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Monster Rancher Online


  • wikiewikie LondonPosts: 209Member

    sorry i cant watch it my browser is not loading the page.. anyways is it running already? where can i donwload it?

  • tigris67tigris67 New York, NYPosts: 1,783Member Uncommon

    To be honest. I thought this was going to be another one of those threads where somewhere is saying "Oh wouldn't it be cool if such and such was made into an mmorpg?". But there actually is truth to the thread title! Looks like they're jumping on the DBZ MMORPG bandwagon haha. Kudos to them, and since I watched both DBZ and Monster Rancher when I was little, I might even check these guys out if they ever make their way into the US.

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  • dwillpowerdwillpower Jacksonville, ARPosts: 97Member

    Sweet deal. I used to own the games back in the day on playstation. Wonder if I can find it hanging around somewhere...hmm


  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIPosts: 5,613Member

    To think the developers that said they saw how sucessful pokemon was and copied them to come out with a MMO before them is very amusing.  The team is investing more into the art department than before to.


    The PS1 version was pretty amusing I raided a whole bunch of CD's just to see what I'd get out of them, pretty amusing when I was a kid.   merging everything into 1 monster was amusing as well.


    Such a shame it's unlikely to ever make it to the west.

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

  • BernoullyBernoully Petaling JayaPosts: 174Member

    Onrpg boards has a small community of MFO open beta players, one can find the registration guide there. It's a decent game.

    Pros: Frankly, the game has a real unique battle system. Monster Rancher players should remember the 3-range attack list and the Guts bar. But that doesn't change the fact that the game still suffers from the common MMORPG complaints.

    Cons: The primary method to get cash is to grind fetch quest missions. You level you monster by feeding, and food needs cash.

  • DulainDulain Marina, CAPosts: 616Member

    I watched the anime a long time ago as well. I didn't really get into the games. But isn't Monster Rancher the game that used Music CD's to determine what kind of monster you would get? I wonder if they will use that for the online game as well.


    *edit* someone mentioned CDs above for the Playstation game


  • pvp games and evolving monsters look cool.

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