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Clann An Fael - EU RPPvP - Open for Recruitment

jaggijaggi GlasgowPosts: 6Member Uncommon
Clann An Fael

We are born of wild dogs,

With freedom's rage in our veins.

We strike like a storm from the North,

No more to be fettered by chains.

No dungeons or gallows shall scare us,

Nor your gods with their cold threats of doom.

We will choke dry the blood of your tyrants,

Until they are dust in the tomb.

Clann An Fael are:

* A mature European Age of Conan Guild with a focus on enjoying Aoc in a casual RPPvP environment.

* Family men and women with jobs, kids, husbands and wives who understand the real priorities in life.

* Experienced veterans of far too many FPS, RTS, RPS and MMO games to name.

* Fond of few drinks and shameful banter on Teamspeak.

We are not:

* Hardcore raiders, Hardcore PvPers or Hardcore Roleplayers.

* A pseudo military organization with ranks, officers, politics and little napoleons.

* Tolerant of whiny self obsessed 'Johnny Gamespy' types.

* In need your first borns soul and undying loyalty.


When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro.


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