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Upgrade the graphics

peertjuhpeertjuh asdfPosts: 23Member

This game really needs to improve its graphics. When I take myself for example, the first impression is the most importand. And my first impression of this game were the terrible graphics.. so didn't even tried it because of this...


  • JadetoothJadetooth SlagelsePosts: 372Member Uncommon

    Atleast it's 3d :P

    But yea, a slight update to the graphics would do wonders.


  • rev_lazarorev_lazaro Stephenville, TXPosts: 270Member

    You kids and your graphics.

  • ZycieZycie San Francisco, CAPosts: 5Member

    Hey, I got an idea. If you're looking for the best, most amazing, most realistic graphics EVER... go outside.

    "Wow! That person looks real! Wow.. that sky sure is real looking!!"

  • Ebol-aEbol-a Hamilton, ONPosts: 18Member

    Graphics aint gunna update ever...period.

    Its not possible.

    But if ya wanna just waste a few hours checkin it out yerself then... Go for it

    Yeah its free... but so are dirty socks with holes... Let the old players have it

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