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Halfing Ranger build please

TedDansonTedDanson Broward, FLPosts: 513Member

My girlfriend just started playing DDO and she wants to play a halfling ranger. I personally still cannot figure out the way to build vs. the DND rules so any help would be awesome. I have a dwarven cleric myself that I had a friend who knows DND put together for me, but he is too busy to do hers.

Can anyone recommend any builds? She would probably go dual wield mellee if that helps.


  • VincenzVincenz Columbus, OHPosts: 1,498Member

    Honestly, that's the only class I've yet to play! LOL

    I can say, there's a TON of great builds and tips in the official forums for rangers, here:

  • mindspatmindspat seattle, WAPosts: 1,367Member

    Wish I could help.  Best advice I can give is to check the official DDO forums under RANGERs.  There should be a few different opinions on builds that might be appealing.

    I only play a Sorcerer which was rolled when the game launched - quit after a month due to poor game play and lacking content to return a year later. 

    Rangers kick ass when dual wielding weapons.  ;)

  • we3sterwe3ster northamptonPosts: 355Member

    Rangers usually focus on strength or dexterity. Halflings start with a -2 to strength and +2 for dexterity, so I would go dexterity. This will also help with your bow combat. You can take weapon finesse as a feat so your to-hit in melee is taken from your dexterity rather than strength. You will need to use finessable weapons, such as rapiers and short swords however. You can get some great rapiers by the way.

    I would also take two-weapon fighting as a feat as you get a penalty for fighting with 2 weapons which this lessens. You can take improved two weapon fighting later, which lessens the penalty again.

    You could also go for a weapon focus feat, i would suggest piercing as a rapier is a piercing weapon, as are your arrows.

    You'll get some spells and an animal companion from lvl 4 to help you further. You can also use healing wands to help yourself and your allies.

    Rangers should also focus on stealth, so skill points in hide and move silently would be good. Halflings also get a race bonus for these skills.

    Halflings also get a nice line of healing dragonmarks if she wanted to take them, though they use up a feat.

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  • TyrranosaurTyrranosaur Albuquerque, NMPosts: 284Member Uncommon

    A quick point from someone who's struggled mightily with his first character that is a ranger (human, though): don't rely too much on the two-weapon style! It's pretty gimpy, IMO. I often regret focusing on it, even though I love my character. It might be a good bet if you can get a high Dex score and Weapon Finesse, then focus on rapier to use with the finesse (for the record, I am drawing from my paper an pencil experience here, I have not noticed if the weapon finesse feat is in DDO). That's one concept I had, anyway.

    Rangers can be hellish with bows, though. But one of the ranger feats lets you apply your strength bonus to bows, which is useless if yer a skinny widdil halfling.

    Man, I hate and love my ranger all at once....


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