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MMOs with low system reqs

metr0manmetr0man woodhaven, MIPosts: 8Member

What are the best MMOs out there with low system requirements?


I really like WoW, one of the reasons I started playing it as that it ran fine on my laptop's integrated graphics card. I won't be buying another laptop for at least another year, so I am looking for a new game that has a lot of people (obviously wont have as many as WoW).

I do remember the trial of LOTRO i played had a settings mode which cranked the settings down and gave me good FPS with ok graphics (i didnt really enjoy the game that much though).


  • marowitmarowit TimisoaraPosts: 268Member Uncommon link to a list of f2p low spec mmo.hope it helps you although they generally suck.

    Remember the good old days when devs made games just for the sake of making a great game?
    They are forever gone now all they care is about how much they can earn from them, if they can't make millions they won't make that game.


  • doomrahdoomrah Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 376Member Common

    eve online is pretty low if you don't download the graphics upgrade.  i think that is still optional?  not sure, i have it, so doesn't apply to me.

  • Kevyne-ShandrisKevyne-Shandris Hephzibah, GAPosts: 1,946Member
    Originally posted by marowit link to a list of f2p low spec mmo.hope it helps you although they generally suck.


    Suck for the grind and bots and gold sellers -- but they don't bother you...and hunting down gold sellers to gank or smack talk IS fun. ;)

    But yeah, they can be played low spec. Just the cities with 1001 botters/alts as sellers can cause a long load time. Otherwise, travelling and fighting there's little problem.

    OP, just remember to turn off shadows and dynamic lighting. Biggest fps increase comes from them off, followed by reducing textures.

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