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Hardest game to register for a trial account i have ever seen.

TankraideTankraide dgfsg, QCPosts: 27Member

tried for about 4 hours to register an account and i got to tell you its hell and i give up ,

they dont want my 20 bucks then fuck em.


  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 384Member Uncommon

    wow 4 hours? how is that possible? good luck finding another pirate game


  • TankraideTankraide dgfsg, QCPosts: 27Member

    seriously tried with one of my 4 hotmail account temp 12 hours account my regular isp email account

    etc. maybe posting on their board or asking their support about wtf is going on for me id appreciate it , heck i dont care about the trial i wanna purchase the game str8 up

  • boodisboodis BerlinPosts: 77Member

    Originally posted by Tankraide

     heck i dont care about the trial i wanna purchase the game str8 up

    Then their (allegedly) harsh trial setup has obviously succeeded ^^.

  • TankraideTankraide dgfsg, QCPosts: 27Member

    yeah well the problem is if you cant setup a trial account , forget about purchasing the game.


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