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david-2nvdavid-2nv toronto, ONPosts: 1Member

im just wondering has the game even come out yet?


  • ForNeverForNever ZurichPosts: 8Member

    Reading on the website, they are in a bug squashing phase and beta testing is going to be starting really soon.  There is definitely activity as I signed up to the newsletter and received an issue just a week or so ago.

  • PinturicchioPinturicchio RENO, NVPosts: 36Member Uncommon


    Beta in Europe: Summer 2008

    Beta in Rest World:  Summer 2009

  • PlectrumPlectrum NottinghamPosts: 7Member

    Not so sure where you got the Summer 2009 thing from, Pintu.  The beta for all regions is due to start very soon.  Keep an eye on for an announcement.

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