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Fatal error: cannot connect to patch server

MethodSZMethodSZ A, ALPosts: 1Member

I have been getting this error since 12:01 AM EST on May 20, and am still getting it at 6:55 AM EST on may 20. I understand the servers are now up, but i also understand the patcher has been up for quite some time now.

Does anyone know a solution for this? It seems like I simply cannot patch. I have disabled my antivirus and my firewall and I am not connecting through a router. I am on my administrator account and I have tried running the patcher directly from the conanpatcher file.


Anyone else have this problem where you just cant connect to the patch server, and anyone know a solution?


  • LuickaLuicka Greenvile, SCPosts: 7Member

    Same thing here i just emailed the support team and asked them what i can do

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