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The top 5?

stucoolstucool Florence, SCPosts: 134Member

I have rated my top 5 based on many factors. The most important to me is fun. I have played about12 MMO games over the last 5 or so years and consider myself a "casual" gamer. Yes, I like some simplicity and the game needs to have a bit of depth, but if it ain't fun, or is hard to get into, I leave it.

1-LotRO- community is great, and I love exploring ME

2-WoW- fun game, there is a reason so many play

3-CoH- character creation alone is a blast, power sets are neat

4-DDO- dungeons are well done, not alot of running around

5-EQ2- avatar options are numerous, very large world to play in


you top 5?



  • CzzarreCzzarre Cleveland, OHPosts: 3,742Member

    Well, I dont know about the order,. But those are basically top 5 PVE games. Love or hate WoW, in the end WoW is the best PVE game thats released.


  • NikepwnsNikepwns gloucestershirePosts: 134Member

    1. Lotro- for quests, storyline and my ownage guild and content

    2.  everquest- for colours, graphics, and exploration

    3. Wow- for its pvp and the rogue class!

    4. Guild Wars - for combat and pvp

    5. POTBS BETA- for its extreme ownage

    Played: WoW, Guild wars, Eve, SWG, and more

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon

    I've almost tried every MMORPG. Even tried EVE 6 months ago. I tried WoW 3 months ago and this is my top list:

    1. WoW
    2. WoW
    3. WoW
    4. WoW
    5. ~Saving space for a starcraft MMO~

  • mattic65mattic65 Culloden, GAPosts: 191Member Uncommon

    1) WoW...simply because I spent so much damn time playing it before I got totally bored with it.

    2) Phantasy Star Online...Ok, I know you're thinking "Geez what an oldie!" But hey, this game initiated me into the world of online gaming.

    3) Lineage grind, but I loved it nonetheless. The only reason I stopped playing was that the economy as completely out of control.

    4) Perfect World...if this game was to get a stateside server (I'm playing on a Malaysian server), better localization, and regular update of content, this would be THE F2P MMO out there.

    5) Rappelz...again, simply because I spent so much time with this game, after quitting WoW. Despite the E4 gripes, occasional crashes, and bad localization, I still have a soft spot for this game.

  • creative404creative404 greencastle, PAPosts: 72Member

    1. WoW

    2. Guild Wars

    3. Eve

    4. Lotro

    5. Everquest II


  • creative404creative404 greencastle, PAPosts: 72Member
    Originally posted by AzurePrower

    I've almost tried every MMORPG. Even tried EVE 6 months ago. I tried WoW 3 months ago and this is my top list:
    1. WoW

    2. WoW

    3. WoW

    4. WoW

    5. ~Saving space for a starcraft MMO~

    Haha...Wow Lover* I am surprised you dont have War as the no. 5 spot!


  • U-TurnU-Turn Washington, DCPosts: 164Member Uncommon
    1. WoW
    2. PoTBS
    3. EQ2
    4. LoTRO
    5. Fury


  • GodliestGodliest StockholmPosts: 3,486Member

    It all depends on how you list them but would probably look something like this just considering how much fun I've spent:

    1. WoW
    2. Guild Wars
    3. LOTRO
    4. City of Heroes
    5. EVE Online



  • LydonLydon Cape TownPosts: 2,919Member Uncommon

    1) Guild Wars

    2) WoW

    3) Ryzom

    4) Eve

    5) Anarchy Online

  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAPosts: 3,575Member Uncommon

    Not necessarily in order:


    1) WOW : sheer numbers alone.  I made it to level 60, bought the expansion and played for a bit.  Utlimately I got bored and left.  Graphics were cartoony, stylized, colorful.  Ultimately though, I prefer a bit more realism in my graphics.


    2) EQ2 : decent game but I got bored with it.   I never got past level 30.  I've been back a couple times and I think I missed my window of opportunity with this game.  The lower levels feel deserted. 


    3) LOTRO: the current game I am playing.  1 max level toon and leveling another.  So far endgame is boring but they are adding free content all the time.  I'm looking forward to book 12 and 13.  Good devs, creative marketing dept., lots of people to interact with.  I'm hoping the new and future content will work on keeping the endgame more entertaining, because grinding traits, mining and chopping wood are boring. 


    4) COH/COV : a good game, but I'm  not the superhero type.  I like how the developers think outside the box though.  One detractor for me though is the graphics.  A little too much on the cartoon side.  Also, lot of dungeons are carbon copies.  That gets boring fast.


    5) Guildwars: one max level toon.  I played it and loved it for awhile.  Ultimately I moved on because I always move on.  Being new in an mmo and learning is half the fun.  Almost didn't put this one down  though.  Whether or not it is actually an mmo is debatable. 


  • silkakcsilkakc canandaigua, NYPosts: 381Member Uncommon

    1 Asheron's Call- had several years of fun here and lotsa memories (2002-2007)

    2 LOTRO -graphics are gorgeous and quests are never ending (Jan 2007- now)

    3 WoW - like the game but too many rude juveniles there (3 months in 2006)


    Sorry, only played 3  games in the last 5 years:)

  • dirtyjoe78dirtyjoe78 Phoenix, AZPosts: 400Member

    1. Lineage 2 - Grind heavy game but PvP was a ton of fun castle seiges are the best.

    2.WoW - Much more casual fits just right with the amount of time i have to play easy enough to get something done in an hour or 2, Battlegrounds are fun.

    Tried a lot fo the others...Vanguard, Tabula Rasa, LoTRO, EQ2, EVE, ect none has captivated me enough to play longer than a month or 2 so you get my short list. :)

  • N3ptuneN3ptune New York, NYPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    Been playing mmorpgs for years since early EQdays

    1. Dark Age of Camelot- By far the best PVP (rvr) game ever created. and awsome uniqueness with the large choice of race class combos. Loved how each class had a very specific role.

    2. Everquest- First mmo i played, great world and community,, greatt raiding, andalways can find a group., great content also.loved pre bazaar when you sat in east commonland tunnel and sold your equip mannualy,, Great game

    3.WoW- Community sucks but overall the pve was exciting. decent game, but imo lacked  race and classes combos.

    4. Everquest 2- Decently fun pve, liked how u can upgrade ur spells and attacks, they actually made crafting fun imo. nice economy.. pvp was fun aswell.

    5. Vanguard- Enjoyed the unique races, and the classes seemed different among other games, was hoping it would be like everquest 1 but that didnt happen overall pve wasdecent.

  • Ax3lAx3l Orland Park, ILPosts: 17Member

    My top 5?


    1) WoW ~ Its the only MMORPG I play currently, way better than runescape when I used to play and I love the exploring and grinding parts.

    2)  Dungeons and Dragons online - I like it but my trial ran up sooo BUT STILL #2

    3) Guild Wars - I played it in the past couple months ago on a friends account and had all level 20's but I was a little surprised that 20 is the highest (my friend told me)

    4) Everquest - Played it but somehow it reminded me too much of runescape...

    5)  RuneScape ~ 3 letters... W T F?

    (Yeah I hate runescape now )


  • RaitsesmanRaitsesman PõltsamaaPosts: 213Member Uncommon

    All praise Wow


  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Soldotna, AKPosts: 1,008Member

    1.   EvE  Online:    I don't play anymore but I loved it, love reading about it.   I find the game fascinating.

    2.  WoW:   After playing so many crap games in the past 18 months, I've learned to really appreciate the

         polished, seamless world that Blizzard brought us.

    3.  EQ 2:   At launch I couldn't make it past lvl 12 before I gave up.    Years later it has matured into a

          Beautiful  PvE mmorp.  

    4.  Ultima Online.    Like a first girlfriend, this is my first MMORPG.   I'll always have a special place in my

         heart UO.

    5.  City of Heroes.     FUN FUN FUN!  That is until I got past lvl  35.


    Honorable mentions:   Lineage 2 and Anarchy Online.

  • SheistaSheista Nixa, MOPosts: 1,203Member Uncommon

    1. Asheron's Call 1.. nothing will ever compare to the fun I had in that game

    2. EVE Online - Comes a very close second in quality to Asheron's Call.. Was hard not to put this one first actually.

    3. Everquest 1 - Not for the game itself, but for the fun I had on the PvP server with friends.. first Rallos Zek, then just Zek.

    4. Honestly, I have a hard time rating any games past these.  Haven't really stuck with any besides those because I simply haven't enjoyed any as much.  I played WoW for quite some time with friends, but looking back I realize that I only played because I had friends that played.

  • BrianshoBriansho Woodbridge, VAPosts: 3,586Member Uncommon

    1. McDonalds

    2. Burger King

    3. Taco Bell

    4. Quiznos

    5. Hardees

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  • METALDRAG0NMETALDRAG0N PeterboroughPosts: 1,680Member

    Originally posted by ValiumSummer

    1.   EvE  Online:    I don't play anymore but I loved it, love reading about it.   I find the game fascinating.
    Oh its definatly fascinating. Ive yet to see another game that has the polotics and interesting storys this one generates. One could almost use that materialto write a book [and someone is aparently].

    Anyway to my Top Five MMO's

    1. EvE has been out longer than WoW and unlike most other Nich MMO's it has done pretty well for itsself considering its been out for so long. Graphically its Exelent [helped by the recent graphics re-vamp tho they were still good before]. The gamepaly is alos highly varied with a varietyofthings to do. And the stories that come out of this game are all true because the palyers really CAN effect this game directly.

    2. Guildwars To start with this one is almost free. Its PvE structure such as the quests are interesting and varied and all are part of the main flowing story. Ggraphically this one is polished tho in some ways it is showing its age. Sady its community can let it down a lot and in the end i and the games Devs feel that its not really a true MMO.

    3. RF - Online This one has a nice art style and its free. Sadly tho the grinding is pretty bad and the PvP is just a fight to see who has the most potons, And the chip wars are badly executed.

    4. Everquest 2 This one used to be pretty good with great music and graphics etc but over time its just become yet another cookie cutter fantasy style MMO with no real inovation to set it apart.

    5. AION - WARHAMMER - AOC - JUMPGATE EVOLUTION - this one slot is reserved for these games as they allseem to offer something new and different to the normal western game. But as they are unplayed they stay at No5 till they have come out.

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  • DhaemanDhaeman Austin, TXPosts: 531Member

    I hate all MMOs equally


    While I've played 90% of the MMOs readily available to US consumers there are only 3 that I ended up playing more than 3 months:

    1. Ultima Online (on release for about 6 months)

    2. Eve Online (3 months a year after release and another 2 months 2 years after release)

    3. WoW (on release for 5 months)

    So I guess that's my list. Of course real Ultima Online is no nowhere to be had but on unofficial servers.

  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 walworth, NYPosts: 1,441Member

    my favorites have been as follows

    1) Runescape: i know its not the best anymore, but back in the early days when i played it (it was my first MMO) it was a great game for someone who only played an hour here or there and not even everyday, plus the skills were so varied and the economy so fun, i really wish there was a 3D version today (without the recent changes i hear of)

    2) WoW: this is the most polished thing i have ever seen, seriously.  No other single game i have ever played felt as solid or immersive.  Sure the community isnt the greatest, but the game is just so high quality its incredible

    3) vanguard: yup, i played at release, and only for a month, on a computer which only ran the game on lowest settings tweaked and still overloaded the ram, but for some reason i had quite a bit of fun.  Maybe its because im a sucker for big seamless worlds

    4) RF online: ya i played for a month, and although it had its problems, me and a friend had a good time with it, not the best, not the worst either

    5) other: this is where all the other games i have played which either felt like more of the same or didnt grab my intrest go.  LoTRO, EvE, Hellgate, Guild Wars, FFXI, F2P MMO (i group them as one game usually)

  • MobidikMobidik Terrebonne, QCPosts: 101Member

    Lets say

    1- DAoC w/ithout TOA and put back Old frontier

    2- Eve Online Most interesting game ! It's another Capitalist life ^^ Money is the power

    3- Everquest2 Better PvE game that i ever saw ! Beautiful graphic and can run it at Exterme Quality now ! so nice

    4- Planetside - I'm playing CS:S so what better than MMOFPS ! Serisouly, a lot of action and very nice game for smart people that love big fight 100+ enemy in the screen ! Always remember air ambush :D Damn so nice

    5- I'll put wow because i never tryed any other rpg ! my hightest toon is a 53 Hunter and i never had fun with it. WoW = PvE of EQ2 but lil bit worst and PvP like DAoC

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  • devilsindevilsin Toronto, ONPosts: 43Member

    In no particular order,

    1. Lineage 2.

    The PVE is nothing but grind but the castle sieges and the clan politics and drama are a blast. It's too bad that the game's economy went down the drain so people are basically forced to ebay adena.

    2. WoW.

    Best PVE game out right now. Also its large population gives people the feel of security that the game will not shut down its servers any time soon, which is a plus for some.

    3. Guild Wars

    Not really an MMO. Still it offers something for both the PVE and the PVP fans. The hardcore pvp community is really unaccepting, making it hard to start off, but once you get up there, it can be a blast.

    4. Dark Age of Camelot.

    5. This spot is reserved for either AoC, WAR or AION.

  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    1. Asherons call. Nothing will ever beat this game imo

    2.Asherons call 2. With all the bugs/exploits I still enjoyed this title alot.

    3. FFXI. Was a really fun game. Eventually got tired of forced grouping/death penalties. Plus most of my friends left and whats an MMORPG without friends?

    4-5. None yet. Played many many other mmo's but I couldnt put them on a top 5 list. Most of them I play(d) for a week to a month and delete it. WoW lasted a couple months but after I got to 60 and tried raids I left. Tried again with the x-pac got to 70 and again, got bored. Just wasnt enough there to make it on a top 5 list.

    Currently waiting for WAR and TCoS......maybe AoC though I will not buy it at release like I plan on the other 2 titles.

  • SaikronSaikron Murrells Inlet, SCPosts: 90Member

    I like PvP:

    1. Old school Ultima Online

    2. Old school Guild Wars (you know back when all the good guilds played lol)

    3. EVE online (for at least having a healthy pvp community after all these years)

    4. Fury (I know it mega-failed, but at least Auran acknowledged that there is a community out there waiting for  a skill based pvp game)

    5. I'm outta thoughts... I hope Age of Conan and Warhammer don't go equipment crazy or have an infantile     skill library (in the image of WoW)

    PM me when an MMO as good as UO was comes out.

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