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R.I.P. Gary Gygax

we3sterwe3ster northamptonPosts: 355Member


Looks like he rolled a 1.

Thanks for all the fun and inspiration Mr Gygax, I salute you!

You must not leave until you free Arlos and have gathered your party safely in this hallway.



  • Vampirian28Vampirian28 Cary, NCPosts: 49Member


    I owe him many thanks for untold hours of letting my imagination seek new heights. Mt Dew owes him a thanks for all the money they made off us gamers that wanted to be up all night, pizza places, and of course the whole gaming industry owes him a debt of gratitude....where would we be without his inspiration.

    All the games, the books, the movies....

    I hope the afterlife is everything he envisioned!


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  • JrodJrod Omaha, NEPosts: 234Member

    I was just about to post this

    The father of mmo's dead.

    RIP Garry.

  • DedthomDedthom Knoxville, TNPosts: 541Member

    A sad time for gamers of all ilks.

    ""But Coyote, you could learn! You only prefer keyboard and mouse because that's all you've ever known!" You might say right before you hug a rainforest and walk in sandals to your drum circle where you're trying to raise group consciousness of ladybugs or whatever it is you dirty goddamn hippies do when you're not busy smoking pot and smelling bad."
    Coyote's Howling: Death of the Computer

  • HvymetalHvymetal San Diego, CAPosts: 355Member

    See you on the other side DM..........

  • metalcoremetalcore DerbyPosts: 798Member

    Sad day indeed.

    Now playing: VG (after a long break from MMORPGS)
    Played for more than a month: Darkfall online, Vanguard SOH, Everquest, Horizons, WoW, SWG, Everquest II, Eve

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member





    *remove tears from eyes*

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • fansedefansede Raleigh, NCPosts: 960Member Uncommon

    Failed his saving throw.

    A RPG icon

  • we3sterwe3ster northamptonPosts: 355Member

    You must not leave until you free Arlos and have gathered your party safely in this hallway.

  • DeaconXDeaconX Posts: 3,056Member Uncommon

    Well, I'm Irish so... Gary, this one's for you! Thanks for all the good times, past and future. Cheers!


    Why do I write, create, fantasize, dream and daydream about other worlds? Because I hate what humanity does with this one.

    BOYCOTTING EA / ORIGIN going forward.

  • UploadUpload Nowhere, KSPosts: 679Member

    Gary Gygax, the father of the role-playing game. I think we all owe him a big thank you. Rest in peace.

  • CaesarsGhostCaesarsGhost Marietta, GAPosts: 2,136Member

    Dear Mr Gygax,

    I know you met millions of nerds in your life, but meeting you in Atlanta was a rare opportunity that I still cherish.  Thank you for the hundreds of hours of mind blowing (and several hundred boring) adventure, your impact on the world will be remembered for generations.


    Luke "CaesarsGhost" Peterfreund

    - CaesarsGhost

    Lead Gameplay and Gameworld Designer for a yet unnamed MMO Title.
    "When people tell me designing a game is easy, I try to get them to design a board game. Most people don't last 5 minutes, the rest rarely last more then a day. The final few realize it's neither fun nor easy."

  • KelkyenKelkyen Joppa, MDPosts: 45Member

    Never has so much nerddom been been owed by so many, to so few



  • FionFion Montour Falls, NYPosts: 2,348Member Uncommon

    I for one wouldn't be where I am today if it had not been for D&D. I got the first boxed set from my grandmother for christmas at the age of 8 and never looked back. It sparked my imagination and creative thinking that has driven me throughout my life.

    I personally believe the afterlife is what you make of it. So I hope he's up there exploring Sigil and avoiding the gaze of the Lady of Pain. :)

    Best wishes to his friends and family as well.


  • MaadiahMaadiah Montreal, QCPosts: 67Member

    Gary Gygax dead??!!


    Can I have yer stuff???



    rest in peace Gary, you helped alot of us navigate through troubled waters...

  • GiygasGiygas Charlottesville, VAPosts: 19Member

    It's incredible to think how much of an influence he had on so many games.  Of course now it seems obvious that if you're attacking someone you would calculate their strength, your defense, and some random chance of hitting them, but there was a time when no one had thought of that.  And now it seems so ubiquitous that it's difficult to think how it would be done otherwise.  What a paradigm shift.  Wow.

    We'll miss you - The Minutes-A-Day MMORPG that won't consume your life

  • mOoKmOoK Seattle, WAPosts: 26Member

    He’ll certainly be missed.  I wasted MANY an afternoon with friends bickering over minutiae because of him!


    But I think we all know he’s running around with the "Vice Presidential Action Rangers" (lead by Al Gore, with Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nichols, Gary Gygax and Deep Blue)


  • Death1942Death1942 CanberraPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon

    may he rest in peace

    MMO wish list:

    -Changeable worlds
    -Solid non level based game
    -Sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • † Rest in Peace, Gary Gygax †

  • cmgangrelcmgangrel DerbyPosts: 152Member Uncommon

    he shall me missed greatly...

    One of the few people who you can truely say influenced FAR too many people near and far around the world, across multiple platforms.

    He was truely one of the great ones.....

  • Greyhawk4x4Greyhawk4x4 Eagle Mountain, UTPosts: 472Member Uncommon

    Mr. Gygax:

    Thanks for showing us how important it is to have a vivid imagination.

    *raises mug*




  • EveeldourEveeldour Fayetteville, ARPosts: 143Member

    RIP Brosef

  • RekindleRekindle Moncton, NBPosts: 1,206Member Uncommon


  • Rayx0rRayx0r melbourne, FLPosts: 2,902Member

    wow this is pretty heart breaking.  I remember as a kid at the age of 10 in '80 getting started with D&D playing with my older brother because they lacked party members and was hooked on the first day.

    The name Gygax was on everything we read and played for the game. 

    oh well..  Heres to ya!


    “"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a robot foot stomping on a human face -- forever."
  • forthelulzforthelulz poop, KYPosts: 215Member

    sigh. the original dungeon master is gone. the entire video game industry owes him. without his influence

    most of us would not call ourselves gamers. the entire world of mmorpg might not exist.


    1d4+1 moment of silence.

  • VagelispVagelisp AthensPosts: 448Member Uncommon

    With reason You drew, with honor you sheathed. Rest In Peace.

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