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200 Keys?



  • XImpalerXXImpalerX Maimi, FLPosts: 583Member Uncommon


        If any1 has a key they dont plan on using can you Private Message me with it so I can try it lol.

  • NeikoNeiko ..., TXPosts: 626Member Uncommon

    Blah, 5 more people <_<


  • One0SpartanOne0Spartan parkville, MDPosts: 9Member

    So they won't give out anymore keys?

  • NeverasNeveras Montreal, QCPosts: 303Member Uncommon

    Got my key already

    Sent it to me 5 times just to be sure. hah

  • chriswsmchriswsm Weston-super-MarePosts: 389Member Uncommon

      That not fair    -   My key was only sent to me 4 times in 4 emails   



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  • hellsmaskerhellsmasker Montreal, QCPosts: 33Member

    hey I just got my key and ive downloaded the beta on  and the beta is in JAP ... on the site it says that the CB II is in "corrected english" ?? maybe they didnt update the good beta client or what? and finaly, after uploading all the patch I cant click start... heh -_-

    anything on that yet? ty


  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,768Member Uncommon

    I'm stuck at 1 file left being downloaded.

  • NeverasNeveras Montreal, QCPosts: 303Member Uncommon

    "NOTE: Please to not contact regarding the beta test - we don't have anything to do with the operations of this game."


    Our best bet is to go to the florensia forums guys.

  • twistedvenomtwistedvenom Lawrenceville, GAPosts: 118Member
    Originally posted by Valentina

    I'm stuck at 1 file left being downloaded.

    I'm the same way I'm stuck on 1 file to be downloaded. 

  • twistedvenomtwistedvenom Lawrenceville, GAPosts: 118Member

    Anyone else having issue getting there beta key activated on Florensia's website?

  • LazzerusLazzerus Eugene, ORPosts: 99Member

    For those with patcher/download problems, this may help..... guide

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  • NeverasNeveras Montreal, QCPosts: 303Member Uncommon

    If anyone is interested in chatting or partying up, message Sareven on Luxplena

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