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for the ever lasting love of god!

Ganonduarf_2Ganonduarf_2 Anderson, CAPosts: 32Member
OMG! Am I truly seeing this? A game that you must pay for that is worse then RuneScape? I mean look at thoes graphics and the game play sounds horrid! What has happened to my faithful land of MMOs?

Yours Sincercly,
The Great Ganonduarf...2




    any one knows this game?

  • ClemSnideClemSnide Philadelphia, PAPosts: 5Member

    Yes, it's real old-school, a 2d top-down 32x32 pixel profile RPG. And yet there's a reason for its existence, even today.

    Not everyone has (or wants) Mac OSX.

    Clan Lord is the only MMORPG client that plays under classic Mac OS. I agree, the play isn't superb, the sound crashes your system (avoid Bards at all costs), and the game is mostly about smashing into monsters and being an axe-wielding cat person. It's been called a great chat client with a moderately interesting game grafted on."

    I played for a while before I got a Windows PC and was able to access a wider world of games, but if a classic Mac is all you have (and you see no need to upgrade, as many do), then Clan Lord would work for you.

    Plus the players are way supportive. I had better RP there than on WoW, EQOA, or Matrix Online. <shrug>

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