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Yes or no?

herojer11herojer11 montreal, QCPosts: 14Member

Is this good or this game just suck?



  • Katashi-kunKatashi-kun St. Charles, MOPosts: 517Member

    Its a pretty fun game!  Somewhat limited and yes a grind eventually but its still fun!

    Kemih ~ 13 Red Mage | Currently playing FFXI & LOTRO, awaiting Warhammer Online & Aion...

  • herojer11herojer11 montreal, QCPosts: 14Member

    I will test it then :P I need to erase 1 of my 30 online games to have more space on hard disk -.-

  • demikujademikuja Bergenfield, NJPosts: 29Member

    If you feel like spending the next 10 months or so of endless grinding just to hit lvl 75~80, go for it :) Not to mention the community is very weak. Many people have moved on. It was good while it lasted though, went p2p and the harcoreness of this game is what killed it IMO.

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