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Character/Class question

JonathJCenJonathJCen Galveston, TXPosts: 193Member

Hey all,

   This game looks like it would be interesting, I kind of like the way the graphics have been taken, it's different. However, I'm kinda dreading something about the game when it comes to Character creation.

   Does your choise of class effect your character's gender, where if you are are class A, you are forced to be male, and when you're class B, you have to play a female?

   Personaly I've never been able to get into an MMO that connects all of it's classes to having a perticular gender attached to them.



  • soponyaisoponyai LondonPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    I have no knowledge of the game's class system but if it is strictly based on the movie, then I guess you might not be able to choose your gender (a male bead fairy would look gross anyway).

  • tacypoctacypoc Reno, NVPosts: 2Member

    was curious about the game (knowing nothing about a movie) ... and there really is very little in way of character customization.... class determines gender as well as basic looks.

  • AzalinRexAzalinRex Vila VelhaPosts: 47Member

    You can´t choose genders, since it is based on the novel/ movie Tales of ZU.

    But also each class plays unique.


    Females: bead fairy (heal sort class) / moonmaid (trap user)


    Male: Sun Warrior ( melee - tank) / summoner / swordman (range nuker)

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