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Screenshots of Wintersday 07

Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

I'd like to share some screenshots of my first Wintersday celebration. Hope you had a great Christmas and happy New Year! Feel free to add some of your own screenshots of present or past celebrations.

Wintersday at Ascalon city

WintersdayinAscaloncity07045-1.jpg Ascaoln City at Christmas (resized for posting) picture by Shaggy67_bucket



  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Here is some more screenshots:

    Wintersday in Ascalon City (first one shows some of special NPC's for Wintersday,second is another shot of Christmas tree)

    WinterdayNPCsinACgw054.jpg Special NPC's in Ascalon city during wintersday picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    WintersdayinAC07048.jpg Christmas in Ascalon City picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Wintersday In Lion's Arch

    WintersdayinLA07044.jpg LA Wintersday picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Even the Lion at Lion's Arch had a present!

    LionsArchWintersday07046.jpg Lion of LA during wintersday picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Fireworks at the end of one of the events held throughout  the day on Jan.1 in Lion's Arch.Festival hats were given out at this time.

    WintersdayNewyearsfireworks07052.jpg Wintersday Fireworks picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Here is better picture of fireworks.

    WintersdayNewYearsfireworks07053.jpg Wintersday New Year's fireworks picture by Shaggy67_bucket


  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Here are some shots of the PvP snowball fight. A lot of players just wanted to kill each other. That's not the way to win in the snowball fight. All you had to do was to carry the presents that appeared in the battle zone to your side and present them to your leader either Grenth (blue team) or Dwayna (red team) first one to five won the fight.

    This is a picture of Grenth's side (blue team).

    SnowballfightGrenth07049.jpg Grenth's side snowball fight picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    This is a picture of Dwayna's side (red team).

    SnowballfightDwayna07050-1.jpg Dwayna's side of snowball fight picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Hope you enjoy the screenshots!

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Just thought I'd add a few more to the list.

    Ice Palace in Lion's Arch

    LionsArchWintersday07gw051.jpg Ice Palace in LA picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    Wintersday in LA

    LionsArchWintersday07gw055.jpg Christmas tree in LA picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    LionsArchWintersday07gw057.jpg LA at Christmas picture by Shaggy67_bucket

    LionsArchWintersday07gw056.jpg Lion's Arch ship at Christmas picture by Shaggy67_bucket

  • KassiahKassiah On the Dark Side, MEPosts: 70Member

    Nice screenies, thanks for sharing  Glad you enjoyed the festivities!

  • GodliestGodliest StockholmPosts: 3,486Member

    Nice pictures even if the quality was kind of low (in pixels counted). Otherwise I would like to post these pictures, I've not made a single one but they are nice.



  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    I'm glad you liked them just thought I'd share with everyone. Just in case some people didn't get a chance to see the event. I shrunk the screenshots down to e-mail size on Photobucket. Just let me know if you would like to see one of them larger.

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Here's a screenshot of the snowman henchmen in Ascalon City. They were in Lion's Arch too.

    Snowmanelementalgw058.jpg Snowman Elemental picture by Shaggy67_bucket

  • AseenusAseenus MelbournePosts: 1,844Member

    heh i forgot about the wintersday celebrations, hope use had fun :)

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Hi Aseenus,

    I had fun at Wintersday! I had a blast from the snowball PvP fight to the candycane weapons. I enjoyed it all. I didn't get to complete the special quests given out because I didn't have some of the areas mapped but I had fun anyways.That can be something to shoot for next Wintersday. I even made one of my screenshots my new Winter avatar. :)

  • AtrafireAtrafire Lorton, VAPosts: 4Member

    Wintersday was good as usual, cept the hats this year. Got lots of candycane weapons and my first B-day present! Woo! Great pictures, snowman henchies are always cool.

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Thanks for replying Atrafire,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the screenshots. I've done a few at Halloween,EOTN free trial and Wintersday.Just wanted to have some screenshots of my first seasonal holidays in GW. I wanted to share them here in case someone didn't get to participate or for those thinking of getting GW. Congrats on your first B-day present hope you got a cool mini-pet.

  • AtrafireAtrafire Lorton, VAPosts: 4Member

    I just got a whiptail, but thanks anyway Shaggy,

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