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ok a couple things...

kingbloopkingbloop Barstow, CAPosts: 180Member

1. Its Free to Play.

2. It sucks. Why? graphics are out dated, controls are way wonky, connection issues with the server, i could go on and on.

Figure i would just say my piece then move on to my search for a decent game to play with my gf.



  • kingbloopkingbloop Barstow, CAPosts: 180Member

    ok, i did not know that this game was that old. regardless the controls suck. it's not worth trying to navigate the crappy ass bugged website to try and sign up for it. i will not stoop to the 3rd grade mentality that you seem too have, and call you names.

  • Katashi-kunKatashi-kun St. Charles, MOPosts: 517Member

    Yeah most of these asian grinders we've been getting lately are pretty old.  They've been doing very well over there, and even if they get minimal attention when released here they still make money in the US market because ppl like to spend money in micro-transactions, and buy gold!

    Currently the US market is #1 for video games right now so the focus is all on us.  Takes very minimal time to translate ur game into engrish and make alot of extra money here!

    Kemih ~ 13 Red Mage | Currently playing FFXI & LOTRO, awaiting Warhammer Online & Aion...

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