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Playable in Europe???

ThurlowJ88ThurlowJ88 BanburyPosts: 22Member

Ive been monitoring for some time now looking for a new MMORPG and i came accross this one, which from the screenshots and vids looked pretty cool.

Anyways what i was wondering if this game is actually playable in europe because when i got an email from (handing out free Reqium keys) it said for north american players only.

so is it possible to sign upto the beta not being in north america or will it be available for european players soon?


  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon

    cb end in 17 april, then you must wait for ob, then evry1 can play they dont block any ip, but you may have problem if you use telia b/c cogent block some ip's few a lot ppl cant play from 2 weeks

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