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My First Day In Zu (Review)

13aked13aked Oshawa, ONPosts: 6Member

Well I start my account in and I start downloading the game. When it finished I installed and then I started it. The movie came up and I think it was kinda cool how the artwork is comic book style. It adds a unique look to the game. So when the movie ended I created my character.... having no clue what the mascots would do so I picked the Rat. I would reccomend IGG to tell you why you should pick a mascot so you can pick instead of having no clue what the hell the mascot did. Wich happend to me. Anyways after that I had to choose a "clan" wich is the race you wanna be, and I chose Swordsman (Alot of people in Zu are swordsman). Right when I got into the game I was unconfortable, I wasnt used to the graphics at all.  I had trouble finding the first tutorial quest, but i found it shortly after. Then another thing i didn't seem to notice is the unique combat style. I had no clue how to fight but i knew how to talk and there was a guy infront of me. I asked him how do i attack, he said push 1. I thought that was kinda wierd. The thing I like though is the auto-trace or click on the map to walk. I found that really cool, because it was noob friendly and I am a noob. Then I figured out the auto-fly. THAT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! It was a real quick way to get from place to place. Then when I got to level 30 I left to do some real life buisness. This is my first day review and I still continue to play. I will give u full swordsman review when I fully know the swordsman class or as I like to call it "race".


First Day Rating:

Graphics: 7/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Storyline: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10

Thanks For Reading


BAKED = 13aked



  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    It's nice to see ppl still have fun in Zu :)

    Originally posted by 13aked
    I would reccomend IGG to tell you why you should pick a mascot so you can pick instead of having no clue what the hell the mascot did.

    They should also explain better the various classes/races :) For instance you'll soon discover the swordman is actually a ranger type class.

    I'm curious to know if the sun warriors are still overpowered? I remember when I used to play a guildie - SW - of equal level had twice more HP and his damage was insane compared to mine (I was a swordman). Those big guys are the best party members ;)

  • 13aked13aked Oshawa, ONPosts: 6Member

    ya that is true i never new swordsmen are ranger type classes but now i guess they are heh =) sun warriors i think are still overpowerd yes cause now im level..... 50 sumthing and i got 1 hit killed by some sun warrior fun xun im pretty sure lol it was kinda gay.... but i like the fact that its like WoW but you know.... more pvp cause its like 1 vs 1 vs 1 wen WoW is 1 vs 1 (faction wise wow: horde and alliance zu: xun tai and some other one lol) but so far it is an addicting game and really fun i reccomend playing


    -13aked Head of 13aked4lyfe Co.

    BAKED = 13aked

  • tacypoctacypoc Reno, NVPosts: 2Member

    I just started and restarted and restarted just cause i can never make up my mind what I want to do... either that or I mess up something and can't figure out how to fix it lol...


    ANYHOO, I would think that the fact that you can use the item mall to buy your gear with real money would be a determining factor in how over powered your 'toon' could be.... am I wrong?

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