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New Darkwind Info

PrinnySquadPrinnySquad Etna''s Entourage, CAPosts: 90Member

A new town and new maps have been added to Darkwind recently! This opens up some more trading possibilities and more areas to watch for.

Some new car skins have been added too! They look pretty sharp.

There's also a poll up for the ability to customize gang member names, or use the randomly generated ones. Would you like to see customizable gang member names?


  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    This game is still alive? lol

    People will play anything, I guess.

  • surfing.stefsurfing.stef SomersetPosts: 30Member
    Originally posted by Zorvan

    This game is still alive? lol
    People will play anything, I guess.
    If most people seems to prefer eye candy games; some are more interested in games they can trully be part of, and participate in permanent development with their own ideas.

    Darkwind: War on Wheels

    Psychic Software cannot be liable for my posts.
    Concerns expressed are only mine.

  • JD_BasherJD_Basher richland, WAPosts: 1Member
    This game is MORE than alive and well playing gracefully and deadly with more members than ever!
    New additions to the game include a bunch more weapons, more cars to race or fight with.....
    Your drivers and all personnel can now get out and shoot with Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and even crossbows if you can find them! You'll find other members running across the bleak wastlands looking for loot in the sands of the dunes or in the craggy cliffs of the multitude of maps.

    There are now 5 towns to travel from that harbor mechanic shops to fix and armor your cars as well as get a gun or two from them. The Marketplaces in each town offer all of the goods you need from gangs willing to sell their hard earned loot! (For a price)

    If you dont want to subscribe, join us in the mutitude of races and events FOR FREE!
    There are always a lot of people ready to shoot it out on the track or go take it personally with a PvP (Player versus Player)

    Subscribers get the benefit of buying and customizing their choice of cars as well as keeping or selling the loot cars that they have beaten in combat in the wilderness! Sometimes those wilderness events can get you some VERY rare cars!

    The community here is more than helpful to new players trying to manage the learning curve of Darkwind.

    If you play as a Subscriber or just as a free member.....
    You will find a different kind of community with Darkwind.

    Hope to see you there!
  • wolfmannwolfmann TerraakPosts: 1,159Member
    Originally posted by Zorvan

    This game is still alive? lol
    People will play anything, I guess.


    This quote truly tells me who you are Zorvan. Kinda disapointed, I did have an impression that you weren't just a WoW dude, but wanted different things to play.... But I guess I was wrong.

    This game is actually funny and different to play heh.

    imageThe last of the Trackers

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