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Great PR Idea for WoW to support our troops!!!



  • baffbaff swaveseyPosts: 9,457Member


    Originally posted by pust082

    Originally posted by WoWownsall

    ... You boys deserve a whole helluva lot more respect than what these folks are giving you.
    Y'all remember. These boys didn't start the war, they are just serving their country, protection all you folks so you can play your games, go for a walk without getting gunned down, and keep all the rights and freedoms you got. So godbless and good luck my friend, and remember, there are still some who have respect for you.


    I could not have said it better myself.

    Freedom at gun point is called oppression.

    Of all the many beneficial things soldiers bring, freedom has never been one of them. Peace, security, wealth, order...sure. All of these, and each time at the expense of freedom.


    They aren't just the ones that are called in to foriegn places to deny the locals their freedom, but they are also the ones that will be called out domestically if anyone tries too hard to gain their freedom at home.



    Sorry but you can't divorce politics from your job.

    I vas just following zee orders! 

    Honestly, who respects whinney troops demanding respect for achievements they haven't made. Who respects whinney troops who won't live up to the political responsabilites of their actions.

    If you didn't join the army, they wouldn't be able to send you to wars. You are a willing part of the machine. You volunteered. Your voluntary will enabled them to declare war. Your individual free will made the decision to act out those orders. It wasn't just the politicians who made that decision, each and every member in the chain of command down from that point made the same decision. Right down to the man with gun. And he made the big decision. On his own.

    I vas just following zee orders! No mate you are responsable for your own actions. 100% personally responsable for every action you take.


    For the most part members of my armed services, and even yours, hold my respect. I feel by and large that the work they do is of benefit to me. I also feel that my troops, yours and even the Americans behaviour and skill are a credit to our nations. That they represent us internationally and purport themselves in way I can be proud of. 

     But the ones that harp on about defending my freedom? No respect at all. I do not suffer idiots lightly.

  • WoWownsallWoWownsall Langham, SKPosts: 17Member

    This is not a post about the war. This post is about one boy in the war over there who wanted to know if it was a good idea to get WoW over there. Why did people instantly jump to arguing about the war. There are tons of news forums for that. This is a video game forum. Not a political discussion forum. Please stop posting. The thread has been derailed, shot, flogged, kicked, kidney punched, and beaten with a nine iron. Just don't post. Thanks to all y'all who don't, and to those of you who do, please mature up a bit.

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