate2 and WarCry2

    Master Sword

    Master Pike - Nice area attacks(stun/dizzy/kd) and dot-weapons along with some nice def. vs. stats

    Combat Powers 0034 +9 Melee Accuracy and +12 Melee Speed. Both good for pike and swords.


    Dabble into:


    TKA 4000 - Mediation for powerboost, force of will, cure bleeds/poison/disease and woundhealing.

    Medic 2000 - Stims B and cure bleeds with first aid


    IMO the most powerfull pure melee template. The nice area attacks and stat-attacks(/stun/dizz/kd) u are missing as a swordsman will bring up by pike. Along with some nice (mind)dot-pikes u cut thru nightsister elders or krayts within a few minutes...


    3) Healing Swordsman




    Master Swords

    Master Doc


    Dabble into:

    Scout 1000


    U can buff yourself and heal all Health and Action and cure disease/poison/fire/stats(kd/dizzy/blind/stun etc.). U will need this abilities since u have next to nothing defense. Your offense abilities are some kind of limitied.


    4) Hunting Swordsman




    Master Swords

    Master Scout

    Master Ranger


    Dabble into:


    Medic 0100


    Good for people who wanne build a meat-hunter. Being a ranger is some kind of value cuz thru the jedi quests u have to kill some kind of "rare animals". So upcoming jedi will pay u good money to track down there targets...Not to forget that docs are allways paying very well for good meat! U can make some mil. creds within a few weeks...


    5) Smuggling Swordsman




    Master Swords

    Master Smuggler


    Dabble into:

    Pistoleer 0404

    Medic 0100


    U can slice your armor and weapons. Assemble your own muon and pixies and open your looted locked containers. U can make some money by selling faction points or slice for othter player. Your Pistol-skills are not the best but ok for killing lesser animals/npcs...The ability of feign death can safe your life while fighting high-end-mobs/npcs...


    6) Corvette/Geno-Cave Swordsman




    Master Brawler

    Master Swords


    Dabble into:


    Combat Powers 0044

    TKA 4300

    Pistoleer 0040

    Medic 2000


    The Line from Pistoleer gives u +2 ranged migration witch cut down the max. damage of your opponents ranged-weapon. Along with the migration u get some nice defense vs. stats too.


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    Swordsman Templates 2

    Well, sort of anyway.  I see alot of people asking for help with their Swordsman template.  So, I figured that I would drop a few of the "better" templates that I have come up with.  So, here goes.



    Master Swordsman/Master Doctor

    Speaks for it's self, really.  My personal favorite for PvE.  You can buff yourself, heal yourself, heal your states, poison, disease, bleeds and nearly anytying else.  The only problem lies in the lack of defenses.  But, who needs defenses when you have good armor and the ability to heal almost anything?  As always, Musician and Dancer buffs are a great idea for this and any template when taking on Super-Mobs.



    Master Swordsman/Doctor 4000/Combat Medic 3004

    Right, this is a handy one.  Especially for those of you who really don't care about buffing yourself.  You can get Stim D's that are experimented down to your Medecine Use and all of the Heal State packs are usually down there anyway.  So, the only thing that you are missing is the ability to buff and the ability to craft.  But...Who really wants to craft their own stuff anyway?  The CM adds a nice flavor in there as you are now able to throw DOTs on anything you want.  Believe me...It really speeds up those Night Sister Elders and Krayts when you are flying solo.  This template works quite well for PvP and PvE.  Again, the drawback is in the defenses.  You don't have a whole lot and should get used to using those Cure State packs alot.  But, overall this one is fun and solid.



    Master Swordsman/Doctor 4000/Fencer 3440

    Once again, you see the importance of Doctor with Swordsman.  You are up close and personal with anything that you fight and will be there until the deed is done...Hopefully.  However, in this template you see the use of Fencer.  This stacks on the little extra defense that you have been missing.  Some people would use Teras Kasi Artist instead of Fencer.  But, when you do the math, Fencer is just a better choice.  Be mindful that your Fencer is only for defenses.  This is not a template where you should fall back on your Stun Baton or Gaffi Stick.  Though, I think that falling back on another weapon is a bad idea in the first place.  Unless it is a DOT weapon and if you have  DOT Swordsman weapon...Well...You just suck.  This one is pretty simple.  You can heal yourself and stay relatively unscathed.  It works for PvP and PvE.



    Master Swordsman/Master Brawler/Fencer 4440/Teras Kasi Artist 4304/Pikeman 0020

    Hooray for Defense stacking!  For those of you who don't like Doc at all and don't even want to heal yourself...Here is your answer.  Just Swordsman ass-whoopin and Brawler Defenses.  With this template you come fresh out of the box with a very wide array of dizzys a knockdown for your Swordsman and a few little tricks in the bag.  Once again, I don't like the idea of switching weapons mid-fight, but if your sword won't make the dizzy stick for the KD, use the Vibro Knuckler or the trusty Stun Baton.  However, I would suggest putting some Medic in this.  You can pick and choose what you want and don't want out of it.  This is a very nice "Tank" template.  With this, you are everybody's friend.  Moreover...The Doc in your group will quickly become your best friend, lol.



    Master Swordsman/Master Fencer/Pistoleer 0040/TKA 3000

    Another ode to defense stacking.  Just a little different way of going about it.  This particular template has very nice Defense Vs. stats.  All Defense Vs. are close to, at, or over 100.  Which is nice.  However, you find yourself somewhat lacking in the melee and ranged defense department.  If you have a constant SL that you run around with, this will not be a problem.  But, if you are more of a soloist, such as myself.  Not such a good idea.  It is a nice template, though.  One more suited for PvP as the status effects run rampant there.  But, you should be mostly safe from them with this little number.



    Master Swordsman/Master Rifleman

    On a personal note, I say bleck to this one.  Alot of people think that this template would be great.  Which is a justified assumption until you look at it closely.  While you are an offensive powerhouse to be sure, you will be lacking any sort of defensive capability whatsoever.  Very little Melee and Ranged Defense, not much for Defense Vs., and your ability to heal yourself is non-existant.  But!  You can change that as you have a fair amount of points leftover to play with.  But, I just don't find it to be enough to do anything to really change the weaknesses in this template.  But, go ahead and try it.  You might like it.



    Master Swordsman/Combat Medic 4404

    Okay, this is alot like the first one.  But, you have CM instead of Doc.  *Gasp* Was that not clear before?  Anyhoo...You can now lay somewhat better DOTs and do it much faster.  This template is nice, as you can heal yourself rather effectively.  However, you are lacking defenses and the ability to cure states.  Well...There isn't much to the imagination with this one.


    See?  That wasn't so bad, was it?  Before I wrap this up, I will give you my personal opinon and some tips on template building.  My personal favorite here is Master Swordsman/Master Doctor.  Very versatile.  You may end up on your ass alot, but you will always get back up if you do it right.  Who needs Defense Vs. when you can just heal them away?  The ability to buff is VERY nice for long sessions of hunting as well.  Now, for the template building tips.  The main thing that you want to remember is where to find what you need.  I have already done this for you.  Somewhat.


    Melee/Ranged Defense:  Teras Kasi Artist and Fencer are your best bets.

    Defense Vs. Effects:  Pistoleer Techniques line is ultimate for this.  Also, Teras Kasi Artist and Fencer have some nice trees.

    Healing:  Medic and Doctor.  Duh.

    Additional DOTs:  Combat Medic.  Duh.


    Although, I think that the last two were somewhat unneccesary...I thought that someone would ask.  So, I thought I should say it anyway.


    Well, I hope that this has helped you to either find a template or at least give you some guidance on how to make one for yourself.  Now...Get out there and hit things in the head like there is no tomorrow!
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    Swordsman Templates 3

    Well, you'll be dissapointed to hear from the beginning that there is no best PvE template (and I'm including any jedi template here) but there are best templates for different situations. There is also much to discuss about templates if you are looking for 'a little PvP' or 'not to die quickly in PvP' or 'I plan to go jedi' or 'is this good for FS grinding?'. If you have some of these questions in mind, this post is not for you. You can read it but you'll not find the best answers here.


    This post is for people who:


    1)Love being Master Swordsman more than anything else

    2)Their main interest is high end PvE

    3)They are hunting solo usually, cannot count on others help

    3)Have money to spend


    Some FAQ to help you understand the results:


    I. Is Master Brawler a must?

    I think yes! Because of the toughness, 2hlunge2 and intimidate2. You can buy the rest (or just ignore them like /berserk2) but those 3 I mentioned worth the skill points. In my tests /intimidate1 and /intimidate2 stack (there is a difference like 10% damage reduction if you use both and they stick rather than use only /intimidate2). Also /intimidate2 has a powerfull damage reduction than /intimidate1, in my tests the difference is about 20%. I also tend to use 2hlunge2 when low level mobs are trying to teleport 88 meters away from me. I really dont want to argue more about having Master Brawler but I have to mention that there are opinions from vets that you can do pretty well without it. Note that you can free up many points if you choose not to have it. However all the templates used here are Master Brawler.


    ||. Do I need Medic? If so, what exactly do I need?

    If you choose to stay away from elders while you are solo or if you wish to take a higher risk soloing them you don't need Medic. But we like to hunt elders ALONE, every day, with minimum risk so we DO need Medic 2000. Many veterans choose to have medic 2040 (Centurion) or even medic 4040 (Jeht_). Please check their posts to see where they cut to get the additional skill points for Medic.

    Tip: It's better to start with medic 2040.


    III. What about melee and ranged defense?

    If you hunt ONLY Krayts and NS/Singing high end mobs those +27 from MBrawler/MSwordsman are enough. They have incredible accuracy and if they will miss you, that is because of your CoB + Counterattack mainly. If you like to farm swarms of spawns before server reset in Geo cave you need melee defense around +75. If you like to camp Black Suns or want to stand a chance soloing a Force NPC (I'm not talking about Dark Jedi Masters) its better to have it like +100. If you are in the Corvette bussiness (I mean killing things there not walking in underwear with Master Ranger /maskscent on), a ranged defense around +80 its very good. For DWB make it +100 and put 2 aakuan rings on you. Your ranged defense won't help you much with SBD or admirals (high end ranged) but you'll resist much longer and eventually win when many low level ranged mobs gank you..


    ...You didn't answer my question!


    Yes but reading the templates you'll understand!


    IV. What about ranged Mitigation?

    That is a nice thing to have. If you tend to stay all day inside Corvette or DWB I recommend you to have at least Ranged Mitigation1.


    V. What about defences vs states?

    You didn't tell me if you're in the NS/Krayt bussiness or Corvette/DWB! Ahh, you want all do you? All you need is either to prevent them OR to clear them. A +65 is fairly enough, you can buy the rest. Also don't invest points in skills that can be easily replaced by food/drink (like +90 defence vs KD). Try to keep the dizzy defence higher than +70 thats the first advice. If you can find good Ithorian Mist +20 dizzy on your server USE it on a regular basis. To answer your question, try to keep defense vs states higher than +50, around +65 (including defense vs posture down). If you have the ability to /healstate (novice doctor) all you need is some food and BE shirt plus all the tapes you can find. All in one buy any tape with more than +5 def vs dizzy.


    VI. What about Master Doc? Is it good to have it?

    No, Master Doc is just for cutting the costs or for groups.


    VII. A FS Swordsman is better than a NON-FS swordsman?

    No, you dont need FS skills, you can buy them (speed, accuracy) or obtain them from normal professions (melee defense, ranged defense) or just buy them all.


    VIII. What about Counterattack? Is it worth to take the Carabineer box?

    The best defensive in the game, period. Buy tapes. Read the templates, you'll understand that there is a situation when some Carabineer is a must. Counterattack caps at +125 (without mods) and you can add up to +25 from mods. Tip: if you get +25 Counterattack mods you'll notice the difference.


    IX. What about CoB? Is it worth it?

    Even with Novice Brawler you should have a CoB macro running ALWAYS in fights.


    X. What about meditation line?

    Nice to have it but its not required.


    Ok, enough BS, show me the templates!


    1. Single high end mobs:

    Master Brawler/Master Swordsman/Doctor 4020/Combat prowess 0040


    2. Ranged protection

    Master Brawler/Master Swordsman/Medic 2000/Fencer 4440/ Carabineer 0010/ Combat prowess 0020


    3. Swarm camp and cave loot

    Master Brawler/Master Swordsman/Master Pikeman/Medic 2000/Fencer 3200


    4. vnicula standard template,

    Copyright (c) 2004 by vnicula

    Master Brawler/Master Swordsman/TKM 4304/ Fencer 0240/ Medic 2000/ Combat prowess 0044 / Enhanced reflexes 3400


    Before crying 'BS these are not even speed capped, my TKM/MSwords/MBrawler/Whatever FS' is better please read:


    How to use the templates (important):


    a)get speed capped (you must buy/loot speed tapes) (tip: buy many +1 2h speed, put them in the arm/hand armour pieces and repeat when they are over)

    b)get FS accuracy while you are still poor (see my template?)

    c)buy tapes with +accuracy and +melee def, +ranged def, 2 aakuan rings, all tapes with +dizzy def etc

    d)build a battle gear (usually belt, bandolier, shirt and mod arm armour) which has at least +20 2h accuracy, +16 2hspeed, +20 melee def, +20 ranged def, +20 counterattack, +15blind, +10 vs dizzy and as much stun you can from BE shirt(+17 usually)).

    e)migrate to either template number 1, 2, 3 or if you have a hole in your states (like accuracy or dizzy) adjust one of the templates given here to your situation (keep the FS accuracy line if you dont have tapes with accuracy etc)


    That should be all. Please check the entire thread, there are other good examples of templates here.
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    Krayt Guide [Soloing] 



    Checklist (things you will need)

    - Master Swordsman

    - Medic xx4x

    - Buffs (2000+)

    - brandy

    - stim packs (i use 1200 40 med use)

    - Power hammer (around 170-600 at least)

    - High-kenetic defence armor (i use cheap 80% kenetic, 71% base composit)

    Checklist (optional items)

    - Mind buffs

    - Def vs Dizzy/Knockdown food

    - 16% max melee pups (around 10 per krayt)

    - Guide -

    [Juvenile krayts]

    Nothing to worry about at all. 40k ham usually. Dont even need to add your pups to your hammer. just headhit3 till it falls down. simple

    Less than a minute to kill

    [Canyon Krayts]

    Again, nothing much to fear. 350k-410k ham usually. These like to do stun, which doesnt bother me to much. Keep it intimidated and use mindhit2 a couple of times to bleed it, then away you go with headhit3. Pups are nice on your hammer, as it wont take as long to kill it, which is always nice. Obviously heal yourself when needed, but you shouldnt have too much to fear.

    10-20 minutes to kill

    [Giant Canyon Krayts]

    This is where it gets a bit annoying. And sometimes could be fatal. 390k-450k ham usually. You HAVE to keep these intimidated, as if you get dizzy/knockdowned (which giant canyons loves to do) and they arnt intimidated, yyou'll get a big chunk of you taken out. Again, pups are nice for the quickness, as it can take some time to kill due to all the dizzy knockdowning you will be submitted to. Brandy or mind buffs are needed, but not both.

    25-40 minutes to kill

    *edit* after testing myself, dizzy vs knockdown food is really a must for solo'ing these. If not for making sure you dont die, and making it quicker. For saving your krayt from someone or some people attacking it and running off with it


    [Ancient Krayts]


    Requires one of a few things to get rid of them quickly.. a big team consisting of tanks (preferably swordsmen with high dmg PHs and high def vs KD/Dizzy) CM's with nasty health poisons/diseases, Commandos with high dmg Flamers and Riflemen with high damage T21's..  poison/disease/fire/strafe2/2handhit3  


    The other option is of course, Lightsaber Master Jedi supported by Tanks..  Sadly, Ancients weren't designed to be solo'd i don't think, at least by Swordsmen...  It'd take a solo swordsman without an absolutely amazing PH (Such as a Legendary one with 800-2200 dmg and a 600 tick mindpoison for example ) hours upon hours to kill an Ancient.. simple as that

    There we go, NOTHING amazing, but i hope this helps some people if they were unsure on anything.

    - Let the flaming begin, i guess

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    Teras Kasi and her Sister Professions: A Template Guide


    TKA + Fencer

    This class is a force in offense (TKA) and with amazing defenses, that are nearly unmatched by any other combination. Fencer gives defenses, melee, ranged, Defense vs State etc etc. With TKA, you have a variety of offensive power that can make you a force in PvP and PvE. Also you can't forget Fencer, if you master this profession, you have a variety of weapons to pick from, that are still very useful. Stun Batons, Tusken Sticks -- fencer gives you many options for your template.


    Overall I would rate this template as 6/10, given that you'll have access to great defenses, but against the immense high-end creatures with 90+% kinetic defense, neither TKA or Fencer packs enough punch of AP to get through that high-end content.


    In PvP, this template will always be useful though.


    TKA + Heavy Swordsman

    This is my favorite Melee/Melee Combination. You get the offensive/defense power of TKA, with the amazing damage of Heavy Swordsman. With access to kinetic, AND blast damage (via the Power Hammer) you have another option that can kill turrets, AT-STs, and most high-end content. Heavy Swordsman won't give you the defense abilities that a Fencer would, but you have a much better option for offensive threat.


    Aside from the Power Hammer, you also get the Scythe, and Executioners Hack, which while not the best weapon -- is for sure a good weapon, and a nice change from the common weapons we all see to often.


    I would give this template a 7/10, it's a great offensive force, and TKA defenses are great, and for PvE you'll be hard-pressed to find a better combo than this one. In PvP, you'll find yourself using TKA skills far more often than HSwordsman, for the access to KD/Dizzy, Combo hits.


    TKA + Pikeman

    This is one combination that is kinda quirky, Pikeman is an offensive force -- but a base Pikeman vs a base Swordsman, the Swordsman is better in pure damage. However, Pikeman have MANY more options for loot weapons, DOT weapons, and exceptional weapons than any other melee class. If you have plenty of time, effort, and patience, you can take this template with modest defense, and modest offense, and turn it into the best tank in the game. That is if you're willing to camp the high-end spawns all day, and are able to take the armor decays you suffer from their major damage.


    I give this template a 6/10, because while it can be an offensive force (using TKA), some people find Pike so hard, and so expensive to truly become wonderful, that you'll almost always end up using your TKA skills more. Because while your target might have lower electricty resists (for a Pike weapon) if you're not speed-capped with amazing weapons as a Pike -- you will use your TKA skills a lot more.


    About MBrawler...

    In my opinion, any melee/melee template requires Master Brawler to be truly amazing. It gives you intimidate2, warcry2, and lunge2 moves which is basically a 18M-20M knockdown attack. Any of the above combinations, with Master Brawler thrown in will automatically become 10/10 templates. The extra skills at MBrawler, and extra special lunge attacks give any melee template a true ability to stop and force kiters to the ground!



    TKA + Rifleman

    This is probably the most common Melee/Ranged Template, and is my current template. This template has great defenses, and amazing offensive force. This has more offensive force than any other template in the game with the current weapon/HAM formats. You have the ability to deal amazing ranged damage to nearly unhealable pool (mind) with weapons that have Medium or Heavy AP, and you fire nearly at speed-cap just at Master level Rifleman.


    If that wasn't enough, with TKA you're also a tank. You can easily unequip our rifle, slap on your VKs and become a melee force to tank Super Battle Droids, Battle Droids, TKA gives you that central punch in melee combat, that makes you much more adaptable than any other ranged profession.


    I give this a 10/10, because you cannot go wrong with this template. You are great in PvP, great in PvE, good defenses, great damage, great options, and access to the best weapons in the game. Even if you spend 0 Credits on speed tapes, accuracy tapes or any other SEA, you will be amazing no matter what. As long as you set your toolbars up correctly, you will be a force to be reckoned with.


    TKA + Pistoleer

    You're nearly impossible to KD with this template. You've got amazing defenses, nearly matching fencer for ranged/melee, but better with State Defenses. Pistoleer by itself with TKA however is only really useful for defenses. Unless you get an amazing pistol, you will find yourself almost always using your TKA moves in PvE and PvP simply because they are much more effective than any other Pistol attack, or pistol combat option.


    I rate this template as 4/10, becaus Pistoleer is still broken, only has three working specials (Stopping Shot, Fanshot, and HealtShot2) and unless you have eyeshot, pistol attacks seem to be hitting the most easily defended, buffed, and healed pool. Health.


    What about the Famous Tri-Master...

    TKM/MPistoleer/MSmuggler - this template, the Tri-Master is an amazing template for PvE and PvP. You get smuggler pistol options, slicing abilities, faction bonus, all based around TKM. Last Ditch, Low Blow, can help prevent kiters, and if you're able to speedcap Pistoleer, Smuggler Pistol Specials make this template all the better for PvP and PvE.


    PvP takes a lot more skill to be truly useful, but if you pull it off right, you'll be extremely happy.


    I'd give this template a 9/10, it's nearly unmatched in usefullness for combat and non-combat options, but unless you have a truly good pistol, you'll still find yourself using your TKA skills more often.


    TKA + Carbineer

    I was this template for awhile...and found out I almost always used my TKA skills more often than my Carbineer attacks. It's not that Carbineer isn't a good class, Master Level it has the lowest speed of any class, lowest defenses of any class, no master ability, and damage types that are routinely and easily defended against. Carbineer is able to land status effects very often, but with the current state of PvP where everyone has 70+ defense vs all states, you'll never be able to land one. In PvE, all status effects except Intimidate seem to be insignificant. You can't KD/Dizzy creatures, high-end content are nearly immune to all states, and only lower-end NPCs can be killed with Carbineer skills.


    You'll find yourself in this template using your TKA skills nearly 90% of the time, only using Carbineer for KD attacks to stop kiters, but even then if you are only using Carbineer to KD, you're better off getting MBrawler for 20M KD and other options.


    I'd give this template a 5/10, mainly because Carbineer has so few options of gameplay with the current state of affairs, armor rates are beyond insane, it's expensive to speedcap, it's defenses are terrible, and weapon options are too limited for being a ranged profession. With this template, you'll be using your TKA skills much more often.


    Now...TKA is the perfect compliment class if you want to be a Master Entertainer profession, or a Master Crafting Profession. You can be great at crafting or entertaining, and TKM gives you amazing combat options, while also being more than just a "combat class," which many people find boring.



    The Most Popular Templates:


    TKA + Master Commando

    This template is still a great option. Nearly everyone has tried commando at one point, and it is still a great class for PvE. Right now in PvP it is little more than a DOT machine, given the state of armor, and defenses that make it extremely hard to hit with. You'll find yourself landing a fire DOT on your target, and switch to TKA skills to finish your target off.


    However Commando seems to be getting more options in the future, and a wider selection of weapons they claim to want to fix. This could make it more intelligent in the future to do this template, however it is still very popular today.


    I'd rate this template as an 8/10, because of its options in PvE, and in PvP it can deal damage through major DOTs and then the TKA skills can finish the target.



    Already talked about...


    TKA + Master Doctor

    This template is a money maker via Combat and non-Combat options (buffing.) You'll be able to do anything at anytime with access to your own buffs, and if you find yourself KD/Dizzy, can spam stand and /healstate to get rid of the dizzy effect. You see this template more often these days because of the moeny making abilities of Doctor, and the Combat effeciency of TKA.

    This demplate deserves a 10/10, because you can cure all DOTs, all States, heal damage, revive, and can still fight. You can deal out amazing damage, and heal the poison the Combat Medic lobs all over the place.


    Also soon you will gain access to other skills to mitigate poison and disease damage.



    About Defenses......


    Having Melee Mitigation 3 and Ranged Mitigation 3 is wonderful, but they've said they are taking mitigation out, whether that means out of PvP or the game entirely is unknown.


    Also if you're trying to decide to cap ranged/melee defenses or state defenses, take state defenses. In PvP you can't avoid, dodge, deflect poisons or Jedi attacks -- rifleman always hit you, and melee classes always hit you regardless anymore. State defenses can save you in PvP and PvE.


    About Offenses...


    As a TKA you already have the abilitity to use some of the most damaging specials, and while other professions have specials equally as damaging, they might not be as good overall as the TKA skills which hit at speedcap.


    What's more damaging? A Heavy Swordsman hitting for 2000 damage every three seconds...or a TKM hitting for 1000 damage every second? You need to look at Damage Per Second, and not Damage Per Strike.


    I hope you all enjoyed this and found it useful!
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    Originally posted by Vortex500

    " remember n00bs: DON'T HIT THE LAIR IF CRITTERS ARE OUT " is by far the best sentence in this collection of text. lol

    Ha, that reminded me of my first day or so.  I was still getting used to the UI and just exploring around Corellia.  I see this rock I can interact with, me being the bold noob explorer decide to click it a few times to see what happens.  Suddenly these mobs that were previously ignoring me start attacking.  Needless to say I ran for my life.  I don't remember if I died or not, but that sentence reminded me of that. 


    SWG was my first MMO, and I'm constantly torn between wishing I'd never played it to I'm glad I at least got a taste of what my idea an MMO should be.  Good stuff.

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